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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Rebecca Minkoff July Fourth Sale

Never met a Minkoff I didn't like. Who's with me? So I thought that when I found out the Rebecca Minkoff sale goods for this weekend, I'd do all my friendsies a favor and share the love. Lightweight dresses...chunky mules and amazing gladiator sandals...squeal! I can't look because I'll get in trouble. (Nah, I'm pretty smart about resisting temptation...it's when the shoes go ON my feet that we have a problem. Online sales? We're safe!)

The floral dress above is one of my fav picks because it's marked down to $198. I myself have invested in a RM shirtdress in the past for this price and I wear it way more than any cheap lil' knit thing from a kitschy chain store. Just sayin'. Cost per wear, folks. And the compliments can be endless. 

And you know I'm not a flats girl at heart, but these gold gladiators make my heart go beat, beat. I think it's the ankle strap (sucker). They're crafted from luxe snakeskin and on sale for $150, so these are an incredible find. 
 My last fav is this slip-on sandal because holy wow, chicsters, who doesn't love a shoe you can slide in and out of on the fly? Work to carpool to errands to dinner. I feel like I could def cover some ground in these beauties. They're also on sale for $198 - so if you like the dress, or the shoes...or both? No one says you have to pick when we're celebrating the Fourth. Right?!
[Photos Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff]

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Gluten-Free on the Go

A couple of weeks ago we were at the beach. Say it with me...ahhhhhhh. I'd love to be back. Swimming in the ocean...walking to get coffee...enjoying the sun and the sand. You gotta admit...nothing beats beach hair. 

I will say that having a child with a special diet makes traveling a little more difficult, but once you get used to it, things get way easier. For instance, you have to learn the best brands in addition to your kids' favorite treats. It didn't take us long to discover little C loves his Udi's

I mean, bread is kinda a big deal because it's something we eat a lot. And it's something that's hard to find without gluten that tastes good. little C doesn't even flinch with his Udi's whole grain bread. We make sandwiches...toast...snacks. He loves putting jam on it!
So it's no surprise that we had to have our glorious GF bread on the trip. What a great thing to keep on hand in the car! And crazy to think, but little C would rather ask for bread than a piece of candy! 

Besides the bread, both little C (and baby L!) are obsessed with both the Udi's Blueberry and Double Chocolate muffins. And...shhhh...I kinda am, too. (Of course, I would neeeeever sneak a bite!)

These kiddos eat muffins every day...it's their "thing." And since I allow little C only half sometimes, he shares with baby L. He's a fan of blueberry and she chocolate. Just like her mother! 

If you're a gluten-free house, I suggest you try Udi's (who was nice enough to send us samples *straight* to our beach house). We couldn't imagine life without it!  

P.S. And here's a bonus photo of my favorite chair at the beach cottage...kitchen directly behind it. Glorious. 

How I Wore My Heels: Look Chic for Less

With the Fourth of July approaching this weekend, I find it necessary to live in chambray. And since rompers are kinda my thing lately, I think this Old Navy steal is way appropriate. It was like $25 or something crazy.

I've been trying to save wherever I can, and I've found some pretty amazing things at Old Navy (for both and baby L). (And, no, this is not a sponsored post.) There are so many on-trend pieces and I love that I can buy several things without having to "choose my favorite," which is what happens at pricier stores.

So then I just found a cardigan I already had in my closet as well as cute wedges (these are Report) I already owned. Add a Botkier handbag (because great handbags never go out of style...what a great investment) and voila! This "look for less" is totally complete. 

Now where's the fireworks, baby?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day, Daddy

If I could be a butterfly and fly far, far away. This refers to one of my fav lines in Forrest Gump and it's how I feel lately. 

Today's my first Father's Day without my sweet, sweet daddy. What I would do to turn back the clock to see him again. It's only been six months, yet it seems like an eternity. Silly things like driving to get a milkshake at Sonic or joking around my dining room table while he works a crossword puzzle stick out in my head the most. One time we camped out in my parents' extra bedroom and watched TV all night while mom rocked our then baby C. And as I stood in the candy shop last week on vacation with hundreds of candies around me, I glanced directly in front of me to find his fav old-fashioned peanut butter bars (I bought one). It's amazing how God is always showing me he's watching over me. 

I still picture him in front of me clear as day, his voice friendly and joking, laughing. And when I'm in trouble or don't know what to do, it's my daddy's voice I hear clearly saying, "it's gonna be ok, little girl." 

He always knew how to cheer me up and had the best sense of humor. I now see my son in him so much, and I think it was God's blessing. He is God's blessing. 

I used to make all of my dad's cards until I got older, and I found this one. 

Oh, how I wish he was here to hug me right now. Until we meet again in heaven, I'll be remembering every bit of the sweet time we had together on earth. 

I encourage you to hug your dad today and say I love you because you never know when it might be your last. I'm thankful those were my very last words to mine. 

Love you, daddy. Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Happy 10 Years to Us

It's not a typical review today because, hello, it's my whopping 10-year anniversary. Par-tay. (No actually we're gonna be partaking in our usual take-turns-putting-the-kids-to-bed, then pass-out-like-a-light ritual. Our friends are celebrating theirs in Ireland. WHAT.) 

So I'm not even gonna profess my love on here for my husband I'm so fond of because when others do that, it literally makes me gag. I mean, do those people not tell each other that? It's just weird, y'all. 

What I will say is I'm so happy to be an amazing family of four after 10 years and I look back at all we built and I'm proud of us. Squeal!! I don't give my other half near the credit he deserves (hey, I get to do this every day because of him). 

I know now so many more things than I knew even last year at this time. It's been a wonderful 10 years filled with bumpy roads and hard times for both of us, but I feel lucky to get to enjoy even the *worst* moments with him. Because you never know the curves of life. My goal for the next 10 years is to try to do everything with a smile because this life together won't last forever. 

Happy 10 years to the best husband and father of our cute-as-a-button kids. LYSM. (ahem, if you're reading..."that's love you so much"...he doesn't do social media.)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How I Wore My Heels: Milly for Kohl's

One of my fav shows when I visit NY Fashion Week is always Milly. In fact, my very-first season at Bryant Park I attended a Milly show and immediately fell in love. Michelle's designs are so upbeat and fresh, and the edgy, adorable cuteness of the line. It's so, so chic. (And can I also admit I toyed with the idea of naming baby L Milly?!)

So when I heard about the Milly for Kohl's collab and was sent this super-cute dress to test drive, I was all about it (yes, I squealed!). Black and white stripes are my fav trend right now, and I couldn't be more obsessed with this dress. The stretchy fabric makes it super comfy (and fits true to size), and you get the look of a really nice dress at an affordable price ($84...on sale for $42!). The fit and flare style makes it flattering for all body types (celebrity Zosia Mamet has been spied in it and she's way more petite than moi, but still rocked it). With this type of dress, it's pretty easy. I let the dress do all the talking! Just add simple black heels (like these from Schutz) and a clutch and you're good to go. (Oh, and the dress has pockets, so extra bonus points for that.)

Next, I really want to try a floral pencil skirt and tee combo from the line...the sayings like "Ciao Bella" and "You Me Capri" are precious. 

This collab didn't get near the attention as (ahem) a certain other one that launched the same month, but all of the pieces are pretty darn adorable. What do you think of this collab between Milly and Kohl's? 

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