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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: How to Treat Cradle Cap

I know this looks like such a gross post, but bear with me. I've found a life-changing product for babies and it's the Baby Oil by Zoe Organics

I discovered this amazing brand on Instagram, as I've often done lately, and am so glad I did. I now want the entire product line-up from cream to bug spray. Baby L has had cradle cap since she was born, bless her heart. And luckily I've been able to cover it up with large bows. :) But honestly I just want it gone! At every doctor's check-up, she would say "still cradle cap. You should use Aveeno Baby or even Selsun Blue" (um, no thanks. Anything that doesn't even wash off is off limits for my babe. Love my doc, but no.). So we tried the Aveeno for weeks and literally nothing happened. My mother-in-law suggested something with Calendula. So, I got out the beloved Weleda Baby. Not much progress. 

Then. I saw where this oil was made with essential oils (sunflower, jojoba and olive oil and lavender and chamomile) that were great for dry skin, etc. I immediately thought it might work! And hearing other moms rave always makes me wanna try something. Right? 
So we've used this about a month now, but saw immediate results. As in, the next day. The above photo is the before. Below photo is this week. Ummm yay?! Notice there is still a tiny bit left under the hair, but pretty soon that should be clear as well. The key is to apply the oil each day (I dab two pumps just before bed because it contains lavender and it's seriously a sleep inducer...I'm convinced. It smells glorious!!) 

It's $18 and you can buy it at zoeorganics.com. Let me know your results if you try it!

Whiny Wednesday: Lost in lollaland

I can just say it right now: obsessed. with. lollaland. No, it's not some hidden gem of an amusement park ride or a kid's candy store with lollipops galore, but it's an adorable and convenient kids food and drink line. They're the makers of the infamous, swoonworthy Lollacup, seen here in pink. 

This is not your average sippy, folks. (It starts at nine months, so baby L still has a few more months to go.) At $16, it's made of all safe materials (no chemicals) right here in the USA and the magic happens in the straw! It has a weighted end so even if it's tilted, young ones  learning to sip can use it gracefully. The straw is valve-free (easy sipping again) and the handle is even removable! So it fits in the car seat (um except my darlings always want moi to hold the drink. Experienced that?) There are tons of cute colors (this is Posh Pink), and there's even a "Chic Black" for young fashion lovers. 

We were also sent the newest Mealtime Set to try out. And since baby L hasn't started solids yet, little C was the perfect candidate. He. Loves. 

It's only $20 for this three-piece set (plate, bowl and dipping cup). I love the simple design. The set is so completely simple and functional. Why did no one else think to make a flat, square plate?? It's seriously the first in our cabinet and we now use it all the time because it's so much easier to prepare food on it and just eat. The dipping bowl is the perfect size for ketchup or dressing. And keeps messes away. I also appreciate that it's just a normal bowl. I mean, thank you. (By the way, this is a typical meal for little C: gluten-free fish sticks by Ian's with Ranch and fresh green beans. Mmmm!) 

I'm guessing little C has taken over this set now. Sorry, baby L! She'll just have to enjoy her sweet new pink cup. :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Last Day! Jonathan Adler Warehouse Sale

I know it's not often I post home things on here, and I really don't know why. I LOVE my home. We moved in a mere eight months after we got married nine years ago and it's one thing I've never looked back on. This house is our home now, and I'd honestly be pretty sad if we ever had to move. It's always been a labor of love. Now if I could fill it entirely with Jonathan Adler? Even better. 

I'm a liiiiiittle late to the game, but thought I'd let you know it's the last day to scoop up JA warehouse sale treasures online. (There are sure to be major scores at this point!) 

It's 24 hours at JonathanAdler.com, so ya better get to clicking before it's over! Happy chic home shopping! Xoxo 

Ash Launches Handbags This Fall

You. Guys. One of my fav shoe brands, Ash Footwear, is launching handbags this fall. Squeal!! It's one of my go-to stops when I hit up Soho (44 Mercer, hello), so this September it will be a must. I've gotta see this backpack IRL, y'all. 

They're already available on AshFootwearUSA.com and in store, as well on Shopbop and at Bloomies. And rest assured, they're not all backpacks. Think crossbody, tote, clutch...whatever you want...in a cool, deconstructed shape. They're edgy because, after all, they're Ash. You won't find any other bag on the subway like it. 

I'm loving the attention to detail: fringe, chains, custom-made studs (just like the footwear!). And the bags have the coolest washed and textured leathers. 

Rock 'n' roll forever, girls. This fall, I'm gonna have Ash on my feet and shoulder. Hair flip. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: Weight Loss Update + Shoe Giveaway!

It's been a long week. little C has been on a summer break, so I've had both kiddos all day...whew! Luckily, I have help, but still the nighttime can be exhausting. It's always nice to put on a pair of heels and just go do something for a minute...take a "heel break." Most people take a break and put on their flip-flops and sweats, but with staying a home all day, I find myself doing the opposite and putting on heels for a break. Does wonders for the soul, I tell ya. :) With only 12 pounds left to lose on my new workout routine and Weight Watchers, I'm feeling soooo great! In fact, I'm wearing many of my normal clothes (including jeans and cutoffs!) now. I'm feeling much more like my old self again.

For shoes lately, it's all practical now that I'm not thinking of myself so much! I'm really interested in ShoeDazzle and what they have to offer, especially since Rachel Zoe signed on to curate her fav collections. I already owned a few pairs "pre Zoe" but I feel like the heels selection has gotten major (pun intended) lately. I simply l-o-v-e these dressy sandals (the Aubree) so much because they're classic (they also have a fun color combo in nude/purple) and look so very stylish (warning: they. are. tall.). And you would never be able to tell they're so inexpensive ($40, hello?). They're part of the June collection, but the July and August collections are just as stunning, y'all. And there are sooooo many shoes to a collection it's really hard to pick a fav every month. So. Good. 

I'm also wearing lots of oversized dresses this summer as I finish losing the baby weight (getting sooo close but will never tire of easy dresses!). This black one by Lauren Moshi is a fav I picked up at a local shop called Steamroller Blues (I love this shop because they have tons of oversized pieces that are so effortlessly cool...my fav style these days!). Lauren Moshi is a great brand because every design is original artwork by the designer.  Love that! This dress is super soft (and honestly, makes nursing easy because I just wear a tank underneath). Makes me want summer to never end! ;)

To win a pair of ShoeDazzle shoes of your own, just enter your info in the box below and I'll choose one winner at random next week. Sweet summer present, right? ;) Good luck!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Chicest, Slimming Swimsuits

Holy major freakout. Did I really just post myself in a swimsuit? Indeed I did. I went back and forth for days on whether I should, or just stick with stock photos. But I just couldn't post a review of the suits I've been wearing (that Miraclesuit sent me) with models wearing them...I mean, right? It loses the point. And that is...here I am in this photo at four months postpartum and I haven't lost the baby weight, but my Miraclesuit gave me the confidence to be able to wear a swimsuit pretty early after baby on the beach and at the pool. I would've never in my wildest dreams imagined I'd be wearing one this summer, honestly. 

Let me preface this by saying this was last month and I'm now six pounds lighter (clapping!) and my Miraclesuit fits even better now. But I really love the way this halter style fits because while you can't see the details in the photo, there is ruching in the tummy area. This is a major flattering trick if you ever want to disguise a belly, girls (I think I once read this tip from Ali Landry?). The halter style is also super-flattering to every body type, especially those with curves. The back on this one is a scoop back, which I'm not exactly a fan of (it's not as comfortable to me), but it's worth handling for the flattering silhouette of this suit. This is also a great one for a new mom because you're a little more covered (it's the first summer I haven't worn a two-piece, honestly, and I'm not really hating it!).

Miraclesuit claims to make you look up to 10 pounds lighter, and it really does suck you in. But it's not an uncomfortable-can't-breathe-type, it's a snug fit that actually makes you feel good about you body. Honestly, after baby I've worn so many tummy control garments, I hardly noticed. And at $150 a suit, these are high-quality ones that will last you more than one season. Because even after you've lost the weight, who doesn't wanna continue to look 10 pounds lighter? 

I look far from supermodel status here, so this post isn't really of look-at-me intent. It's intention is more about body confidence and how these swimsuits can totally make you feel like a rockstar during a time you might feel otherwise. No matter your size, you can be beautiful. Don't be ashamed of it, own it. 

P.S. Adam Glassman of O, The Oprah Magazine included these in his summer style tips!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: An Update on My Workout Routine

So...I went shopping at Marshall's via a gift card they provided. It's my fav place for workout clothes & I bought all three pieces here for $50. 
Can I be honest with you? I'm so ready for this body to bounce back. Silence. Go ahead, body, bounce back. I'm waiting...Sigh. If you've ever had a baby you KNOW what I mean. If you've ever had more than one baby, you reallllllly know. We're now all a club of BFFs who just know how completely hard it is to lose weight, and if you're not a major fitness buff, how miserable it can be. And me? I like things to happen quickly. I don't understand when it takes things awhile to happen (hence while I sorta love New York and its ability to get me my coffee...a new purse...a ride to the other end of the island...in no time flat). I know, I know. It took nine months to pack it on, so it will take at least that long to get it off. 

Since it's my last time to "bounce back," I think I'm dragging just a little. I'm also nursing a little longer with no plans to stop anytime soon (it's only been five months). Honestly? I resent my huge nursing boobs, and I feel like if I had stopped nursing by now I could've weaned her...and eaten as little or whatever I wanted to lose these last 15 pounds. Wouldn't have to worry about a baby to feed. But, I do have a baby to feed. And weaning for vanity seems so selfish. I'm not worried this last chunk of weight will come off, and I think that's what's got me moving slower this time around. Baby is my priority, not the weight. I guess I've matured a little since I had my first baby and weaned right around this time. 

With that being said I have a new workout routine for the next two months...remember my deadline is New York Fashion Week? Right now I'm on track to lose it all THE week I leave. Scary, right? I think I can do it, but if I can't, there will be a lot of oversized tunics involved. In black. 
Here's a little bit of what I'm doing:

1. Pilates: I've been an avid fan since 2008, and practiced up until the last month of my pregnancy. It's what helped me lose baby weight #1, so why shouldn't I rely on it? The first time around I had enough time to attend my group class three times a week, but this time I'll be trying for twice (and that's stretching it). This also includes some weight training. 

2. Private Training: The above Pilates is mat work and with a group. Once a week, I'll be toning and burning with my Pilates instructor B. who will whip these abs into shape on the reformer and machines. At least, I'm hoping so. She's good, so I'm hoping she'll work her magic. 

3. Cardio: This, my friends, is the kicker. I use the two mornings little C is away to get a grueling three-mile stroller walk in (with hills), and then try to get at least two (maybe three) more days in of either stroller or just me. Let me tell ya, it's HOT out there. (Why did I sell my treadmill again?)

4. Pure Barre: How could I leave? It's just too. good. After all, it's what has gotten me to this point! I'll be attending these classes 1-2 times per week to fill out my schedule...and to keep my legs and butt looking toned (PB has done wonders here!). This is also great for some weight training. 

So, that's my new routine and we'll see how it works this month. It's all about switching it up to really challenge the body...and to have fun without getting bored with a workout. See you back here next week...maybe two pounds lighter? ;)

P.S. Congrats to Lauren H. for winning the Pure Barre 3-class package! Time to lift, tone & burn, girl! Xoxo 
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