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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Pretty in Pink (Polka Dots!)

I mean, look at the adorableness of this outfit. Major swoons coming from moi. I showed you my new spring Matilda Jane outfit on Monday, and this is baby L's. Stop it, right? I'm gonna make a polka-dot lover outta this girl!

She's wearing the On the Spot cardigan ($50) (or as we like to say around here...cardi) and the Pink Roses Big Ruffles pants ($38). 

I can't get enough of this playful pink and white sweater...it's just perfect. And in the future, I plan to style it unbuttoned with a tee under it. Over the past year, I've actually found a great cardi to be an absolute closet staple for her because she can throw it on over everything! 

And the pants are such a statement piece, yes? Perfect for spring!
Anytime we go out lately, I put her in this outfit because it's perfect for the still-chilly weather we're having. And everyone in the grocery store just goes nuts over it! I don't blame them one bit. ;)

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Erin Fetherston Gives Us Chic Elegance for Fall


While I was sad to miss fashion week last month (ok, really sad, but not terribly sad to miss the zero-degree temps while wearing stilettos), I'm super-glad I had M. (of the p town girls) there to help me cover this show...one of my all-time favorites. Erin Fetherston is the best. Love her! Not only is she doll-like perfection herself (that's her in the bottom photo), but her collections are always pieces I would totally wear right off the runway. (um, in my dreams, perhaps!)

So M. took this exclusive video from her seat at the show, and I curated some of my fav looks from the fall collection, my fav being the first look below of lacy goodness. Look at that high neck...swoon! The entire collection was such sophisticated magic. I loved the mix of classic, girly and dramatic (I mean, look at those last numbers!). 

The dresses are gorgeous, but I love the separates even more. The crop top with the a-line skirt is so flattering and the mix of amazing fabrics like silk, organza and jacquard just sweetens the deal. I love the woodland-inspired palette of mossy green, poinsettia red, blackberry, and saffron. They completely add warmth to a collection grounded in ebony and ivory. I'm a solids girl at heart, but can't help but fall in love with the beautiful prints and embroideries of this fantastic collection. Now...gimme that crop top and floral skirt, like, now.

[Photos Courtesy Seventh House]

Monday, March 2, 2015

Motivation Monday: Comfy Casual in Matilda Jane

Ok, so it's not exactly activewear, but I like to call it my supermom attire because I can do anything in a comfy outfit like this. I definitely feel motivated and like I can do everything on a dreaded Monday when I'm comfortable. Because when I'm not in my heels (or wedges, these days with baby), I'm on the go a lot toting the kids around to preschool and appointments and on errands to the store. 

When Matilda Jane offered to send me something from their newly-improved mama's line, I squealed with joy. I wrote about last week how I'm a huge fan of the label for baby L because they have irresistibly adorable things for little girls. But I bet you didn't realize they offer women's clothing as well! And you know what? I'm actually wearing heels here since these are my sneaker wedges...wink. I love how they give me that extra height even when I'm dressed casual...otherwise, I feel so sloppy! Shoe choice matters so much when it comes to everyday clothing.

This is the Marvelous Marled Vee ($74) and it's perfect for the weather right now. Honestly, I have to take it off after I'm inside the house awhile because it's that warm! I love any kind of tee or sweater (in this case) that has a longer back hem because I find it more flattering and it's great when you're wearing tighter pants. This sweater is also super-cute with the sleeves pushed up, but I literally took these photos in the rain. Blush. (Kinda cold. What's up with this weather?! C'mon, spring!) This week, I think I'll slip this super-soft sweater on over my workout tank for Pilates...it's so versatile! (I layered it over a black tee here.)
And the pants? If you ever put on these Heather Finn Pants ($58), you won't want to take them off. They're comfy times one thousand, folks. They're basic gray, so I can wear them with lots of tees, tanks and sweaters already in my closet, and the ruffles on the hem remind a lot of the little Matilda Jane pieces (and I so would've brought baby L into this photoshoot in her spring Matilda Jane, but the rain was too much for her. Stay tuned for Wednesday!). These pants have an amazing stretchy fit and are super-thin, so I'm thinking I might even wear them to Pilates class one day...the foldover panel at the tummy is just perfect. 

So, yes, I do love to dress up and wear heels and dresses and skinny jeans. But this is one of the ways I get by being a stay-at-home mom, still looking put together. You don't have to wear sloppy sweatpants and an old t-shirt every day...you just don't.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Happy Birthday, Daddy. 

Today he would've been just 65 years old and as I write this I still can't believe he's...gone. It's been two and a half months and I guess you could say I'm "coping," but really each day that goes by is just another day I miss him. Every, single day I think of him. 

I try not to think of him for fear of my heart aching more and more, but then I want to think of him to remember our amazing memories. He made me laugh so much. And he knew exactly when to check on me after a bad day. Now when I have a bad day, I think of him and wish I could get his text. 

Someone told me that eventually I won't cry every day. Right now I guess I cry every few days. And when I think about it, I wonder. I don't wanna cry about it the rest of my life, but then if I'm not crying or sad, am I merely letting him go...forgetting? Of course I want my life to go on, but it almost feels terrible at times to go about my normal business as if nothing happened. What keeps me going is that I know he wouldn't want me to be sad every day and would want me to enjoy my new little family. He loved us all so much. 

Daddy was such a great person. A hard-to-buy-for-person. Most birthdays I wound up giving him some new-fangled soap or shampoo that he would ask me about as is if he cared. And then he would literally use every drop because he always ended up loving it. He still had some in his shower. 

For many years, I handmade his cards. I loved doing that. It was the writer in me early on. Later in life, I bought them, but always had to search for one that said "daddy," his fav name. 

On his birthday today, it's hard. It's really tough, actually. I think about every little thing because every little thing reminds me of him. Especially on his birthday. There is no card or present today...just sadness. 

Some of his very last words were to my mom: "tell Julie I love her." I wish I could've been there right in that moment he said that. Daddy, if you're looking down right now, I love you so much and always will. One day I'll see you again. For now, I continue to pray for the peace that passes all understanding. 

Thank you as a reader of this blog for your continued support. Please continue to pray for me and my mom as we deal with this tragedy. Thanks. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: Buy Matilda Jane Clothing ONLINE until Friday!

For the very first time, a brand fav of ours, Matilda Jane, is available to purchase online...yessss! But, hurry! It's only through Friday and cute, cute styles are going fast. We've been cooped up in the house with snow/ice outside since Sunday, folks, and I think I'm gonna go online and just start shopping. I can't take it anymore!

MJ normally only sells their clothing through brand reps and trunk shows across the nation. There are actually about 600 "Trunk Keeper" ambassadors and the brand has a huge following...I know we love it! When I found out I was having a girl, one of the first brands that came to my mind for dressing her was Matilda Jane...no joke. I had seen all of the girl moms touting those cute printed dresses and pants everywhere and I wanted baby L to wear those adorable things soooo much. 

baby L got her first Matilda Jane dress at six months (the smallest size they make!) and after she wore it, I was immediately hooked. She'll def be wearing Matilda Jane for the rest of her life. That's right. Did you know they make mom things, too? I'm about to receive my first outfit and can't wait to show you in a style post soon!

Price points for the entire collection are from $34-$100 (and not bad for baby when you consider many of the dresses are adjustable and they can wear for more than one year in a row!). The brand just revamped the women's collection and have actually added a tweens section called 435 by Matilda Jane Clothing. Squeal!

Shop the collection today at matildajaneclothing.com and share your favorite Matilda Jane item on social @MatildaJaneClothing. Happy shopping, girl mamas!

[Photo Courtesy Matilda Jane Clothing]

Whiny Wednesday: Star in A Video Series

I don't often write about the zillions of contests out there, but had to pass this one along because it's a reallllly good one! Expecting? Have a newborn or child up to 20 months? The First Years is casting young families with a unique story for an online reality series...think the more individual, the better! The contest ends this Sunday, but it's so easy to enter. 

What to do?
Visit family.thefirstyears.com and submit a 30-second to 1-minute Smartphone video and 100-word (or less) written story about what makes your family's story unique. 

The best part...what you'll WIN
You'll star in the series, plus get $7,500 worth in prizes. (Think iPad Air 2...$2,000 in baby products...$5,000 savings bond...WOW!)

I've considered entering myself, but can't think of anything unique. Hmmmm...surely there's something. I mean...those prizes. Gotta think on this. 

Best of luck, mamas! And please pray (after five straight days of no school) that we get out of this snowbound house soon...CABIN FEVER. 

Whiny Wednesday: My Little Pony Stride Rite Shoes

Get ready, mamas! This July 3, My Little Pony premieres in theatres and Stride Rite has the adorable shoes to go along with it...major squeal!

The Stride Rite team has paired with Hasbro to launch three My Little Pony- themed shoes, inspired by Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash (those are popular characters, in case you're behind). 
These shoes are a total must-have for your girls for spring! My niece is modeling them here are she absolutely adores her new slip-ons. I mean, so chic, yes? The bright and multiple colors make them a pair of shoes you can wear with anything in the closet. Whew. This makes dressing your little fashionista in the morning WAY easier. 
These are the Rainbow Dash slip-ons, and the other style is a hook and loop that kids can adjust themselves for a comfy fit and easy on and off (it comes in both Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie). 

Both styles come in sizes 8.5-1, are $40 and available now. 

Better scoop up a pair now so your lil' can wear them to the movie this summer! After all, we know a new pair of shoes really makes a gal feel special. Wink.  

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