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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Accessory to Own: Olivia Palermo's Chic Sunnies

These are the sunnies Olivia Palermo wore to the Chloe and Viktor & Rolf spring fashion shows in Paris this weekend. They're the Wintermute (with mirrored lenses, duh) by Westward Leaning ($180) and they're just perf, just like OP herself. 

The classic wayfarer style has always been one of my personal favs; it's beyond comfy and it works with every outfit from now until the end of eternity. I mean, who doesn't want a pair of sunnies you can practically be BFFs with? (You don't have to worry about gaining or losing weight, either, which is why I *always* invest in a fav pair.) 

Olivia wore these with a black and white windowpane plaid dress and then with an all-black ensemble that included killer over-the-knee black boots. The WL sunnies were the icing on the cake to her amazing looks all weekend long. 

Of course, the only thing I forgot when I was in NY earlier this month visiting fashion show myself (oh, the glam life) was my sunnies (who does that, right?) and I never got around to getting a new pair. Because I need another pair. I really do. The mirrored lenses are so beautifully subtle and they just look so sturdy and take charge. I like that in my sunglasses, thanks. (And psst... I kinda wanna be just like Olivia. Girl does know her stuff. WWOW...What Would Olivia Wear...)

[Photo courtesy Westward Leaning]

Monday, September 29, 2014

This Weekend's Benefit & Birchbox Beauty Bash

Yesterday I played makeup party with my friends. No, really. It's kinda one of my fav parts of beauty blogging, I must admit. Receive fun new products from companies like Birchbox and Benefit, then have a fun party with friends and give away lots of goodies. There's honestly nothing that makes me happier than to give my friends (that includes you!) free things. And when ya have BFFs (aka wing women, as Benefit called this weekend National Wing Women Weekend) who would give their left stiletto for a new supply of They're Real mascara, ya know, it kinda sorta made them squeal a bit. We bonded over beauty at this beauty bash, gals, and I'm so glad everyone was able to take home a bag of goodies, courtesy of my friends at Birchbox/Benefit. 

And what's a better excuse to catch up with friends you haven't seen in awhile than free makeup, yes? I think Benefit said it best with "laughter is the best cosmetic." That and their new Push-Up Liner! 

Wish I had goodies for you all, but alas, I promise a giveaway very soon! It's been too long...mwah. Xoxo 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Trimdown Thursday: Casual Mix

Let's get this straight, I just don't feel comfortable reintroducing my "how I wore my heels" column for at least a few more months. Why? I'm a mom to a 7-month-old (and an almost 5-year-old), so obviously I'm not running around in my stilettos at the moment. And I say at the moment because I will be back in them before you know it, but it's not my lifestyle right now and I don't wanna be fake about it. (Fake is a huge pet peeve of mine, chicks.) Don't get me wrong, I'm not "sacrificing style" for the sake of being a new mom (eye roll)...you won't see me wearing Converse day in and out (although I do love my Chucks some days)...a great wedge is my BFF, for sure. But, I'm also mixing in sneaker wedges...ballet flats...slip-ons...and these amazing new Chooka rainboots. Ah, yes, it's fall! I'm excited to once again wear tall boots (pumpkin patch season...squeal!), and that includes these. 

I bought this sweatshirt dress while in New York a few weeks ago, and heavens if Zara wasn't two blocks from our hotel. If you notice everything on instagram is tagged with Zara, that's my fault. Blush. I went a tad bit nutso. This dress is pretty sweeeeeet. It's so comfy, and it's actually one of those items that caught my eye as I was just about to leave the store. I wear it with every, single kind of shoe there is, no joke, and I'm thrilled these rainboots coordinate so well. They're the Top Solid style from Chooka and I love them because they have an adjustable strap for those of us with larger calves (although I have to say, I didn't even have to adjust them...must be all that Pure Barre!). 

Speaking of barre, I'm planning on getting back to it this weekend when they host a free class along with free Benefit makeup (ummm, sign me up?!). Funny I'm also hosting a Benefit Beauty Bash involving my closest friends (aka wing women) and lotsa mascara, so watch for photos on instagram. 

As far as my diet goes, my birthday was this week, so I've been eating out wayyyy too much and I must get rid of this ice cream cake in my freezer. I'm not gonna lie, I haven't lost these last five pounds yet, but after reintroducing exercise a little bit this week, I'm gonna find some good juices at Whole Foods and kick this thing back into gear. Maybe next week will be the big final reveal? ;) 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light

I knew come fall season, we would be traveling a bit. Now that baby L is almost eight months old, and the weather is delightful...annnnd it's football season, it's time to travel to the northwest corner of our state to see our in-laws (and, of course, the Razorbacks play). 

With little C, we traveled with a very large and heavy pack 'n' play that has since been consigned because we knew we'd never wanna use it again. It was the hardest, most terrible thing and to think he would ever sleep it, looking back, was sorta unrealistic. And I'm sorry I put him through it! 

So when we received a sample of the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light, I admit I was skeptical. Another uncomfy play pen? But no way, mamas. This travel crib will be your heaven. You. Will. Adore. Mark my word...we tried it out just this past weekend! I was so pleased I had to tell you immediately. baby L took two different naps in it, both over an hour (and she usually only naps 30 minutes! Maybe we'll nap in this at home?! Ha.). She slept most of the night in it as well. 

The set-up and teardown is so, so easy and the folding legs make it easy to fold up and put in your trunk (it comes with a bag with a handle, too.). It's so easy I set it up in two seconds all by myself one night. The mattress plops right in, and has a super-soft organic sheet (sold separately). And that's the key: the mattress is actually comfy. Waaaaay better than the hard pack 'n' play we had with little C. 

And because the sides are mesh, you don't have to worry about baby rolling into it. The height is great because it's so short that you can easily put baby down, and even stand there and pat a bit. The crib is a great travel crib because it's so portable and lightweight. It's not heavy at all!

At around $250, it's not cheap, but well worth the investment. You'll use it as a travel crib, but also a play pen. Until they're three! Such a smart buy. (And you can buy it on Amazon, where you'll notice hundreds of excellent reviews from moms like me. That, to me, is a testament to how good this crib really is.) 

Whiny Wednesday: Nursing Challenges

I still have quite a few product reviews I'm very excited to tell you about (a new pack 'n' play and a baby food processor, hello), but there have been so many things happening lately (did you read last week's post?), that I'm still trying to catch you up on my crazy life. I like busy, but can life please slow down just a tad? Please and thank you. 

So...after the crazy month of August, I decided once things settled a bit, it was a good idea to have my ear canals irrigated at the family doctor. I've done this in the past because I guess my canals are just small and every few years I start to have trouble hearing - and it's uncomfortable. So I thought before New York, it would be nice to have clean ears. Gross, I know. I also didn't want to get on an airplane with ear issues because been there, done that in 2011 just before I went to New Orleans. Could barely hear a thing the whole trip. 

So minus the one time I said "ouch," I got them irrigated, and moved on. Until a week later when my right ear was sore. I decided to go in because it was two days before my flight. I got in the day before I left. I had an inner ear infection. Ugh. The doc put me on an antibiotic, and it was actually great timing because I was going to pump in NY anyway. (Although it was a nursing-safe antibiotic, so it was still ok.) 

My whole trip, my ear hurt, but towards the end it started to get better. Until I got on the plan to head back. Once we landed, it felt miserable. Back to the doc I went and I got ear drops and a referral to the ENT. I also got a steroid shot (umm miracle shot), so had to begin pumping again. The ENT gave me stronger ear drops and told me I also had an outer ear infection. I had to use the drops for two weeks (which is today.) Sigh. I would need to pump and dump, according to the doctors. 

So I did for almost a week. I was actually down to pumping once a day at one point, vowing to just give up. My supply had dropped from being in NY. How could I keep going? I called the lactation consultant who had helped me through my low supply at three months. She looked up everything I was taking in her book and found it not necessary to pump, but told me to keep going. So encouraging. I started pumping more and more until one morning I decided to try to nurse again. I was so nervous but she latched on like a complete pro, and I've since noticed no drop at all in my milk supply! Such a relief. 

I just knew at only seven months, it didn't feel right to give up. And I certainly wasn't going to let the nurse who scratched my ear during the irrigation be the dictator of my abrupt nursing end. I worked too hard! Nursing is not easy and she wasn't going to take away my hard work and special bond I had going. 

Nursing definitely has its ups and downs, but sticking with it has been so worth it to me. I love the bond between me and baby L early in the morning and just before bedtime. I'm nursing three to four times a day now (versus almost exclusively before I left for NY), and I wouldn't have it any other way. There are so many benefits, but mostly it just felt right to keep going. As a mom, we all know if what we're doing is the right thing for our babies. It's instinct. And so far we're going to continue this nursing thing another month and see. 

Tell me. Did you ever hit any major roadblocks in your nursing journey?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Best Part of Jessica Simpson's Wedding Day, From Her Stylist Nicole Chavez

I keep meaning to post this, so forgive my post-birthday 33-year-old self (I'm so old...eye roll). So much has gone on lately and this happened just before I left for New York. (Insert hair flip.) Jessica Simpson was recently married, yes? Well I recently got the inside deets from her stylist and BFF Nicole Chavez. LOVE. Her. She was a bridesmaid and let me know all the behind-the-scenes details about the big, nothing but beautiful, day. Including the shoes...squeal! 

What the day was like for Nicole
Jess and I have been friends for years. I most definitely wore waterproof mascara. I'm very close with all the bridesmaids, so it was such an honor styling each one of my friends.

What it was like searching for the perfect wardrobe (and shoes!) for both Jess and friends
Jessica and I spent a lot of time hand-selecting each gown for each bridesmaid. We searched runway, in stores, online and even custom made a gown for one of the girls. Jessica and I worked with her collection team to design a custom heel and flat for each of the girls.

What Nicole will always remember about the day
Just before the wedding, there was a moment when all the girls were dressed and being photographed. To step back and see the all girls in their individual gowns surrounding Jessica, I was overwhelmed. It was such a labor of love and to have brought Jessica's vision to life, I felt a great sense of accomplishment. It was a truly magical day.

Monday, September 22, 2014

It's My Birthday: Let's Enjoy a Good Shoe Book

I'm really taking today "off" from the blog in honor of my birthday, gals. (Can you guess how young I am today?!) But I thought I'd mention this adorable coloring book I was sent: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes: A Delightful Book of Imaginary Footwear for Coloring, Decorating, and Dreaming ($12.99). 

Here's a little info on it: 
Legendary designer Seymour Chwast and award-winning book designer Carol Chu collaborated to create a charming, super-cool coloring book featuring more than 100 original shoe designs to color and create. Paired with quotes from philosophers, rock stars, designers, and other taste makers, these shoes give visual life to some words of wisdom. Seymour Chwast, one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century, is founder of the world-famous Push Pin Studios, where he has created a style that is synonymous with the most creative and progressive aspects of graphic art and design. This book, with an introduction by New York Times "Visuals" columnist Steven Heller, encourages fashionistas of all ages to let their imaginations soar. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes pushes design to where it should go: to the unknown, to the new, and the daring. It's what high fashion is truly all about.

I'm so, so excited to celebrate another year of life...healthy, happy and one lucky girl! I'm really counting my blessings these days, and I'm so excited to bring up another lil' shoe lover shown here. It's genetic. :) 
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