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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hello, Billy Reid Footwear

We all need endless footwear options for the summer, yes? So here I am to suggest these beauties from Billy Reid. Of course I'm drawn to the wedges, but I couldn't just post those because I also fell madly in love with the sandals as well. SWOON. Don't you just love the hues?

Slingbacks are my thing, and the Adina wedges ($495) are gorgeous! Available in blue, crocodile or rust nude, I've really gotta get my hands on these cuties. What's crazy is the same colors transfer amazingly well to the Cross Strap sandal ($325) is below. The tri-tonal color pattern actually includes contrasting suede and canvas straps. How adorable does it look with shorts and a fancy top?
The Hadar Sandal ($325) is super polished, and I really do heart that. One reason I stray away from flats is they can look so sloppy and downright unattractive. Shoes really can ruin a great outfit, but these totally make it! I love how they can make this skirt look amazing, but could also pair just as well with shorts or skinny jeans. 

Maybe I need one of each style? Wink.

[Photos Courtesy Billy Reid]

Watch I'm Currently Stalking

Let's get this straight. I'm blogging about a watch today. A watch. I'm not even a watch person. I admit; I'm the kind who relies on her iPhone with a bare wrist most of the time...gasp! But, this Tory Burch watch is something else. It's beyond, am I right? I mean, wouldn't you totally wear this watch every day for the rest of your life? Raising both hands and heels here. 

Apparently this is the Sawyer watch and celeb Jaime King hearts it like I do. She's been wearing it everywhere in L.A. and I have a major case of jealous. So when you're in love with a watch you stalk it. And you immediately check the price and I did just that. I kinda slouched lower in my seat knowing it's $895. But goodness gracious, y'all, it's like a piece of artwork. It's the kinda of piece I'd love to wear forever and then pass down to baby L. It fits like a cuff and really looks like an exotic piece of jewelry. So chic. While I love any Tory watch, this one wins big. There's nothing else like it. I think I'll just buy this watch and conquer the world. 

Who run the world?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: The New Sleep Routine

Gosh, this is my last post before we're on the beach next week...I can hardly believe it! It's really creeped up on me this time because not only did we decide to go a week earlier to secure the cottage we really wanted, but then we decided to go another (extra) week early. TWO weeks at the beach. I feel like we deserve it, yes? What a year it's been since we last visited. 

But I'm not ready to bombard you with beach tidbits just yet...I'll save that for the next two weeks! Today I thought I'd update you on our household sleep. Yawn. I can barely stay awake typing this. 

Let's Start with little C...
We've had a lot going on this week with both kids. I decided it was time for little C to switch to his own bed from ours. I may or may not have bribed him back in there with a shiny TV with all his fav DVDs. Hey, so far it's worked. Sorta. 

D. will lie down with him and watch something and read, then after the lights are out and he's asleep, voila. D. makes his exit. Problem? little C joins us again anywhere from midnight to 2:30 a.m. by pounding down the hallway full force ahead. Bless him...he's scared of the dark. He'll run straight to our bed full speed ahead, stuffed dog under his arm. And I kinda think it's adorable (whenever I'm not jumping out of my skin). I still get about four good hours of stretching out my legs and no knees in my stomach. So much more "good sleep" than I'm used to...I'll take it for now. (I just know the beach vacay will have us starting back at square one once home...sigh.)

And then baby L...
As for baby L, remember how I told you she's "sleeping through the night?" Well, she does and she doesn't. I've never met a baby who was such a good sleeper and then other times she's not. You honestly never know. Many times she'll sleep until 5:30 a.m. straight...but the other night it was 3:30 a.m...ugh. And now that she's getting closer to 16 months, I'm SO confused on her naps. Wha?! What do I do again? little C hasn't napped in almost three years...I'm totally rusty. 

Sunday was the first time she skipped a nap and it went glorious! She slept ok that morning and then napped about 12:30 or 1 after lunch. Then she slept almost two hours in her crib. Score! That night she went down just fine, but she ended up waking up so early the next morning that she couldn't bare to skip her morning nap the next day. So...she's had two straight days back at two naps. Today? We might possibly try one nap again. I think she's ready, it's just getting her to sleep in. She is *not* a late sleeper at all. Triple ugh. 

As I type this post, baby L is crying out and little C still isn't settled in his bed, and I think to myself "they say some day I'll miss this?!" Folks, I honestly can't *wait* until both kids sleep in their beds. It's a major life goal. It would make me so warm and fuzzy...for real. I need my (quality) sleep. Some day, perhaps?

Tell me. How do your little/big ones sleep? I need to know there's hope for my future. 

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

How I Wore My Heels: Boyfriend Jeans

I hope you all had an amazing long weekend with family and friends...did you? I know I did! I'm so grateful for the many brave soldiers who we honor and remember over this special weekend. It's definitely not about sales and an extra day off work. It's certainly nice to get that extra time with friends, but let's also remember the reason. We're so lucky. God bless America!

With that being said, we opened our pool this weekend and it was a frigid 70 degrees Saturday. That might sound warm to you, but let me tell you, it's not. The kids got in, I did not. By yesterday, it had heated up to 75, so I did get in, but it wasn't a long swim! We celebrated on our back deck southern style with lots of sliders, potato salad and fixings...it was a lot of fun. And it was quite adorable to see baby L in her little heart swimsuit (last year she was just four months, so I'm really enjoying this!). 

Last week I was sent a pair of white Leigh boyfriend jeans from Hudson. They're distressed...they're comfy...they're fabulous. And I'm not even joking. These jeans rock my heel-wearing world. They look pretty darn amazing with heels, and what a great jean to wear around with the kids...I can move in them...I can live in them. My first pair of Hudsons were a bootcut just after I had little C. and they were a breath of fresh air compared to others that cut off my circulation. Obviously boyfriend jeans are meant to be comfy, so it's truly a win here. I love a trend that's completely wearable. These are coming to the beach with me next week...squeal!

I love (love!) pairing white jeans with chambray and I actually found this one a few years ago at the J.Crew outlet mall...score! I actually took the last one off the poor mannequin. And the red heels? They're by Report and they're one of my go-to's because every girl should own a pair of classic red pumps in her closet. Mark my word on that. 

Know what else is completely changing my life? My new wristlet phone wallet sent to me from GiGi New York. I've long been a fan of GiGi's monogrammed handbags (here's my green clutch), and since I cracked my iPhone several months ago and recently had it repaired, I've been verrrrrry picky about my case. This not only holds my phone in a handy little pocket inside, it has slots for four credit cards (so needed...duh) and my ID. I can just zip and unzip on the go...and the wristlet is handier than you could ever imagine. I can totally just slip it on my wrist and carry baby at the same time. Of course, it also has my initials monogrammed once again. It's available in several materials (I got the stone embossed python like my clutch) and 10 colors (mine is Desert Rose and I absolutely adore!). The wristlet retails for $115 (plus $15 for personalization). Trust me, you need one of these. 

P.S. Next week I'm leaving for the beach, so posts will be very nautical, very soon. I apologize in advance, but I seriously can't. wait. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

I Wanna Look Like Demi. Happy Friday.

It's the Friday before a long holiday weekend (and before I have an entire week with two kiddos at home...eek! Pray for me! Or just give me a Red Bull?). So in honor of swimsuit season and my own beach trip prep, I found it fitting to show this recent photo of Demi Moore wearing this H&M Conscious Exclusive dress, which retails for just $129. Can I look like her in my future life, please?! How about right now?

I've got just a handful of days left to really get serious about this beach body of mine (truth: it's probably not happening). But, really this dress with this body takes the meaning of LBD to a whole new level. And $129, what?!

Think about this next time you open those Doritos. 

I wanna look like Demi. I wanna look like Demi. I'll just quietly chanting this to myself throughout the weekend. Carry on. 

P.S. I know I already don't blog nearly as much as I did pre-babies, so let me go ahead and tell ya I'm taking Monday off. Hey, what's one more day? Family time...gotta have it. Coming back atcha Tuesday with a fun outfit post! Have a chic (long!) weekend. Xoxo

[Photo Courtesy H&M]

Thursday, May 21, 2015

See Ya, Cancer

I should be sleeping. Let's face it. I just took care of two little ones all day (and evening...it took two hours alone to get both kids in bed tonight) and I'm pretty tired. But I wanna shout from the rooftops the best news I've heard in an ENTIRE YEAR. My mom's leukemia is back in FULL remission. Squeal!!!!! If ever there was a time for squeals, it's this. Shoes excite me, THIS excited me. 

Her CML had been in full remission for several years, actually. But then when she got sick in August and had to go off her chemo, it brought it back. Ugh. That's also when my dad passed away, so to say things were ugly isn't even fully justifying the situation. 

She's been having regular check-ups and I've just been praying. hard. Finally yesterday was the answer to our prayers. God is soooo good. 

I love you mom, and I know for sure daddy's doing the cabbage patch up in heaven right now...I know it. I'm so happy for you and so proud of you. Seeeee ya, cancer!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

How I Wore My Heels: Giving Back with Easter Seals

This past Friday I attended a local event in my town, The Fashion Event, that benefits Easter Seals. I've heard so many cool things about it, so was excited to check it out. In addition to local models showcasing local boutiques, a lot of the Easter Seals kids and adults also model on the runway. To tell you it was sweet is really undermining it. I was prepared to need waterproof mascara, but I wasn't really prepared by how much it would change my heart. As a mama of two kids of my own, watching the kids with disabilities fulfill their dreams and do something really, really fun with a huge crowd cheering them on was beyond words. It really struck a chord with me, and I'm now ready to get involved myself!

The entire evening was amazing from the food to the fashion, and it was a nice date night with my husband. I was super lucky to have Terri Shotts from Dillard's Park Plaza help me choose an outfit (Terri is amazing at what she does, so call her at 501-246-1343 for your next event! Her styling service is completely FREE.) I've been in love with this striped crop top from Nicole Miller ever since the designer herself came to town and I spotted it at her trunk show. I paired with this 1. State a-line skirt (my fav silhouette of all time!). I added my Tory Burch metallic clutch to really POP. And then I found these geometric pumps by Kenneth Cole in the "new arrivals" of the shoe department (T. knew it was all over at this point!). Be still my heart. Will you believe me when I tell you they're amazingly comfy? This shoe lover wouldn't lie. 

I'm so glad I was able to see the Easter Seals families and this show last week. After all, an outfit is just an outfit. And shoes are just shoes. There are so many things we take for granted. Most of those kids on the stage can't even wear normal shoes to walk. 

Hannah J. (shown above) "never had the strength to wear wedges - and when she tried them on and was able to, she was so happy. She told me that she felt normal," her dad shared. 

So every time I put on a pair of heels these days I truly remember how thankful I am, and I hope to volunteer in the near future so that maybe I can help more of these kids walk in their own dream shoes some day. What a wonderful organization Easter Seals is, and thank you so much for inviting me to be a part of something so special!

Disclaimer: Shoes were gifted by Dillard's Park Plaza in exchange for this review. All opinions, as always, are my own. Gotta love new shoes.
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