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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Whiny Wednesday: Our Favorite Sunscreens of the Summer

As you know, we're headed to the beach incredibly soon - EEK. So naturally with a family full of light-headed babies, we must talk sunscreen. When I'm packing every summer for our annual trip, it's one of the first things I list in my Google Doc (bwahaha, yes, I've started packing with a Google Doc - don't make fun of me!). Honestly, it's next to diapers. It's that essential.

We always get super excited to test out the best of the best sunscreens. I always refer to the EWG list of the safest ones when I'm choosing them for my littles (and me, for that matter - I've definitely had skin cancer removed in the past). I look for the green ratings, which are 0-2 and lowest hazard. Anything red - stay away! 

It seems like every year Badger Balm is on the good list, and it's no wonder. It's amazing! We use the Kids Sunscreen Cream SPF30 ($15.99) religiously because it's simple, safe and effective. In essence, it's a mineral zinc oxide formula with no chemicals (there are only SIX ingredients!) - it's 100-percent certified natural and 95-percent certified organic. It's water and sweat-resistant for 40 minutes, and it even contains lightly-fragranced tangerine and vanilla essentials oils with a sunflower oil base (that are all hypoallergenic). The kids honestly love it and I even use it on me.

Our other summer favorite (and I'm sure I will use it again and again now that we've tried) is Thinkbaby Safe Sunscreen SPF 50+ ($12.99). little L loves this stuff (and so do I!). Funny enough it's the same exact formula as the kids' version they sell, with only the packaging that's different. So if you have older kids like I do, you can use the same bottle (just don't let kiddo see "baby" on it! Wink.). This sunscreen has been top rated by EWG since 2010 and was the first to pass Whole Foods Premium Care Requirements (and I live there, so...).

Thinkbaby actually lasts an entire 80 minutes (and I've definitely tested it out at the pool and it works), and although it applies white like all other formulas of this nature, it absorbs well and before you know it, it's no big deal. And I'm pretty sure the raspberry and cranberry oils in it are what make me go completely gaga over the light scent. It's truly amazing!

If you're headed to the pool, the beach or just outside in general this summer, you absolutely cannot beat these two sunscreens! On a scale of 10 hearts, we give them a true 10. No one has had a single sunburn!

P.S. I'll be at the beach, so we'll just see how much posting I get done next week. More than likely I'll be updating you on the fun with the sweet little things in a couple of weeks! Don't forget about me - and follow along on instagram and Twitter @iheartheels! xoxo

Disclaimer: Sunscreens were sent as samples for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. No compensation was provided for this post.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How I Wore My Heels: Military Vest

I won't lie - I have beach vacation fever. Completely. I've already packed my goods and I'm seriously ready to go. Since I started working right around this time last year, this will be my first vacay in a year - and it's much needed! A lot has changed this past year, and it will be so nice to escape for a week with the kids and just relax (well, when I'm not changing diapers and chasing little C. in the sand - I think I can handle that.).

Since I've been in total summer beach mode, I've been gravitating towards a lot of brights lately. (I kinda sorta went on a Lilly Pulitzer spending spree the other day. More on that later.) I've featured this skirt before, but it's such a favorite. I'm in love with lime green, in particular, as of late, and this skirt just so happens to pair perfectly with a tank I already owned. Isn't that nuts?! Love it when that happens.

But perhaps my favorite piece that contrasts nicely with brights (and so many other things) is this army green military vest. Such a closet staple. I thought I hated it after I bought it several years ago - turns out it's the perfect layering piece to a tank and skirt or even a tee and jeans. And I get so many compliments on it.

Naturally, I own a pair of highlighter green pumps from the Prabal Gurung Target collab many moons ago, and they're still one my very favorite go-to's in the shoe closet.

I'm so ready to get out of town in my brights, it's not even funny! But keep checking back here all month because I plan to keep posting all my favorite things. Wink.

[tank: cynthia rowley at marshall's; skirt: j.crew; shoes: target; handbag: botkier]

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Whiny Wednesdays: See Kai Run Shoe Sale

Little L. has quite literally been wearing her See Kai Run metallic gladiators all summer long - they are amazing for daycare. The girl has an entire closet full of shoes (she gets it from her mama), but I find myself reaching for these shoes nearly every day because they're just so easy - and they've lasted several months so far (I sized up since they have a back on them, and we were able to get even more wear out of them!)

See Kai Run is having a huge sale right now with with select summer styles at 60-percent off...squeal! This includes, sneakers, sandals, water-friendly runners, Mary Janes and trainers. From one shoe-loving mama to the next, I just had to let you know. It ends tomorrow, so hurry!!

[Photo courtesy See Kai Run]

Whiny Wednesdays: Lil' Trunks for My Little

It's amazing how much my little L. is growing up. First, a tiny baby L., grown into a little and eventually she'll just be my...well, L. Of course she'll always be my little L. (my baby L., for what it's worth) I can already see the special bond that mothers have with their daughters and I feel so lucky to be able to experience it. It is the sweetest. She can be the cutest, most adorable little button with the softest sweetest side. And then she turns around with spunk and sass and I'm like, hey. Yes, I love that. It can be a bit much for me at times when I'm handling both kids (happens to all moms, right?), but it's going to serve her well in life, for sure.

So, she's about to hit the halfway mark between 2 and 3 and I'm getting a little sappy about it all. After all, she's my last little one and it makes it harder to get rid of her things. This little rocking bunny will probably stay in her room as long as she wants it. Her entire room is still as it looked when she came home from the hospital - crib and all. She's my little L, but I find myself telling her to be a big girl, yet secretly longing for her to be my baby L. just a little bit longer. Sob.

She got rid of her pacifier this month and that's one huge milestone. Potty training is definitely on the agenda, but it's not looking great right now. I think it's just another excuse for me to hold on to my "baby" in her sweet little lamb diapers a bit longer. Rock her to sleep? Yep, still do. Kiss her one zillion times until she can't stop giggling? That, too. 

Mamas, did you feel this way about your last?

One more thing...
If you love to dress your little in sweet dresses like moi, I've discovered Lil' Trunks. It's a brand out of California and they make the most amazing "bright and bold" play dresses, bubbles and rompers in baby and toddler sizes. In fact, this Hot Pink Swirls dress was $65 and it's now $18. You have to go scoop this up - and find more on sale! These knit dresses go from playgrounds to parties!

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this post. I did receive this dress in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own. We looooove this dress! Can you tell?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ivyrevel Steals My Heart

What makes fashion?

I love that anyone can answer this question with something different at any given moment. 

I'm in love with fashion. What I'm most in love with is how you can take something and make it your own - just by the way you style it. It can be high end or low end - colorful or muted. I most often find that my favorite pieces are those I had a huge question mark about at first glance. Something that made me that's interesting. It's that standout piece that you can pair with basic black or the basic black (hello, backpack love of my life) that you can pair with another standout piece. Enter Ivyrevel

Clean silhouettes are always modern and great. Add something flashy and you have a fashion moment waiting to happen. Like the gold tassel earrings here that are only $67.90, mind you. These are stellar and I squeal at the thought of them. And while I heart every piece on this page, the quilted cruiser jacket is so me. I'd be all over wearing this with a tiny black skirt or LBD. 

And now I'm digging more into this brand because, well, look at it. It's hot.

P.S. This brand is a pioneering digital fashion brand that just began in April. It's supported by H&M Group, PayPal and selected influential business giants within digital technology. Way cool. Look it up.

[photos courtesy ivy revel]

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Whiny Wednesdays: Honest Food, Clear Labeling

Exciting news for extreme yogurt eaters like my family! Dannon is listening to us. Yep, you read that right. 

Top-selling brands from the company will now include non-GMO ingredients. What's more is they are also developing a supply of non-GMO feed for their cows. Wow! That's going the extra mile and I'm so excited they're taking such responsibility in a world where there is honestly just so much "junk food." I want my yogurt to be the very best it can be!

Dannon is the first national yogurt company to make these important changes, and I highly commend them. By the end of next year, the company will also clearly label anything that does happen to have GMO ingredients. I mean, I don't know about you, but I like knowing what I'm getting into when it's going in my body. Right? I appreciate this new labeling and transparency and it shows the company really cares. 

Non-GMO ingredients are so key in how we need to move forward in our food industry. This is a huge step in the right direction. I mean, don't you want to know what you're putting in your body - and don't you want it to be the absolute best?  If you have kids, you know exactly what I mean. We want what's best for ourselves, but I think we take it the extra mile with our kids! 

This new change will affect Dannon, Oikos and Danimals products. These are the three flagship brands and make up about 50-percent of the company's sales. So how does Dannon feel about this exciting news?

"We believe the currently-approved GMOs are safe. However, we believe there is growing consumer preference for non-GMO ingredients in the U.S. and we want to use the strong relationships we have with our farmer partners to move faster to provide products that address this consumer demand." -- Dannon

You've gotta love a company that stands by what their customers want, right?

I also love how transparent Dannon is being with the new labels that will include anything that does happen to have a GMO ingredient. It's just nice to not have worry about the company being shady - you know what you're getting if choose as a customer to go GMO or not. 

They now source all of their milk from farms they know, and they're the first of the leading national yogurt makers to embrace this practice. By the end of this month, 90-percent of Dannon's direct milk supply will come from farms that are Validus Certified, which means we can all easily identify that these Dannon products will meet animal welfare, environmental and food safety criteria.

I appreciate all of these efforts by Dannon to listen to their customers and to make things right. It's not good enough for companies to sit back and forget about the food changes we need. Thank you, Dannon, for being our advocate. We'll be stocking up on soooo much yogurt!

This post contains content sponsored by The Dannon Company Inc. The opinions expressed in my post are my own. For more information on Dannon's move toward sustainable agriculture, naturality and transparency, and non-gmo ingredients visit www.dannonpledge.com and www.dannon.com/ingredients. 

Sun Safety the Chic Way

Pool day...squeal! I'm so excited it's summer I can hardly stand it. The fact that we have a pool always makes summer that much sweeter (pun intended). Look! I got one of those cute lil' donut floats I've been wanting since last summer (and I may or may not also have a gigantic white swan that almost takes up the whole pool...oops!). 

If you can't tell, I'm obsessed with all things pink, so when UnderCover WaterWear offered to send me this adorable rashguard I couldn't resist. I'm completely fair-skinned at heart, so I have no shame in covering up when it comes to being outside in the water. In fact, I'll definitely be taking this on our beach trip this month. I've had skin cancer in the past, and that means I'm at a larger risk for developing it in the future. I don't wanna take any chances. I also want to be youthful as long as I can. Did you know that 80-percent of premature skin aging is from the sun. Crazy.

UnderCover WaterWear makes the most adorable pieces - from tops like this one to full dresses and skirts, which is great for the little ones. There are tons of patterns and colors, but I'm pretty sure the stripes mixed with pink had me at hello! Everything from this line is made from a special Lycra and Spandex swim fabric and it's chlorine-proof, non-clingy in the water and has UPF 50+ protect from the harmful UV rays. Can I also mention it's all made in the USA?

I hope you had a really fun, extra-long weekend and I'm so happy to see you back here! Here's to another chic week... air kisses xoxo

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