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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Whiny Wednesdays: Is It Really Peanut Allergies?

Kids and allergies. Where do I start? If you're a mom of a household of allergies, including yourself like me, you know. It can be overwhelming. What's more, what happens when you aren't quite sure of the allergy? Yep, allergies have been taunting us for years.

little C. has always had seasonal allergies just like his mama, but when we found out last winter he might have a peanut allergy, I nearly fainted. If you know me, you know I'm already a worry-wart, so the peanut allergy sent me into overdrive. How would we make it through life?

I was confused and mad and scared and all of the emotions, if ya will. I immediately got an Epi Pen, Benedryl and researched like crazy. I even found these Mabel's Labels allergy stickers that are just perfect! Because besides peanuts, he tested positive for soy. Let me tell you, the past 9 months of grocery shopping have been not so glorious, to put it lightly. (I don't agree with soy anyway because it's a dirty ingredient no matter how you look at it, but finding things without on purpose for the sake of your child's health can prove to be extremely daunting since it's in everything. And that's a shame.)

So to move the story along quickly, we had him retested. Always have everything retested, folks.

He may or may not have an actual peanut allergy now that we have further results back - and he doesn't have soy at all! I couldn't believe it when I got the call. I actually almost started crying at the office. 

So what's next? A scary food challenge that I'm not excited about and that we have to wait practically a year to do. The worry-wart in me is already shaking to pieces, but it's the only way for us to truly know and maybe (finally) we can rest at ease knowing there's nothing wrong. Fingers crossed.

For now, I'll stick with these cute lil' customized allergy stickers (that I'm going to have revised - oh, and these are mock ones...his name is def not Sam) and relish in the fact that we might have good news before long.

Tell me. Have you had any allergy tests done with your kids? Aren't these stickers an amazing idea?!

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post (nor am I a doctor). Mabel's Labels sent us these labels for review purposes. All opinions are my own. So genius.

Whiny Wednesdays: New School Year, New Shoes

A new school year calls for new fancy shoes, yes? Nothing makes little L. happier than new kicks - what can I say, she gets it from her mama. And I'm pretty sure her daycare teachers get the biggest kick (pun intended) out of her footwear attire each day (we like to rotate). I mean, don't they know she's a future blogger? Wink.

New Balance is our fav brand for those days where we know we're gonna be active. (ok, where they are gonna be active - not we. I sit at a desk.) Of course, I love her fancy cat shoes or chic gladiator sandals, but you just can't beat a good pair of sneakers for that rough-and-tumble play on the playground (well, squealing and bouncing up and down at the top of the slide, anyway).

This fall, New Balance sent us several styles to try out (many her age have laces now, and as pretty as they are, I saved those for home and the daycare teachers should thank me). These purple ones with Velcro are the standouts of the bunch. They're gorgeous (purple is her fav color), but also functional. She really loves running around in them because they're so comfortable. They don't rub at all, and slide right on because the top completely raises up to get her foot inside. No trying to "squeeze" them in with these - I always hate that! They Velcro on both sides (and it's a sturdy Velcro, so she can't take them off easily, bwahaha). And, of course, they truly bring out her fashion-loving personality.

His favs are these blue ones because they're so classic - and he can tie his shoe now! I was super proud of him last year in kindergarten when he won the shoe-tying contest in his class (insert proud mom moment here). These New Balance sneakers are just gorgeous and I love how this brand seems to last forever. Little boys need lots of sneakers for how rough they can get (or is it just mine? nope, didn't think so.), so I can't wait for an entire year of these cute shoes.

See you on the playground, mamas?
Here are some of the other styles for fall we love!

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post. New Balance sent sneakers to us for testing and the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. What a hit!

Whiny Wednesdays: cute & comfy favorites

Oh, Kickee Pants, how we adore you. I can count on one hand the brands both of my kids want to absolutely live in and Kickee Pants is right up there at the top. Love. it.

These are the moments I wish you could see their whole faces because when they smile, their eyes really show how happy there are! I've been putting little L. in these bamboo-soft and slinky pieces since she was born and felt like she was cooing at me in thanks the minute I slipped the onesie on her. I reached for her little Kickee Pants onesies again...and again. And you know what? I still have a dress she wore at 12 months that she now wears as a "tunic." The fabric is so slinky and forgiving they can practically live in the closet forever! And do a child's pose? :)

Here she's wearing the basic short-sleeve Swing Dress (with keyhole and button closure, in Lotus). This dress is a popular silhouette from the line and I know why. It's just perfect - so easy on both mama and little L. It pops right on and off and is adorable with little ruffles. Can I let you in on a secret though? We use it as a nightgown! Eek. She wore it to bed one night and after that she was hooked - I can hardly get her in anything else. And I don't blame her - can they make adult sizes, please? But rest assured, this little dress is perfect for daytime play, inclduing tea parties and big birthday events.

I didn't even know they made "big kid" sizes until the other day - little C. is ecstatic! (I didn't know they made training pants and crib sheets either, and this, friends, is life-changing.) Sizes go up to 10 years, and that's amazing. That means little C. has a few more years left wearing his fav Kickee Pants like this pajama set.

He's always been very tactile, so he can't get enough of his new viscose and bamboo pajamas. (During the summer before school started, it was pretty much his stay-at-home uniform. Ahhhh...the life!)

Tell me...have you tried Kickee Pants? Do you love like we do?

P.S. Stay tuned for another review of, drumroll, their matching long-sleeve Kickee Pants PJs as it gets cooler outside!

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation for this post. Pieces were provided to me via Kickee Pants for testing and the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. Gosh, I adore it.

Monday, August 22, 2016

How I Wore My Heels: Stripes & Brights

Still trying to deny that summer's almost over. But, I must admit that I am loving the slightly milder air already. I'm ready to get outside and breathe the fresh air! 

I'm really looking forward to the changes of this year and the new season - fall fashion? Yes, please. But for now I'm holding onto these brights and lightweight fabrics as long as I can, anticipating at the same time the ushering in of faux fur, leather leggings and suede moto jackets (squeal). 

It's always tricky trying to mix prints (and colors), but I love the way the blue and yellow contrast with each other, and the stripes and animal print are just right

Pencil skirts are a great silhouette for any season, and while I'll put this Blaque Labelyellow skirt away for fall, I definitely plan on putting my black ones on rotation pretty soon. One of my fav brands for style and comfort is LNA (which happens to be this lightweight sweater), and I love wearing this piece with flared jeans and skirts. 

Finding new ways to wear things in the closet is always the most fun part about owning pieces you truly love. I'm trying to be more thoughtful in my shopping these days to scout out these things I know I can wear several ways.

Tell me, what's your favorite piece in your closet? What will you be buying for fall in just a few weeks!? 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Perfect Sneakers...What? I Said It.

Have you ever stared at a pair of sneakers and wondered why? How? How could you possibly like it? I swear to you that the athletic shoe trend has totally stepped up the game in fashion. I mean, not on the same level as high heels, obvi, but on a whole new level.

Take the Kenneth Cole Kam sneakers, for instance. Olivia Palermo has been spotted not once, but three times, in them. Looking at these sneakers, I insisted upon first glance I hated them. Nope, couldn't do it.

Then, it happened. The more I looked at them and the more I Googled Olivia Palermo and her outfits wearing them (you know, as perfectly as she does), the more I had. to. have. these shoes.

I mean, seriously though. They're elegant. They have a chic metallic stripe on the back. And they go with anything. Anything.

Especially that new black sweatshirt dress I own. Now if I could just convince my boss they're office approp...

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Whiny Wednesdays: Back to School Backpack

Both of my kids headed back to school this week - and by school for her, I mean daycare. Womp.

While I still cringe at the thought of sending her every day, it's been really good for her. She's developed so many social skills over the past year, and loves being around other kids. I can def attribute that to daycare, even though I'd much rather the nine hours a day she spends with someone be with me (as exhausted as it used to make me). But life works in ways we can't always plan and we have to think that everything happens for a reason!

So, I promised you I would share a few of our fav things for heading back to school this year, and by far it has to be this Miss Mouse backpack from Dabbawalla. I mean....squeal a hundred times!!


This line from their Web site says it all for me: "crafted from a revolutionary material that is degradable, recyclable and 100% toxic free, with zero lead, BPA-free, and no phthalates or PVC." I mean, who wouldn't love a cute backpack with these qualities, right?

There are a lot of really cute ones (including this cat!), and Miss Mouse is actually on sale now! It's only $32 and, of course, you can personalize it for extra. The size of these bags is great for daycare and preschool because it's "just right." And promise you they look brand new after ages of wear and tear (must be that eco-friendliness in play).

Function, too? Oh, yes. It has a top handle, and easily adjustable straps that actually adjust from the inside. It's pretty nifty.


little C. had a Dabbawalla when he was little, and I'm pretty much obsessed at this point. Be sure to check out the site for your fav pattern, and the matching lunch bag, too!

Happy back to school. It's going to be a GREAT year...I can feel it.

P.S. If you're wondering about little C getting some love, rest assured, he wouldn't budge from his former backpack. What can I say, he loves his routines like his mama.

[Disclaimer: I received no compsensation for this post. Dabbawalla sent us the backpack in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. Loves it.]

Whiny Wednesdays: Nom Nom

Despite little L's expression (omigosh, she has so many of them at two, y'all), we are all so excited to head back to school this these cute-as-a-button lunch boxes. (Thank you, Zoli!) little C. has been obsessed with this brand (ok, it's partly me, too) since he was born. 

True story. I searched high and low for the perfect lunchbox this year because this is an extremely important component of back to school. I mean, they use it every day! And it's something they need to love since they carry it. I love how the design on the Zoli Nom Nom is subtle, yet they can pick their fav colors to express themselves. (And they hate to admit it, but they kinda love having the same lunchbox this year.)
The reason why none of the others I found made the cut? They had nasty chemicals all over. Who really wants to eat from that, seriously. Zoli is both PVC and lead free - thank goodness. It's also insulated with a divider on the inside. I love it because instead of wide, it's tall. Which always feels like there is more room and it's easier to organize, especially with the drink situation. 

The exterior is canvas and I've actually washed it in the past and had luck with it coming clean (just make sure you don't wait too long to wash or will be too late). These cuties come in 5 colors and are $24 on zoli-inc.com. I promise you if you're looking for something functional, durable, cute and chemical-free, these are the best. 

Keep reading the next few weeks on all of our back to school picks!

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