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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Forevermark's HOLDMYHANDFOREVER Campaign

Le sigh. Another event invite come and gone. It's probably a good thing I'm not located in New York or I'd have worn myself out by now. I think the fashion and beauty industries have an event every other night. This one was to celebrate the launch of Forevermark's #HOLDMYHANDFOREVER social project. 

The exhibit was unveiled at a party at the Highline and is now open to the public. Celebrities like model Coco Rocha, Kelly Bensimon and Kevin and Danielle Jonas stopped by looking so sweet. 

In an exhibition curated by Wendy Perron, author of Through the Eyes of a Dancer and former editor-in-chief of Dance Magazine, the project features dance artists who are partners on and offstage in photographic stories that illustrate their personal and artistic interpretations of holding hands. The featured artists include: Tiler Peck and Robert Fairchild (principals at New York City Ballet), photographed by Matthew Karas; postmodern icons David Gordon and Valda Setterfield, photographed by Paula Court; New York City’s premier hip-hop couple Kwikstep and Rokafella, photographed by Julieta Cervantes; and Kirven Douthit-Boyd and Antonio Douthit-Boyd (leading dancers with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater), photographed by Matthew Karas.

Forevermark’s #HoldMyHandForever social media project leads up to the 2014 Holiday Season, a time when promises are particularly relevant. Rediscover the powerful gesture of holding hands and the promise that it symbolizes in your own relationships by sharing your images and stories using the hashtag #HoldMyHandForever.

Such a sweet idea, yes?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Whiny Wednesday: All the Pretty Horses

Those pants though. Just call her Miss Fancypants. Go ahead and tell me this girl has a wardrobe too big for her size, because I know it. Having a baby girl is as much fun as I ever imagined. If ever there was a little girl who loved her dolls and dress-up, it was me. I adored my Cabbage Patch dolls more than anything (I still remember many of their names) and loved taking care of them. So, I guess even though for awhile I never considered myself even having kids (!), I always had it in me a bit. Dressing baby L each morning is very similar to how I would dress my babies as a little girl. :)

Macaroon Kids is a gorgeous shop based in Australia full of handmade and very whimsical children's clothing. I was super excited to receive these Pretty Horses harem pants from them to try on baby L. It was fate that they match her striped cardigan already in her closet. (Psst...there is a dress in the shop in this print, too!)

Sizing on these runs from 6-12 months to 3 years (keep in mind, they're handmade so every pair is different, but I do think they run on the smaller size if you're babe is in between) and these can be pre-ordered now. It's a new, fun print you're sure to love. Baby L gets compliments on them everywhere she goes. As you know, we have a minor obsession with baby harem pants and these are really a standout in the collection. Thank you, Macaroon Kids, for keeping baby L so chic in her pretty horses!

Whiny Wednesday: Little Miss Bronte

If there's one thing I want baby L to show interest in, it's books. After all, reading is just so fundamental. Sure, she'll develop a bad habit for reading silly fashion magazines and tabloids like her mother some day (kinda hope she doesn't?), but I really want to instill in her the classics. Baby Lit makes reading at baby's age more fun. It is the cutest way possible that I've seen classic literature made fun for toddlers...hey, even babies. 

Of course right now baby L has no idea what I'm reading to her, and honestly would rather taste her literature, but even showing her the pictures and the different colors is great for her learning and pretty soon she'll be asking for more and more. That's what excites me! Getting kiddos excited about reading. I'm convinced because my family read to little C so much as a baby, that's why he's such an amazing reader to this day (that and genes...wink.). He's reading above anyone else in his preschool class and his teacher is sending home books just for his level. Love it! I'm amazed every day by what he can read. 

We started reading Jane Eyre with baby L because it uses numbers (1 Governess, etc), and well, it's my all-time fav. Blush. What an adorable way to present counting! Now lately baby L has been reading Alice in Wonderland and Romeo & Juliet, which also present cute photos (think rabbits and kisses...swoon) with counting. It will be a little while before we crack open Goodnight Mr Darcy but I'm thrilled and can't wait. Jane Austen and her Mr Darcy character make this arts major swoon. (Check out the I Heart Darcy tote bag in the Baby Lit shop!) The adaption here for kids is just genius! 

Little Miss Bronte Giveaway Time!
In partnership with Baby Lit, I'm giving away books for your babe...squeal! The giveaway includes the Little Miss Bronte pack of the Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights books and Jane Eyre buttons (obvi for older toddlers). To enter, just comment below with your fav classic book! I'll choose a winner at random next week just before Thanksgiving...good luck!! 

Whiny Wednesday: My First Melissas {Squeal}

Oh my goodness gracious Geeeee. Would ya look at these, mamas? I'm hiding my eyes because I can't stand the cuteness. These are quite possibly the cutest tiny shoes I've laid eyes on right up next to my Manolos. Can you sense from my tone the crazy squeals I'm letting out over these sweet things? Because I ammmm. Mini Melissa has THE most adorable baby girl shoes (uh, even big girl shoes) on the planet for your mini me. So when I saw these I thought I'd post and maybe *some* one in family might see just before the holidays? Wink.

Baby L needs "My First Melissas" like she needs fruits and vegetables. I mean, they're a must in this future fashion blogger slash shoe lover's closet, right? The big bow says it all. I'm sweet...and my mama has good taste in shoes. These. Are. Stellar. 

Look at that little peeptoe!!! Pick me up off the floor. Too much. 

P.S. And since these are the infamous Melissa brand, these plastic beauties probably smell so, so good. Bonus. 

[Photos Courtesy Melissa]

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Author Maya Sloan Reveals What It's Like Working with Kendall & KylieJenner

If you know me by now, you know I loooove a great Q&A. Today's Q&A excites me more than most because it's with a lovely friend of mine. One I had actually lost touch with once she moved away to the big city! I've known award-winning author Maya Sloan since my beach wedding, and couldn't stop squealing when I heard the news she was the ghostwriter of Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia, the book by Kendall and Kylie Jenner, published this past June. 

So, of course, Maya, being the awesome, fun-loving free spirit she is (she calls me HON and I love it!), agreed to let me in on some of time spent with the Jenner sisters. And keep reading to see what she says about her next book client...juicy! Can't. Wait. Congrats a mil, Maya, and thanks for the Q&A. Hon!

I Heart Heels: How did you get involved with the Jenner girls? 
Maya Sloan: The project came to me through the publishing company Simon & Schuster. I’d already done several books for them, both my own novel and co-author/ghostwriting projects. When I heard the Jenner sisters were doing a sci-fi dystopian book, I got excited!  

The obvious choice for them would be a book about two young reality stars, the fashion world, Hollywood teenagers…instead, they chose something completely unexpected. That choice alone made me love Kylie and Kendall right away. They are their own people, with their own unique voices. It's easy to put labels on those in the public eye, but I found them to be their own people…both were charming, funny and fiercely opinionated. They were meeting with several writers, and I was one of them. I guess I passed the test and got the gig. 

"I found them to be their own people…both were charming, funny and fiercely opinionated." -- author Maya Sloan, on Kylie and Kendall Jenner
IHH: You attended fashion week with the sisters. Was it hysteria being with them throughout it? 
MS: Before meeting the girls, I truly knew nothing about the [fashion] industry. I admired the innovation and artistry of great designers, but never imagined I’d see a show…and seriously, it was a blast. I saw Kylie walk in Abbey Dawn, looking totally badass rocker chick in spiked leather and hanging garters. Then I saw Kendall in Michael Kuluva Tumbler and Tipsy, which was a wild show. This was before Kendall really broke out as a model, but you could already see that’s where she was headed. She’s got an innate elegance to her. Then my husband and I saw them both in Sherri Hill at Trump Tower. Hardcore sparkles, princess dresses. Watching them stride down the runway holding hands…they were so cute together.  I couldn’t help but cheer for them, which, I now know, is not runway protocol. Everyone is supposed to look jaded and unimpressed at fashion shows, right?  And there I am, catcalling. And Kylie kind of chuckles under her breath…I’m sure no one saw it but me. 

Afterwards she said, “Maya, that was you who was yelling, right?” And I’m all embarrassed, saying, “Yeah, sorry about that.” And she just flashes this grin and says, “No, it was great!” 

IHH: How long did it take to write Rebels with them...and what was going through your head when you landed the offer. 
MS: It took two years. And yeah, it was…surreal. To say the least. Especially since I was supposed to be a silent ghostwriter and then my name was released. My brother emailed and said, “Have you Googled yourself lately?” I did and was on the Web two million times. I thought, “Well, things are going to be different now. Better get used to it.”

IHH: Did you ever travel to L.A. to meet the girls or were meetings in NY? What's Kris like?
MS: I saw the girls many times in NY and there was a lot of Skyping. Kris wasn’t really involved…it was all Kylie and Kendall. But I did get to meet her and Bruce on separate occasions. Her skin was amazing. Flawless. I couldn’t stop staring at her and wondering if she actually had pores.

IHH: Will you continue to talk to the Jenner girls after the book frenzy dies down?
MS: Already have…seen both of them, and their manager several times. I’m really fond of them...can’t believe how much they’ve grown up in the time I’ve known them. I’ve really seen them evolve from teenagers into strong young women.

IHH: What do you think of selfies? 
MS: Wish I was better at them! Think it takes practice. And knowing your good angles. Not that it matters much for a writer. No one cares what we look like (I’m thankful for that!). 

IHH: In your past life, you were a (celebrity) nanny, yes?
MS: Yes, I was a celebrity nanny...years ago! I babysat for Harrison Ford’s grandson Ethan, Joel Coen and Francis McDormand's son Pedro, Jose Canseco's daughter Josie…a bunch of others. But the family I stayed with for many years were George and Ann Lopez. Unfortunately, they aren’t together now…but they were the best Hollywood has to offer. They treated me like family. I’m eternally grateful to them. And their daughter, Mayan…she was just the most creative, exceptional little girl in the universe. 

IHH: Any hints at all on your next (juicy) client. Celebrity?! 
MS: I’m sworn to secrecy!  But yes, it is a celebrity...and double yes to the juicy part!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Channeling My Inner Hollywood Vixen

It's the last week of my Amika hair wand series. I've shown you three different curl looks the past three weeks, using my handy dandy wand. This week I used the Hollywood Vixen 1" barrel for some pretty natural looking waves. This is the barrel that actually comes with the Switch Kit and if you want the other three (which I highly rec, they're $30 each). 

Again, I washed and dried my hair before I turned on the Amika and it was ready in seconds. (Obviously keep this away from kiddos because it gets hot quick!) I've been under the weather this weekend and actually just arrived back home from a quick weekend trip, so honestly I could've been more patient here in the drying my hair part. Blush. When I went to curl it some of the strands were still damp and that can make a world of difference in curls, girls. 

But alas, I'm still happy with this look I got and will use it again (see below for "next day" hair!). After trying out all four barrels, I have to say the 1.5" Supermodel Allure and 1" Beach Bombshell were my favs. If you've been wanting to try a hair wand, I def rec this one! There's a barrel for every hair type and mood. It's so good, beauty gals!

Hope you all have a good week and lotsa air kisses...xoxo 

P.S. I'll be choosing the shoe giveaway winner today!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Bionda Castana: "It" Shoe Label of the Moment

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to the European luxury shoe label Bionda Castana ("Blonde Brunette" in Italian). I immediately fell in love. So, I visited the showroom in Soho while in New York and met up with co-founder and designer Natalia Barbieri (shown left...Jennifer Portman is also co-founder and designer, shown right.). Natalia is as gorgeous as her shoes and kindly walked me through her collection, allowing me to photograph them and really study them for the blog. (I was too timid at the time and honestly too crazed from fashion week to ask to try on a pair, but next time I think it's a must, yes?) 

So when I recently learned that celebrities have been going nuts over the brand's shoes, I sorta squealed with delight. You like to see small brands "make" it and you like to support those who work hard, but also make time for even the most minute bloggers (blush). Or I know I like to see that, anyway. So, I'm thrilled to include this QA today with Natalia that outlines all my burning questions on the label, including who she wants to see wear them next! I hope you enjoy...and tell me which is your fav. 

I Heart Heels: So many celebrities have worn the Lana heel lately. It's just lovely! Why do you think they gravitate towards this style so much?

Natalia Barbieri: Lana is our take on the classic single sole pump and is reflective of our love of architecture and art. This particular shape and style is very on trend. It's not ‘plain’ yet works in the same capacity as a ‘plain’ pump would with added cool. The shoe is easily worn with any outfit and is available in every color of the rainbow. Also, the fabrication of the style is popular because it's breathable. When wearing heels, our feet naturally swell, but the soft mesh at the front of the toes keeps our feet comfortable and this style doesn’t rub in the same way a leather-lined pump would.
IHH: Being a smaller shoe label, how hard is it to keep up with the competition? It seems you're doing it very well. 
NB: The challenge is always, and will always be, how can we make the next collection better than the one before, what can we do in between seasons to keep the fire burning and how else can we tell our story while still keeping it in line with the brand values (be it through fashion film, collaborations with artists, etc.). There is a lot of competition out there. But it’s all creatively brilliant and exciting. 

IHH: What's your own personal fav from the fall collection? 
NB: I personally live in the DEKOTA bi-color bootie. It works with absolutely everything in my wardrobe and is perhaps the most comfortable shoe I’ve owned, EVER.

IHH: Working with shoes must be a dream job! (I mean, we think so.) What are some pros and cons of the job.  
NB: Working with your best friend is the ultimate pro. A con is not having a lot of spare time - but I guess everyone can say the same thing. 

IHH: Which celebrities do you want to see wearing Bionda Castana next?  
NB: Diane Kruger, Jessica Chastain and BeyoncĂ©.

IHH: What are some of the details on your shoes that make then stand out from other shoe labels? 
NB: We work with bold prints, but that are still tasteful and wearable. Also, our use of transparency is a signature of ours. It’s the aesthetic of the brand, it’s not something we come up with per season. It just is.

IHH: Who is the Bionda Castana girl? 
NB: She's cool, confident and elegant in a non-traditional way. Not trying too hard, yet cuts a striking figure.
[Photos Courtesy Bionda Castana]

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