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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: Rainbow Bright

The weather here has been crazy...the usual southern Arkansas crazy, I guess. I'm terrified of storms and I just found out that October has more tornadoes than the springtime, so maybe fall isn't my fav after all. Shrug. But once the storms cleared Monday, we've had the most beautiful weather, so I can't complain. Who doesn't love being able to wear boots and flowy shirts all at once? This outfit is, in fact, my version of transitioning to cold weather...it's an in-between outfit. Because while I do love the 70-degree weather, it's usually 50s in the morning, which makes the day SO hard to dress for...am I right?

Lately I've been living in leather leggings and can I tell you a secret? These are maternity. Shhhh...Ironically enough they were too small for me during pregnancy (blush), so I hung onto them because the only thing that makes them maternity is that they're elastic...seriously. So because it's totally pumpkin patch season and I've been outside running around with the kids a ton, I slipped on cowboy boots instead of heels (major blush). I told you I'm having a flats moment, and that's ok. Baby L is just now eight months old, and I'm still adjusting to life with two. At the moment, there's no way I can run in heels, too. We'll save those right now for special occasions. Wink. 

You know what I can live in though? Everything from Show Me Your MuMu (cutest name, huh?). This brand has soooo many light and airy boho tops, dresses and skirts, you'll end up browsing the site for hours (guilty). I was sent this Moon Tunic ($136) in the Muami Sunset print, and it's one of my fav ways to brighten up my wardrobe and put a lil' pep in my step because shouldn't our wardrobe be more FUN? I know mine could stand to be! Honestly, I tried wearing it with cutoffs like the models in the photos, but just felt silly (err, and my legs a littttttle more Pure Barre. and a tan). So, I've found leather leggings are my fav way to style it if I'm not wearing flare jeans. But I'm not kidding you when I say there are zillions of tunics (and kimonos! and dresses!), I would just die to wear on the Show Me Your MuMu site. 

And can you believe this necklace is Avon? Yes! They sent me this Modern Multi-Chain necklace from their fall collection, and I can't get over how on trend it is! I love to wear it with a simple tee to dress things up. And, of course, my Rebecca Minkoff Knocked Up diaper bag will forever be on my arm...filled to the brim. I can't tell you what a lifesaver.

There's no real Trimdown Thursday update this week because I've been fluctuating a couple pounds here and there. One day the scale declared my GOAL weight, but I'm not counting it because it hasn't stayed consistent yet. I'm just watching what I eat and continuing to get in some exercise so that that scale will stay on the post-baby number and I can finally declare it via this blog and on my Weight Watchers weight tracker. So, so close!! And whew. Can I say this body's glad this was the last baby?! =)

P.S. Did I tell you I took baby L. to get this hair shown here blown out last week? She's an angel baby! But the salon trip? Major fail. Not sure what had her bugging that day but she was not herself, without a single smile and major tears. Sigh. Someday she'll love the beauty salon. Some day. But next time I might just have to do my cut solo...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: How To Make Your Own Baby Food

Hi! I'm a new mom and I make my own baby food. I've always wanted to say that because I've always wanted to be one of those. You know, those domestic mamas. Those who cook, clean and sew their own baby clothes all while toting their tot in a handy carrier...and breastfeeding on the side. Well, I can't say I do all of that (and honestly I'm ok with that), but...I do make some of baby L's puréed food now with my new Baby Brezza I was sent and I'm so excited. Because I know what I'm making and that it's good for her! It's also just a tad bit fun... and I can already tell cheaper! (Makes a ton of food from just one veggie!) 

Honestly getting started was the hardest part because the silly thing had been siting on my kitchen counter for a couple months before I even touched it. I had to wash the parts first, and then (finally!) this weekend I attempted using it. I think I was a little intimidated by the whole process, but you know what? Now that I've used it I know it's WAY easy! 

I started very simple so have just puréed sweet potatoes and apples alone. Next I'm going to get fancier and combine things using the recipe booklet included. I also learned I need to add spices like cinnamon in order for baby L not to make a funny (!) sour face. Oh, but it was great. She loved my sweet potatoes and that in itself made me so happy! 
I store all of the food in these cute little silicone pods by Dr. Brown that I bought at Marshall's. They can be frozen this way and contain about a serving. They can also go in the dishwasher and microwave...yay! 

You just fill the steam hole at the back with water...put your chopped up food in the bowl and hit the steam & blend button for however long you need...that's it! I also like to add a touch of water to the bowl to make sure it's extra soft since she doesn't have any teeth yet and has just started solids. I usually steam & blend for 15-20 minutes. The coolest part is after you hit the button it automatically switches from steam to blend FOR you and then it beeps when done (so don't do it during nap time!). You can also steam only or blend only. 

Now I'm just looking for things I can make. I never thought I'd fall in love with a food processor, but looks like I have! My new weekend hobby when I'm not shoe shopping, perhaps. :)

P.S. Don't get me wrong, I still love using organic food pouches as much as the next girl (especially when we're on the go), but so glad this machine saves me some money and from darting out to the store every third day. ;) 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Rebecca Gayheart Chic in Plaid Sanctuary

I'm all kinds of glad that plaid has come out to play this fall. I mean, isn't everyone?! It's something a celebrity like Rebecca Gayheart can wear to her daughter's soccer game and we can totally recreate it back home (they're just like us!). 

I'm love, love, loving this blue one she wore by Sanctuary. It's the Nevermind Tunic available for just $89 at Bloomingdales. The longer length is just great and I'm loving the cute check pattern...my fav actually. She wore hers with jeans, but I wouldn't mind pairing it with faux leather leggings (my go-to right now...hello, they have an elastic waist!). 

Sanctuary is a brand I've been wearing a lot of lately. Spring was about their mint zipper skinnies (wore them to pieces)...fall is about black and white! Stay tuned next week for a style post featuring some of the latest fall pieces from Sanctuary...I think you'll love, too!! 

[Photo Credit: Zimbio]

I Woke Up Like This

This is so random, but this week I discovered something groundbreaking. And when the beauty gods send something earth-shattering that makes you giggle into ridiculous I-can't-believe-this-is-working-so-well fits, well then, girlfriends, we must share. 

Neal's Yard is heaven sent from above when it comes to organic beauty (because what other kind is there, right? Treat your skin like the rest of your body, please and thank you.). I own a good chunk of the product line-up, and when I toss samples to friends here and there, I must admit my Neal's Yard stays tucked away in my beauty cabinet (it only appears here for photos...shhhh). The stuff is good. 

So I just happened upon a tip the brand retweeted on Twitter this week from InStyle about the White Tea Facial Mist and I thought ohhhh yeah, I think I own that! Since I've been pregnant and nursing, I've been watching what skincare I use (I mean, hardly using anything), but I'm finally getting a little bit back into the game. So, of course, NY is one I feel safe applying. The tip?

Wake up with puffy, puffy bags under your eyes. Close them. Spray this magic mist all over them (dab here and there the excess, if needed). Voila! Your eyes are majorly perked up and transformed to human status. (That's all we're asking here, right?) We totally woke up like this, right?! 

I can't believe I've lived without using the White Tea Facial Mist for so long. It's a complete must for me now, and it takes two seconds. This is the number one beauty problem I have (at the moment...they evolve, folks), so I highly rec it for those of you who get very little sleep...or if you're like me and barely take a 15-minute nap and wake up with swollen undereyes. I can no longer panic and begin frantically massaging (as I've done). I've totally got this in the bag (err, bottle?) now. Shhh...the secret is ours.

Gonna need that facial mask now...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Why Can't I Be Supermom?

Lately I've been feeling a little down. Nothing major, but just slightly off. It's funny because after baby I was so worried the "baby blues" (ugh do I hate that stupid term) would hit me. And it didn't. With the first baby, it certainly did...and it lingered for quite awhile. But this time was so different...squeal? 

I did try to mentally prepare myself the second time around, and I knew what to expect. No, the house wouldn't be cleaned for months...in fact, it wouldn't ever look the same again. I would be home alone with a baby all the time, and that might get tiring...annoying...lonely. It's ok...I could deal. (And I have little C this time, so things definitely have been less lonely.) 

So far I've nursed baby L at least three months longer than little C, so for the most part my hormones have been even as can be. Until they haven't been. What. Has. Happened. This. Week. 

Baby L is a great baby. She nurses well, doesn't fuss too much, eats her veggies, and even wears those huge silly bows I adorn her with without much of a fuss. She sleeps in her crib pretty darn well, waking once at night right now. (Which is way better than the every three hours she did for ages.) She hasn't had a single ear infection (knock on wood) and barely a cold. 

Lately though she hasn't been napping very well. She will sleep on a stroller ride. Problem? She falls asleep on the last lap, ending my walk at 1 hour and 20 minutes. Le sigh. Slightly tiring when you've had all of six hours of sleep, but alas...pretty sure I've lost the baby weight. She's a major car napper. Problem? I find myself taking the easy way with this option and spending entirely too much on gas, wondering if certain neighborhoods I drive through have a stalker warrant out for my arrest yet. And...I don't get a nap myself. So, there's that. I will nap with her when I can, but...she's been incredibly hard to go to sleep lately. And even when I rock her in my arms and try to put her down for a crib nap. She's not having it. And here sets the stage for my feelings of incompetence.

Why can't I be supermom?!

You've read countless articles and posts about how it's ok to let things go...we can't be supermom. Or...how mom X learned to just be herself and embrace her carefree life and falalalala. She's such a better person now! Or mom Z stopped yelling and life is perfect now. 

This is my problem. I can't let anything go. When baby L won't eat...I think it's my fault. When I can't get her in her crib, I feel, well, like a failure. I know I'm not, but I always feel that way. I'm always falling short of being the perfect mother...and if anyone dare calls me out for not having crumbs picked up or not having the front porch painted or not having my skirt drag the ground (seriously, it's happened), it's all over for me. It's grating on my need to be perfect, and falling short. 

Yes, I understand no one is perfect. There is no supermom, duh. But how do I get these feelings to go away? How do I let someone tell me you're not doing that correctly and just shrug it off? How do I run out of time on my blog because I have a cranky baby and just say no big deal, I'll do it another day. Or what if I'm too tired to do a single thing more for the evening. How do I tell myself that's ok, without feeling guilty? As I write this, I feel guilty because there is laundry that needs folded. 

I know most of these things can be changed with my mindset. Think happy thoughts, one of baby L's shirts reads. But after having a baby all day long to myself and a preschooler who is very temperamental these days, how do I change my mindset? Sounds so easy, but it's not. 

Call me a hippie, but I had my placenta saved and encapsulated after baby L was born. I took the pills for the first month after she was born and saw lots of benefits. My milk came in quickly, my skin seemed fresh and most of all my mood was good a lot of the time. I still have some that I never took, and I plan to take some this week to test it out and see if they lift my spirits just a bit and maybe regulate my hormones ever so slightly. I'm surprised it's hit me at eight months out, but I guess hormones are a tricky thing. 

I'll let you know how it all goes, but tell me. What has been your experience with your mood after birth, and how long afterwards did it change on you?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Eva Mendes for New York and Company is So Hot for Holiday

Hold up. We're gearing up for the holidays soon (at least this ultra planner of a Virgo is) and I might wanna live in this black sequin jumpsuit. K? Yes, even if I only have one party this season, I shall wear it to the PTA meeting (ok, kidding). 

But I really do heart it to pieces, and can you guess who makes it? Eva Mendes! It's her holiday collection for New York and Company...wow, right? The collection is pretty large, and while obviously the entire thing isn't my style, there is something for every fashion lover, and these here are my favs. Sequins are, in fact, my fav fashion moment of the holidays. Always. 
This gold dress is a def winner in the look-at-me category. It says I look like a million bucks, but only spent a few. And there's certainly no shame in looking major and not spending it all in one place. After all, you have to save room for the accessories, ahem. You'll wanna scoop up a few gold bracelets from this collection because they're to die for. Add them and you'll look instantly glam. (And you'll have extra money to spend on shoes! Wink.) 

P.S. Look at that. I wrote that whole post without a Ryan Gosling mention. Did I mention I met him as a teen when he was on The Mickey Mouse Club? (Ok, sorry. Had to.) Happy weekend, chicks! Xoxo 

[Photos Courtesty Paul Wilmot]

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Stuart Weitzman Raises Money For Charity

This week's style post is on hiatus (sorry!) because honestly it rained and truthfully I'm getting my hair done, so duh I'll just take the next shot then. Wink. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I love (love) a designer who cares about others in need, particularly kiddos. So when I saw shoe designer Stuart Weitzman is raising money for children in need with its very own Baby Buggy Collection, I knew I had to share. 

Baby Buggy is a nonprofit founded by Jessica Seinfeld. You've probably seen it on here previously because I think it's a great cause. It provides families in need with all the essentials. For a limited time, the Baby Buggy boot collection will be available online at StuartWeitzman.com and in stores. 

The collection includes three boots named after Jessica's children: Sascha, Shepherd and Jules (the latter being my nickname, so I must have, right?!). Jules ($515) is the moto ankle boot and isn't. it. lovely. I love the rugged luxe look so much! It comes in four rich colors, so obviously I'm squealing here. 

Sascha is a thigh-high slouchy number I'd really love to come visit my shoe closet. Such suede goodness! It's a cool $785, all in the name of charity. Or the Sheperd is $695 and a gorgeous and trendy over-the-knee lace-up (combat!) boot. I can't even. Gimme gimme. 

In the name of shoes, please spend your money to help needy children now!
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