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Monday, November 30, 2015

It's Cyber Monday, Say Yeah

I caved. I became alone in my bedroom late one night...err, Black Friday night, and I shopped. Shhhhhh....

Problem? I have this silly ol' app installed on my phone and it's called Zara. Does anyone else have the app and can't find it in their soul to press delete even though thou knowest it is a very, very dangerous thing? With just a few taps, you're cart is instantly loaded with goodness. Too. Easy. 

I had my cart loaded with Zara Kids until I read the magic "free shipping" words at checkout and back arrow went CLICK. 

I went jumpsuit crazy. Actually I was trying to decide which one. Oh, you like the bottom one? I got the top. Now I just hope I'm sassy enough to wear it like this model. Wish me luck!

And happy Cyber Monday! I'm broke! Xoxo
[photos via Zara]

Friday, November 27, 2015

Mini Gift Guide is Here!

I decided to do a smaller "mini" gift guide because who doesn't love tiny things - without a lot of extra reading, right? There are sooooo many "gift guides" out there right now, I didn't wanna clutter the space, but truly bring you just a few new, hot items I'm choosing for my family. These options are all SUPER affordable because we all know this time of year is not about the gifts, but the togetherness, am I right? (Of course, who doesn't love a fun gift or two on top of the togetherness, who are we kidding!)

C.O. Bigelow Freesia Candle ($42)
Hello, candles makes the world go 'round. If there is someone hard to buy for in your circle, go with a candle! This freesia scent = uplifting. And 10% of the proceeds this year go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Josie Maran Body Butter ($35)
The purest Argan oil around whipped to perfection. An amazing gift for any beauty-lover in the fam (or someone with skin sensitivities - this stuff is golden!). It exfoliates with the best lightweight formula (choose from a ton of scents!).  

Katy Perry Mad Potion ($49)
Bourbon vanilla mixed with sweet white peonies makes this scent the best for the hip chicks in your group. Such a fun bottle to reflect this pop star.

David Beckham Beyond ($25)
Weirdly enough, Walgreen's actually has a great selection of beauty bounty and this new fall fragrance by David Beckham is sure to be a teenage hit with spicy cardamom and zesty grapefruit. It "blends confidence and glamour."

Little Tikes Cook 'n Store Kitchen ($69) 
The best of THIS gift? It comes fully assembled. Oh, yes! And you can even fold it up to keep your already crazy toy space less cluttered. It includes 32 accessories and is comes in the prettiest red. Not a bad deal, eh? For 18 months +.

bareMinerals Swept Away Brush Set ($28) 
Maybe it seems silly, but a brush set is a necessary luxury that you just don't wanna spend time buying yourself. bareMinerals has the best brushes, so any gal pal would be blushing to own this mini 5-piece set that includes: Mini Soft Focus Face Brush, Mini Angled Face Brush, Mini Soft Sweep Eye Brush, Mini Precision Smudge Brush and the cutest brush case!

Little Tikes 7' Trampoline (on sale for $183.99!)
For kids 3-10, this is a fantastic option! It's enclosed and compact enough to fit in smaller outdoor spaces. It has both netting on all sides and padded frames. Safety first - and, of course, hours of bouncing fun!

Disclaimer: I was provided product samples directly from brands in exchange for inclusion in my gift guide. These are truly gifts I hand-picked, and I hope you love like I do!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

So Thankful this Thanksgiving

And then it donned on me. You know after you've had the hardest year of your life, and you're still able to say thank you for everything, that God is really working in you. 

I've been sick this past weekend. I've complained (a lot)...and just really felt helpless not being able to help like I normally can around the house. With the kids being out of school and daycare, it was an especially crazy week to get sick. 

But the more I had time to think, it was God's way of telling me to remain thankful. To slow down. To enjoy the kids while they're this little. I held them a little more tightly this week (after washing my hands, natch) and played extra board games with them. I even let little C snuggle in bed with me longer. And I realized it was because I wasn't running around trying to get things done around the house. God creates blessings we don't even realize. 

This will be my first Thanksgiving without my daddy. It was just last year when we had a huge group full of people at my house. Laughter filled the air because my mom was finally well after being on life support just a few months earlier. 

This year will be a little (ok, really) empty - physically and in my heart. I think I've spent the last entire year trying to "figure out" why to every, single thing and one of my BIG plans now is to just let it go and give it up to Him. I think I've made progress, I do. 

Weathering storms is now what I do best, and I thank God for my mom who does it all with me. It kinda does make sense to me now. If it had to happen. This chain of events. 

So even though there's been a lot of pain this past year, I am so thankful for my family, my friends (and you know who you are...I'm not talking Facebook only), the roof above my head and the food on my table. Not to mention, a job that helps me provide all of these things. 

Hard times put things in perspective, right? If it's true that he doesn't give you anything you can't handle, my gosh he must think I'm one amazing gal. Ha!

And, of course, I'm still extremely thankful for YOU reading this blog. I hope you have a wonderful (delicious!) Thanksgiving with the people you love the most. Xoxo 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: My Son Has a Peanut Allergy...Now What?

Yet another curveball has been thrown at us. This week little C tested positive for a peanut allergy. 

I mean, EEK...EEK...and EEK. 

His is the most severe and he'll require an epipen with him at all times. Obviously I'm a little freaked out by it all (any allergic reaction talk and I immediately think My Girl) and since it's all so new, I'm researching like a mad mama.  

What's crazy is little C has always tested negative in past tests and this was just a routine check-up. Get your kids checked. I mean, I keep peanut butter in the house all the time. But, I had never actually given any to little C. Thank goodness. 

It seems now I will need to rid the entire house of any trace. And it's just a scary thing. Apparently there is a chance he could grow out of it, and that's what I'm praying for. 

Tell me. Do you know someone with a peanut allergy?

Monday, November 23, 2015

How I Wore My Heels: Faux-Fur Fabulous

At long last. I don't just own a faux-fur vest, but a full-on faux-fur jacket. And this girl loves it. It begs the question - why isn't my entire closet this luxe? Honestly, I don't get a moment to just go shopping for myself. And when I do, I don't buy myself much. (It's mostly because right now the temptation of buying tiny clothes is just too irresistible...blush.) 

I went shopping Saturday (before I became so freaking sick) at Steamroller Blues and I had the best time. You know those people who like to shop with other people? Not me. I love shopping alone. What therapy! And now I think I'll have to live in this faux-fur jacket from Mink Pink my whole life. 
I did think it paired nicely with a black dress when I tried it, but my fav way to wear it is with faux-leather pants. (Faux all the way, ok?) The balancing out of the skinny and poofy silhouettes is just wonderful - not to mention, this outfit is crazy comfy because it's down to the 30s in the mornings lately! (Hate cold weather: love faux-fur...it's my winter mantra and the only thing that gets me through.) 

And I love a great structured satchel (like this Rebecca Minkoff) to make you look like you're really going places (as moms, aren't we always?) - and whether you throw on booties or stilettos (these are alice + olivia), this is a winter wardrobe look you'll want to steal (not literally, my jacket is on lockdown and I'm watching..)

P.S. Can I mention this jacket only retails for $139?? (And if you went to the CARTI Festival of Fashion benefit this weekend like moi, grab yo' $25 off gift card...squeal!!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

Hip Hip Hooray I Love This Sweater

Hip hip hooray! Happy Fri-YAY! If this isn't the cutest stinking shirt sweater what is. I can't stand it. 

The Hooray sweater is by Chinti and Parker and it's, get this, 100-percent cashmere. Shut the closet door. 

That extra piece of luxe does mean it's $595, but who's counting. Rolling my eyes. 

Christmas list. Check. 

(Oh yeah, and that's model Poppy Delevingne...)

P.S. I have a glam event tonight that is both a runway show and supports the fight against cancer. Can't wait! Coolest idea ever. Happy weekend! Xoxo 

[photos courtesy chinti and parker]

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