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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Poms Poms Are My Thing

If you haven't noticed, pom poms are everywhere this summer. And I sorta adore it. It's the equivalent of having your first birthday party every, single day and I just can't stand the cuteness. It's on sandals...hats...bags...

I stumbled across this pretty little thing from Erin Dana. This woven beach pouch is $85 and you can even monogram it...squeal! The brand has lots of colors, but I especially love the pop of bright blue for summer.

It's the perfect way to bring your fav little goodies down to the beach - sunglasses, credit cards and sunscreen. Or...if you're like me, you'll want to carry it with everything you wear, too. Going to get ice cream in your cover-up, don't forget your pom pom pouch! So fun, and so on trend. Everyone's doing it, y'all...

[photo courtesy Erin Dana]

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Whiny Wednesday: Sweet Stripes

Gosh, I just love dressing little L. up in sweet little summertime dresses. It's the absolute best! But not fancy dresses. Zutano has the ultimate dresses that really almost feel like play attire to me - in a dress! Everything is knit and so soft (and washable!) - and it helps that they come in really cute colors and patterns and real people can actually afford it. No, really.

Sometimes I dress her for church in these and then she literally stays in it all day, playing and happy. And I definitely don't mind sending her to daycare in them, either. Of course, she wears shorts and tees like any other toddler, but there's something adorable about a summer dress. Ya know?

She's officially a spunky little girl these days and getting into everything, by the way. What melts my heart is when she holds her big brother's hand to cross the street or wants to say good morning to him when she wakes up. As much as they have their sibling squabbles (oh man, they do), you can tell she really adores him and I hope they can be good friends as they get older. With the 4-year age gap it's a little difficult right now, but it gets easier every day. I think she's growing on him just a little bit.

And I certainly do treasure these moments of little when I can dress her up like a little baby doll. Because I know prettttttty soon she's going to have a say-so. But I'm also pretty sure she would pick a Zutano dress in a heartbeat. Wink. I've brought her up well. 

Hope all you mamas are enjoying the start of this hot summer with your kiddos...stay cool! xoxo

Disclaimer: There was no compensation for this post. I did receive this dress from Zutano in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. Best brand ever!

Monday, June 20, 2016

How I Wore My Heels: Really Love a Romper

I'm thrilled for summer, really I am. Nothing gets me more invigorated than some good ol' Vitamin D. Oh, well, and an amazing romper. These days there are so many to choose from, it's hard to know which one is flattering. Am I right?

I personally like to shy away from crazy prints and go with a solid like well, um, black? Deep black, light black, shaded black, distressed black, textured black, I really don't care. Black is my fav color of all time for clothing because it's so classic and trust me when I say you will never be disappointed in a clothing purchase of black. Never.

This Gianni Bini romper is great because it's a bit more stylized and slightly dressy because it has texture and even slight draping at the front to make it the perfect romper you can wear throughout the day, but also out at night (not that I have, ummmm mom life here...blush). 

Rachel Zoe (the stylist love of my life) sent an email a few months back about pieces you can't wear once you're 30. (?!?!?!?) And this is one of the times I disagree with her on something. (And, oops, I'm telling my age.) Of course, jumpsuits can be super flattering for those a little older, but in your 30s you should still be able to enjoy a good, stylish romper like this one. WHY NOT?!

The key here with the shoes is a nice, subdued wedge rather than a higher heel (you don't want to convey anything other than great style, if you know what I mean). I'd even allow a flat with the length of these shorts during the day (I know, gasp). Choosing shoes is an important task (always), so whatever you choose, make it wise. These are by French Connection and the comfiest. 

Hope you all have a chic week! xoxo

Friday, June 17, 2016

Stuart Weitzman Has Me Craving Fall Shoes

Happy Fri-YAY, everyone! I know it's been a bit (blush), but guess what? I'm having a littttttle bit of technical difficulty with my iPhoto (ok, I'm stressing about just a bit - I could lose my photos, what?!), so I thought I'd write about shoes today to calm myself the heck down. Who doesn't love a good shoe post on a Friday anyway.

While I adore spring/summer lovelies, fall/winter shoes just can't be beat. They are the grandmama of them all. And since Stuart Weitzman decided to pair up with (no pun intended) model Gigi Hadid, I had to share. Like, now. For the 10th year, it was shot by famed photographer Mario Testino and that's pretty amazing.

I'm super excited for this collection - and these ads. This black-and-white campaign channels strength and motion and was inspired by Gigi's own workout routine. Metallic boots. Slouchy boots (yes, please). Boots that make you look longer and leaner. And the famous Nudist high heel with mink adorning it. What a great update to this classic shoe for fall! If that doesn't get you excited on a Friday, what will?! It doesn't get any better than this.

I hope to return to more posts next week if I can get technology to cooperate. Until then, have a happy weekend! xoxo

[Photos Courtesy Stuart Weitzman]

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Beauty Talk with Dina Manzo

I know a ton of you are definitely fans of the (former...tears!) Housewife Dina Manzo. (I won't lie, I can't help myself...eek!) So when I heard chic mom Dina was breaking through into the beloved beauty industry with her Glow by Dina line (made by practicing board-certified dermatologists), I couldn't wait to talk to her. Of course I asked my burning questions and the rest is history. Read below on all of the inside scoop straight from DM:

I Heart Heels: What's your personal favorite from your skincare line-up and why?
Dina Manzo: I love the serum because it's so clean and light that you can easily wear it under moisturizer and makeup. The Vitamin C pellets pop on your face releasing a refreshing scent that's so yummy! 

IHH: Have you always had great skin? Did you ever go through a rough patch as a teen? 
DM: I struggled with acne most of my young adult life. It wasn't until I started working for a beauty supply that I started to study the do's and dont's of skin care. 

IHH: Are there are other lifestyle choices you make as well to get your amazing, glowing skin?
DM: Absolutely. The key to glowing skin is a combination of what you put in your body, what you apply on your skin, and how well you manage your stress levels. 

IHH: How important to you was making the skincare for sensitive skin?
DM: Very important. I have such sensitive skin that I know the struggle and love hearing our glow stories on how people with sensitive skin finally found a product they can use. 

IHH: What's one product that works for someone trying to get good skin fast, for an upcoming event, for example?
DM: Glow by Dina will always give you that great base for beautiful glowing skin, but Manuka honey is my go-to natural face mask that will give you a little extra brightness. 

IHH: We've heard Teresa is a fan. Will you send any other celebrities your skincare to try? 
DM: I've sent to some of the other girls (including Jacqueline and Melissa) and they all love it! 

Editor's Note: Glow by Dina is made from non-harsh, non-toxic ingredients, isn't expensive and 10-percent of the proceeds goes to Project Ladybug. What's more to love??

[photos courtesy Skin Resource MD]

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Whiny Wednesdays: Dealing with Mom Guilt

Where did time go? Really. It was just last summer (and I know because she makes me watch the videos on my phone over and over!) that she was just trying to get her little bottom up off the floor to walk a few steps across the floor. She wasn't saying anything but mama and now she can say just about anything (it's a good thing I just squeal when stub my toe).

little L. has now been in daycare a full 10 months, and while many kids at her age have been even longer, it still seems like an eternity to me. I long for those days I had with little C. where we could show up at the bookstore every Friday and play trains in our ripped jeans (for different reasons) - and to cuddle on the couch with the iPad. Being a second child, it's different anyway. little L. doesn't know any different, so I tell myself it's ok. 
Mom guilt. It's the worst, isn't it? You feel like you can never give enough. And that transition from stay-at-home-mom to working mom is a mixture of #girlboss, #runtheworld, #supermom, #youvegotthis and #momfail #sotired #sobusy and just plain...yep, #momguilt. 

It's important for my kids to see me being me and not just mom, and that some day they will go out into the world and do things they love, too. Every mom is special - from those who stay at home to those who work. And I'm glad I've been able to experience both. It truly is rewarding at the end of the day to know how hard I've worked for my little family, and then to snuggle on the couch before bedtime. 

Tell me, mamas. How do you deal with mom guilt?

P.S. This cute little summer outfit (butterfly top; striped dancing skirt) was sent by Zutano and I'm in love. I was so surprised by how soft the tee is - it's not just any tee! And everyone needs a little yellow to brighten things up, right?

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post. This outfit was sent by Zutano in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own. By the way, look how fast she is these days!
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