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Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Lilly for Target Scores

How could I not write a quick post about yesterday's Pink Sunday...right? After all, I told you Friyay how simply excited (ecstatic) I was to shop Lilly for Target. Act all non-excited if you will, but a southern gal goes cuckoo over some Lilly P. Can I get an amen?

It started the evening beforehand when little C woke me up. Then I realized, wait. Lilly was about to go on sale online. So I couldn't just go back to sleep. I waited and tried to add things to my cart for over an hour, but no luck. And this mama values her sleep over anything, so I rolled over and went back to sleep. Blush.

I already had my alarm set for 7 a.m. anyway. (I mean, like I need an alarm around here, but anyway...) I rolled outta bed, got dressed and showed up at 7:30 a.m. to find myself about 20th in line. Not bad. There must've been at least 50 people behind me when they opened the doors. I was frightened of being trampled in my wedges, but everyone acted very kosher. Whew.

I headed straight to the women's section (with everyone who wasn't going to home) and started scooping up every medium/6 I was interested in. I had studied the lookbook already. Once I had my six items to try on, I immediately headed to the infant girls section...because I really care more about baby L looking cuuuute than moi these days. Isn't mom mentality just WEIRD?

I found baby L so many things, and I'm really glad I bought size 18 months because they fit her 14-month-self pretty well. Chunky monkey. I also think she can wear them into the fall with a cardi. Super squeal!

After I found her things (truly I wanted  one of everything, but at least I was somewhat sensible!), I headed to the fitting room. I knew it would be packed and chaotic later, so I totally avoided that. I must admit I was frightened to leave the infant things on the desk, however, while I tried on my things, but the lady had them there when I finished. 

Not really. I mean, it's shopping, so I think we'll all be ok. I didn't score the bikini bottom to my top, but I'm currently scouting either a green or pink solid bottom to go with, and I think it will be just as adorable. I bought the pink eyelet shorts, and I think I'll end up wearing those with the bikini top just as much around our pool and the beach. They're cuuuuuute. 

I did kinda want more swim options (like the high-waisted one online), but who knows if they would've even looked good on me. 

As for baby L, I really wanted the rashguard swim set they sold online, but alas I got the bikini in store. I've always said no bikinis for babies, but omg is it cuteness overload. I really should've bought a few things in a 2T for next summer, but I was only thinking in the now. :)

Here's a list of what I bought and p.s. look for a style post soon! Xoxo

Twist Bandeau Bikini Top in Fan Dance
Pink eyelet shorts
Pink Shift Dress in See Ya Later

Baby L:
Maxi dress in Fan Dance
Pink Shift Dress in See Ya Later
Romper in Nosie Posey
Coverup in Nosie Posey
Ruffle Bikini Swimsuit Set in Nosie Posey

Tell me...what was your Lilly for Target experience like and what did you score? 

Friday, April 17, 2015

Lilly for Target is Here Sunday!

Ok, you know what this is about, right? Be still my pink-loving heart. We've all been hotly anticipating this launch since freaking January when it was miserably snowing. Lilly for Target is here on Sunday. Squeal!! As we ready ourselves for our summer beach trips and pool parties, it's simply perfect timing.
I myself have bought a few Lilly pieces in the past, but honestly they weren't as timeless as I had hoped. Looking at this Target collection, I see so many amazing, exciting prints that will totally stand the test of time..say three or four annual summer vacays? At least. I love the signature bright colors, but also the floral patterns. (The pink seashells I bought years ago just didn't do it for me after awhile. Remember when buying...purchase with this in mind!)

Lilly for Target will feature apparel, shoes and accessories for women and girls as well as home goods and cosmetics. So you're darn right baby L is gonna match this chic mama! Even if she can't wear it right away. Blush. 
Tops on my list? The swimsuits. Don't touch, folks. Since last summer I was nursing and wearing mom suits, this is the year of the two-piece return. I think one of these could be my signature suit! 
Needless to say, I'm cleansing until Sunday's dressing room time. Halfway kidding. Wink. 

See you amongst the palm tree aisles on Sunday, girls! Xoxo

P.S. Just look at these prints! Gahhhhh! 

[Photos Courtesy Target]

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cutest Beach Bag Accessories

Ummm excuse me, but how cute are these keychains and bracelets from Stoney Clover Lane? Now that I've gotten spring break skiing outta the way, I can't take my mind off the beach. In fact, I stayed up entirely too late last night trying to find a second cottage to stay in just so we can leave EARLIER than planned. That's how much I'm ready to leave!

I'm also organizing our things making sure we have everything we need...like a new beach towel for baby L. I mean, she needs one with her name, yes? And now I'm thinking we're gonna need these adorable keychains to put on everything. I'm just imagining how cute the hot pink flamingo would look on baby L's pink and white seersucker bag...squeal!!

And I'm swooning over the stripes anchor bracelet below because hello, nautical is so chic. These bracelets are actually seersucker! (Or denim) The southern gal in me is all about some seersucker. The bracelets are $15; the keychains are $25. Get them now at StoneyCloverLane.com for your next beach getaway! Can't. Wait. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Why Being a Stay-At-Home Mom is Glorious...on a Good Day

There's *always* a debate between mom society on if staying at home is a "job" or if it's a "luxury." Whatever you believe, that's not really my point today. As I was passing Starbucks this morning, I began to think about why I love staying at home so much. Here are a few things I came up with: 

1. The grocery store. I don't have to wait for the crazy grocery store shuffle at 5 p.m. to shop. When I go at 8 a.m. after little C's carpool, it's just me and the bread aisle. (Well and baby L, but she's a dream to shop with!) It truly is bliss. Especially when you read every label like moi. 

2. Appointments. When I call the kids' doctors or even my doctor (or, ahem, masseuse...spray tanner...hairdresser), I can pretty much schedule the appointment whenever I want...around naps and Pilates, that is. Which leads me to...

3. Exercise. I can totally take advantage of the morning Pilates and group exercise classes and not have to worry about being exhausted by the end of the day after a long day of work. I can also take baby L on a stroller ride and get a little break. I realize this makes me spoiled, but I'm also really thankful it makes it easier to take care of my health.

4. Sleep. No, I don't sleep that well at night. In fact, we have one kid in our bed and the baby who is so inconsistent, we never know if it will be a good night or bad one. But, rest assured that if I don't get a full night's sleep, I can nap with baby L in the morning while little C is at preschool. Whew.

5. Kids. I think this one is obvious. I get to stay at home during the most crucial time in their lives. One that neither I nor they really want to fly by too fast. We need each other, and I'm so very glad I have this opportunity to both work on my freelance as well as love on my babies. (Who won't be babies for very long!) Those extra hugs and kisses at home as well as the opportunity to teach lots of things one-on-one and just quietly rock baby to sleep are certainly priceless. (And honestly it's quite not ever miss a shoe delivery again.)

Kudos to all the mamas who go to work every day. This is nothing against you one bit. This is me merely saying I'm going to miss this all in just a few years, so I'm truly savoring every moment. Even when it's a day full of no shower...no nap...whiny kids or a messy house. Not every day is perfect, but it is pretty glorious...on a good day. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How I Wore My Heels: Giving Back + Interview with Nicole Miller

Last week designer Nicole Miller visited Little Rock and appeared at the annual Bolo Bash luncheon in support of Baptist Health. It was my first time at this event (I mean, how?! It's been going on for 25 years and somehow I've missed the boat. I'll definitely be going back.) The entire event is based around charity and giving back to the doctors and healthcare community that helps us so much. I know I'm thankful they nursed my mother back to health this past summer when she went on life support.
I had a really nice time meeting people in the community I had communicated with, but never actually met in person. Bolo Bash featured an amazing auction (I had my eye on a colorful Nicole Miller clutch, but so did everyone else!) and an out-of-this-world lunch. They even decorated the room with a tropical theme to match the prints of Nicole's current spring collection, inspired by Rio. What a great idea, and it looked so perfect! My friend Lisa from B98.5 interviewed Nicole on stage, and it was truly entertaining. Afterwards, models walked the runway in the cutest crop tops and spring prints you've ever seen. It definitely made me want to go shopping right then and there (but then again, I have a problem). 
I wore a gorgeous spring sheath designed by Nicole that I bought at the trunk show she hosted at Dillard's last week. I just couldn't resist. It's the perfect spring/summer dress that I can just "throw on" with the kids. And while I love it with heels to wear to events, I can wear it everyday with cute sandals. 

Before Bolo Bash started, I was able to catch up with Nicole and ask her a few questions (forgive the quality of the sound/camera...one of these days I'm going to hire a personal assistant. Wink.). Scroll to the bottom to watch our interview! 

Have a chic week, friends and lotsa air kisses. xoxo

P.S. Thanks to the ladies at Baptist Health and involved with Bolo Bash for hosting me last week. Everything was amazing!

Monday, April 13, 2015

I Heart Heels + Inviting Arkansas

It's the beginning of a new, less eventful week for me and I can't wait to kick off my heels for juuuust a second (no, really, I'd be lying if I told you I didn't have a few BandAids here and there...). And guess what else? I have some FUN news!

I've long been a fan of our local social/fashion/entertaining magazine Inviting Arkansas, so I'm absolutely thrilled to say I'll be contributing each month via online and our social networks to bring the chicest "Shoe of the Month." Squeal!! Read my intro blog post here. 

I'm so excited to finally announce this, and I hope you will follow along with us both here, on the Inviting Arkansas blog and at both @iheartheels and @invitingar on social. Believe me when I say you won't want up miss my shoe picks because they're pure art...and you might wanna scoop up a pair for your closet. I'm just saying...

Oh, and always feel free to suggest a fav shoe you've recently seen. I might just choose it! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dinner with Designer Nicole Miller

To continue my busy week of fashion events here in Little Rock, I attended an amazing dinner at a private home overlooking the Arkansas River. The backyard view was stunning (as was the home), and the company was incredible. I mean, fashion designer Nicole Miller, hello?! 

The party was the precursor to the annual Bolo Bash (which was Wednesday and I'll have photos of that next week). Bolo Bash is an annual event that raises funds for Baptist Health. Bolo Bash has been around for 25 years and raised millions of dollars to date. Truly amazing. 

For the event, I wore my new favorite LBD from French Connection. I like to stay safe on occasions like this. Call me boring, but I think this black dress is anything but that. In fact, this piece is my single fav new piece in my closet right now (can I mention I'm obsessed with crepe??). I'm going to be wearing it all. the. time. Can you wear LBDs to the grocery store? Hey, don't put it past me. 

The shoes are also French Connection (I mentioned I won a shopping spree, yes?) and these t-straps are as comfy as ever. Really an amazing pair of heels that are quite comfortable (trust me, I stood in them for three hours). Black and gold are just so pretty together and fav combo of mine!

I got lots of compliments on both the dress and shoes, and, of course, the bag. This vintage Chanel is mine this month as I'm borrowing it from Bag, Borrow or Steal. Realize that if you ever carry a vintage Chanel, your bag is going to be the center of attention for the evening. I really had no idea. Wish it was all mine (duh), but quite honestly I'm having just as much fun toting it around for the month and than giving it back so that I don't have to faint when one of my kids rips the strap in two or spills jelly all over it. Shudder. 

The party itself was lovely and had an open bar with wine and some of the best bacon I've tasted in my life. I never would've thought I'd see grown society women hovering around a platter of bacon, but I can confirm this happened. 

I also spoke with our new governor, an esthetician with an adorable purse and a jewelry designer friend of mine...all thanks for my friend L. again (she works for the radio!) for letting me know about this event all and introducing me to so many fabulous people. And while I had already spoken to Nicole at the trunk show, I talked to her for just a bit at the party because I had to know about her wedges. She told me they were made by her and last season (gasp!), but they're her favorites. I pretty much told her she can do what she wants because she's Nicole Miller! Not to mention, I would wear her last season shoes every season myself. They're cuuuuuute. 

And while I didn't bid on the original sketches they had there...I certainly was very tempted! Here they are below. Aren't they amazing?

I'm so thrilled and honored I was able to attend this party on behalf of I Heart Heels. The people, place and party were all so fabulous! You better there were lotsa air kisses. Xoxo 
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