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Friday, October 31, 2014

Why I Need Beats By Dre Headphones

I have these weird things that I like to collect. Ok, shoes, duh. But I also find myself collecting things I don't even really need multiple pairs of (ok, fine. I don't really need 100 pairs of shoes, but who's counting?). And I have way too many pairs of jeans. But, lately I'm slightly obsessed with collecting headphones. Insert huge bashful face here.

I own several pairs of very nice ones, so the next pair to my collection will obviously need to be one from Beats By Dre. I mean, did you see the Marc Jacobs show last month? All of the guests were given a pair in their seats to jam to the looks as they waltzed down the runway. Would've. Paid. Money. For. That. It doesn't get chicer, really. I feel like these are the headphones of the fashion set, for sure.

There are several different versions, so the prices vary, but I found a beautiful purple pair on sale at Walmart for just $189.99...seriously whoa. They're normally almost $300, so gifting family members, start your engines. Wink. 

Why do I need them? Well, for one they're noise-canceling and the heavens know I need that on a road trip. Seriously, when little C used to cry in the car, I'd put in my ear buds to drown it out because I'd get so anxious (I was the passenger, duh). But besides that, I'm such a music freak and I can't imagine the quality of my tunes on this. Taylor Swift on volume 25, please. Kidding. Sorta. 

Psst...oh yeah, and Happy Halloween! If you're into that kinda thing. Xoxo 

Disclaimer: I was compensated via Walmart.com for this post, but all opinions are def my own. Happy gift giving. ;) 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Ello Love

Ello love. Words can't describe how much I love this little tee sent from online shop Kate and James. Squeal!! It's been so hot down south, I've been desperately searching for things in her closet that aren't too wintery since she's pretty much grown out of her summer clothing. 

This Alternative tee is one of the comfiest pieces she owns, and I honestly wish I would buy her more things like this. D looked in her closet the other day and said, "well, I was going to get her dressed, but all she has are dresses!" Don't get me wrong, dresses are the comfiest thing, and so sweet on a little girl. But I'm finding out this tee is so versatile. She can wear it with animal-print sweats...cat leggings (she giggles at our cat, by the way)...even just a diaper? Ha. (But really Honest diapers are the cutest!) 

This is a 6-12 month size and one of their new tees for fall. Scoop one up for just $20! 

Bye-bye loves...

P.S. For the most in sweet baby cheek goodness, follow me @iheartheels on Instagram. 

Whiny Wednesday: She's Scooting!

Would ya look at those baby legs?! No, really. She's wearing a product called Baby Legs. :) In the I Heart Heels household of beautiful, yet very hard hardwood floors, our babies have been raised on these amazingly cute and handy legwarmers. Besides being cute, they're a must!

So when Baby Legs offered to send baby L frilly and pink designs (I think little C's had soccer balls?), we were squealing. Anything to encourage her to crawl! Although I'm not totally ready for the mobility, I sort of am ready not to hold her or carry her in the baby carrier every second of the day. Blush. She can sit for awhile playing on a soft blanket for awhile, but I always have to put pillows around her or she'll thump backwards. And that just cannot happen! So...

She's started to scoot around on the floor with the help of her Baby Legs. Problem? She scoots backwards! Gotta love it. It's been too long, but I think this is how little C got his start. He didn't crawl much at all. At 10 months, he was walking! I don't see baby L walking in just two more months, but she might surprise us!

At least when she does she'll be cute doing it, right? The top two styles here are the BabyScoot that have extra cushioning on the knee juuuuust for scooting a la baby L. They're only $12 and one size. But I also love the striped ones shown on bottom because they're organic! BabyLegs has come a long way in their options...so many patterns and styles, you'll def need a pair for your lil' crawler (err, scooter?). Next on my list? The Piccolini Pink style because we ❤️ NY. 

Bye for now...gotta go catch baby...

P.S. That last photo is just her touching my pink shoes. They're her fav. ;)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cara Delevingne Celebrates My Burberry at Sephora in NYC

It's moments like these I miss living in New York...being able to just dash down the street to see a famous model, or take my lunch break to attend an event because I could hop the subway and be there in no time. Amazing what you can do in NY on a single lunch break, really. And some days I miss it, truly. 

Last week Cara Delevingne was at Sephora in New York City’s Meatpacking District to celebrate the launch of Burberry’s My Burberry fragrance, where customers had the opportunity to meet and be photographed with her, as the face of the My Burberry campaign. 

I think Cara looks stunning here (I also love her recent work for DKNY). Lucky enough for you, I've got the complete rundown on the products used for this gorgeous glow. I'm now convinced I need Burberry all along my countertop now!

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base - Nude Radiance No.01-$48
Burberry Sheer Concealer - $40
Burberry Light Glow - Rose Blush No.03 - $42
NEW Burberry Sheer Nude Powder - Porcelain No.11 - $45

Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow - Dark Sable No.23 - $29
Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow - Gold Trench No.04 - $29
NEW Burberry Effortless Kohl Eyeliner - Pale Grape No.04 - $29
NEW Burberry Effortless Kohl Eyeliner - Jet Black No.01 - $29
NEW Buberry Bold Lash Mascara - $29
NEW Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer - Sepia No.02 - $33

Burberry Lip Definer - Rosewood No.07 - $30
Buberry Lip Cover - Delicate Rose No.22 - $33

[Photos Courtesy Burberry]

Swooning over Heels and Polka Dots

I fall in love with shoes quickly. When I see one that makes my heart flutter and breath short, I begin dreaming up outfits to go with them, and I know it's the one. Pink and frilly and peeptoe all describe a shoe I wouldn't mind joining my closet. After all, Kate Middleton owns a pair. They must be completely lovely? These are the Agata heels in pink rose by L.K.Bennett (a fav brand of Kate's...and they do heels so well) and she recently wore them in London. Be still my beating heart. How perf do they look peeking out from a high slit? But they could easily be worn on us non-royals. Buy me a pair and I'll show you? 
Anything cute as a cupcake wins my heart (especially now that I've got a chubby 8-month-old live baby doll in my house...wink.), so I'm squealing over all things polka dot lately. Reese Witherspoon loves the L.K.Bennett Nina clutch as much as I do. Swoon. She recently carried it out in L.A. It's $295, but the cost per wear is priceless (aka I'd never let it leave my hands.). 

Air kisses for now...xoxo 

[Photos Courtesy L.K.Bennett]

Sunday, October 26, 2014

HomeGoods Store Opening!

This weekend, HomeGoods opened (in Little Rock) about 10 minutes away from me. Alert...alert. I'm in total danger! I mean, of course my first loves have always been TJMaxx and Marshalls, but the older I get (and more domestic? Yikes.), the more I get really, realllllly excited over a gilded mirror or faux fur throw. I'm telling you, it's a darn good thing our air conditioner went out this weekend or I would've spent my entire paycheck at this store in one day. 

Friday was the store preview, and I was lucky enough to be invited (and sent a gift card) by HomeGoods. It's my mom's fav store, so bless her soul for keeping little C while I shopped with my friend. I bought frames and toys...my friend bought cake stands (lots of them)...love her, but we're not the same people. :)

So we divided and conquered and met back in the middle...where I found new gold polka-dot wrapping paper, to be precise. I scooped up awesome eco-friendly toys by Green Toys and Hape for the baby, and found a really cool tent for little C. But perhaps my fav finds were two picture frames that were just $17 each. I placed one with the two kids in the living room above the TV, and the other in baby L's nursery. It matches perfectly, and I'm so thrilled. I've been meaning to frame her newborn photo since, well, March. Blush. 

So, basically this store is amazing and has so many things I love. Next on my list is a big framed chalkboard for the kitchen for $40, and I wouldn't mind new funky pillows and a soft, fuzzy blanket for the living room. But, alas. I'm trying to be practical here and buy what I need with the holidays approaching. (Not to mention, both kiddos have winter birthdays!) I know I'll be back shopping all the time, and there will always be something I want. That's just how it works, right? :) Here's the rundown from my trip this weekend...I only spent $100!

Two gorgeous large picture frames 
A kids play tent 
A baby book with sounds
Baby wooden blocks 
Kids head lamp 
Baby stacker 
Gold polka-dot wrapping paper (can be used for Christmas and birthday!)

There are so many amazing deals, you need to visit your local HomeGoods if you haven't already! 

P.S. I methodically planned out my outfit, and although the event wasn't dressy at all, I'm glad I at least changed out of my yoga pants. I saw about 20 people I know, no joke. (Pilates teacher...little C's teachers...) Mama always told me to go out as if I'll always see someone, even to the post office. ;)

Oh, and come back tomorrow to see more of how I'm using my Amika hair wand...was pressed for time last night! Xoxo 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

How To Wear: The Fancy Sweatshirt

This weather right now is a little tricky, so I decided to put together a couple of looks using the floral embroidered sweatshirt (Lotus Swet) that arrived this week from Sanctuary. In a nutshell, I adore. (it's quilted!) Dress it up or dress it down...it's the best.
This fall, it's all about as much black as you can find in your closet, so this girl here is alllll about that! This is a great fancy sweatshirt for work or play and you can dress it down or up, as I've done here. It's also amazing for this in-between weather right now because it's not too thick, and you can mix it with pieces that transition with the weather. (Bonus points: baby L is fascinated with the white flowers on this piece!)
Another closet staple? A pair of amazing black pants, and these by Sanctuary truly are. They have a wide leg and I feel like they make my legs look extra long (which I could use!). And don't forget wearing an all-black silhouette just makes you look that much thinner (but if you don't think I do, please don't tell me, k?). I'm topping every, single outfit lately with a black fedora. I bought this one for $5 at Charming Charlie a couple of years ago, but this season they are extra on-trend, so you scoop one up because they totally transform an outfit, and keep your noggin' warm! Props also to the Swarovski team for sending over the sparkly Stardust bracelet I can't take off lately. It's truly gorgeous and my latest go-to accessory.

But when I want to dress for our cold in the morning/hot in the afternoon weather down south, I wear my floral Sanctuary sweatshirt with a pair of (vegan) leather shorts (these are BLANKNYC and they're final sale right now!) and my new Nine West boots I scored at DSW. (they're major comfy and they even zip over my larger calves...although I'm banking on the fact that I've been going to Pure Barre as the reason they zip!) I also bought this plaid jacket at Target over the weekend and am obsessed. Plaid is rad this fall, and this jacket even has a hood! So fun. 

P.S. If you've been following my Trimdown Thursdays, just so you know, I'm still logging my post-baby weight until the actual number hits the scale. I've hit it several times, but want to be consistent before I declare that I MADE IT. :) But, ya know, I'm there give or take. Whew. Watch this space for a change of columns soon...exciting things!

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