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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: First Time Skiing Copper Mountain

Oh. My. Gosh. I skied for the first time yesterday. Do I laugh...cry...squeal?? Copper Mountain (Colorado) is ah-mazing. Honestly, so many emotions went through my head after my first (and only) run of the day. Y'all, I was so tired when I hit the bottom! We're talking could barely carry my skis to the bus tired. Oof. I may or may not have fallen getting off the ski lift and may or may not have fallen several times on my way down the run, but I gave it a GREAT try and I'm pretty proud of myself. (Pat on the back.) I'm definitely going back tomorrow. 
I waited to ski until the afternoon because I was scared I'd get too cold in the a.m. Blush. We actually decided not to do ski school since we are only here for a few days. My (expert skier) husband offered to teach little C and me some moves at the bottom of the greens. little C, bless his heart, just turned five and was a little apprehensive. He gave it a good try, but I think he'll feel more comfortable tomorrow. Didn't he look cuuuuute (see below)? Tackling putting his ski boots on him was half the battle. Tomorrow we're trying tubing with him and I can't wait!

Copper Mountain is really an awesome place for families. We're going to try the under six CritterLand tomorrow and I think little C will love. I've seen lots of families out and about...even baby friends for baby L! baby L just loves it here even though she's pretty much a spectator. 

We've eaten some great food (last night was Casa Sanchez Mexican food and it was so, so good...fav meal so far! They have huge portions, so I'll be enjoying tonight's leftovers for lunch tomorrow.)
And, of course, we love, love, love our lodging. We're staying at Passage Point in the Center Village, which is right where much of the food and shops are. There's also (intermediate/blue) skiing just a two-minute walk away. We love how the buses stop right outside as well...so convenient for going to ski the beginner greens (my specialty!) or for heading to CritterLand for the kids. There's a sneak peek photo or two below of our two-bedroom condo, but next week there will be a complete recap and lots more! 
So far we just love Copper Mountain and all it has to offer our family. It's the cutest little ski village that really has everything (in fact, we tried out the Passage Point hot tubs last night!). It's also located right off I-70 and just an hour and a half outside of Denver. 

Stay tuned next week for my final recap on our first family ski trip! We kinda don't wanna leave. 
P.S. I rented ALL my apparel and accessories shown here from GetOutfitted.com. I'll have all the deets on this amazing company next week! Xoxo 

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by Copper Mountain, and I was not paid for it. Everything you read here is my opinion. Travel accommodations were made for my family to review the facilities and tickets to amenities were provided for the purpose of this review. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Celebrity Makeup Artist Molly R. Stern on Her Favorite Foundation & Working With Reese Witherspoon

Hey, everyone! I'm skiing in Colorado this week, so I thought today would be a great day to share with you this Q&A with celebrity makeup artist Molly R. Stern. One of her beloved clients is Reese Witherspoon and we just l-o-v-e-d every thing about her award show looks. 

Molly is one of the most renowned in the business, so I was pretty ecstatic to catch up with her and find out her beauty tips and secrets (scroll down for the mascara one...it's good!). Follow Molly on social media @mrsbymrs...she's both very creative and nice. Love that in Hollywood. 

I Heart Heels: Award season was amazing this year! Who did you work with on the red carpet? 
Molly R. Stern: Award season was a blast. I had the chance to work with Reese Witherspoon for all the shows as well as Julianna Marguiles for the Golden Globes and SAG. Two gorgeous women inside and out. 

IHH: You always do an amazing job on Reese Witherspoon. Talk about her Golden Globes look...and what's it like working with her?
MS: The Golden Globes was a great look to collaborate on. Reese wore a custom Calvin Klein dress, which glistened with beads. I kept her look super flushed with a blackened golden eye. It was the start of the season and we came out of the gate feeling good. 

IHH: What tricks do you like to use to open up the eyes...get rid of tired eyes?
MS: Concentrate your mascara at the center of the lash line. By adding an extra coat there you draw the attention to the center of the eye versus any part that might be droopy or tired. 

IHH: What two products should a girl really invest in for her makeup routine?
MS: I think a good foundation or concealer is important - one that's easily blendable and buildable. That way you can get the coverage you need without looking like it's caked on. Also, blush. A good cream blush that has high pigment will last all day and look gorgeously natural. 

IHH: Are you a fan of mineral foundation? It's been so popular. 
MS: I don't lean towards mineral foundation. I really love Chantecaille Future Skin Oil Free Foundation. It's great for sensitive skin.  

IHH: How important is lip color to the overall beauty look?
MS: Moist lips are important. The color is open to the mood and vibe of the day!

IHH: What's award season like for you...and what do you do when it's all over?
MS: Award season is challenging in the best way possible because I'm pushed creatively since I have to design new looks for each show. After this season ended, I was treated to a fabulous massage. I needed it!

IHH: Is curling the lashes a necessary step?
MS: Yes! It really opens up the eye!

IHH: Is your M.R.S. line still going strong?
MS: It's going! Growing a business is a wonderful, crazy journey. I'm working hard to make smart decisions and surround myself with people who understand what the brand stands for - MOTIVATION RADIANCE and STYLE - all things that come from within.  

As women, we need to remember that nurturing who we are on the inside and loving ourselves will have the most powerful effect on the world and make being inspired by beauty and fashion that much easier. 

IHH: Is being a celebrity makeup artist a great job to have with kids?
MS: I'm so blessed to have the career that I do. I'm able to work with the most hard-working, inspiring and talented people, travel the world and be a mom. I thank my lucky stars on a daily basis. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Whiny Wednesday: The Perfect Spring Dress

Oh, cuteness of a little spring dress. My newest obsession is with silkberry baby. Squeal!! 

This Canadian brand is completely eco-friendly and made of soft bamboo rayon, organic cotton or recycled polyester. There are two things I look for in baby L's clothing...cute and comfy. I love being able to pull this dress on and off of her without a struggle and I can just tell she loves wearing it. It's extremely lightweight, so right now I'm layering a cardi with it. She's wearing 12-18 months and I'd say it fits true to size. 

I love this lemon print, but there are lots to choose from in the line. And look at the adorable back! I'm loving the knotted detail. At just $24.99, you can afford to get more than one print! Trust me. A summer closet staple these will be (that can be worn as a tunic with pants in the fall!).   

P.S. I love accessorizing with cute shoes and hair things. Wink. 

Disclaimer: This dress was sent to us for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own. We. Love. 

Whiny Wednesday: Headed to Copper Mountain!

I'm so excited because Spring Break is alllllmost here...and we're headed to Copper Mountain!! Colorado, here we come. Y'all, I've never skied in my life and I'm so pumped. 

This will be our first family vacay this year and really only the second one we've taken together. baby L was just four months last vacay, so this will be way better (thank heavens I'm not nursing). We aren't flying, so I def think it will be a long trip there, but hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. My mother-in-law will be tagging along to help watch the kids and my sister-in-law lives in Denver...can't wait to see her as well!

I'm pretty excited to be working with Copper Mountain on this series of reviews and adventure. I'll be updating you on here as well as social media starting this weekend and all next week. Follow me on Instagram @iheartheels for gorgeous photos of our condo, the mountain, etc. And follow me @iheartheels for lots of fun commentary. I'm also planning to post on Facebook @iheartheels. 

I hope you'll follow along on mine and little C's first ski lesson and his and baby L's first trip to the mountains. It's gonna be fun!!!

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by Copper Mountain, and I was not paid for it. Everything you read here is my opinion. Travel accommodations were made for my family to review the facilities. 

Whiny Wednesday: Test Driving Our New Fiat

Wow. What a perfect week to try out the Fiat 500 in the warm sunshine. Spring. Is. Here. It's been just beautiful and lucky for us Peg Perego sent us this car to test drive juuuuust in time. Warm weather and convertibles? We heart you. 
Both kiddos have already taken to this cutie of a car in their own way. The car is meant for baby L, but since she's only one, she'll have to wait a bit as the car is for ages two to six years and, err, she can't touch the pedals. Next year? Move over, little C, she'll be running you off the sidewalk. For now, she loves to sit in it and honk the horn and "pretend" drive. Such a thrill. 

As for little C, he already had a Jeep his grandparents gave him, so it's always been special to him. But he's been enjoying this new ride for something different and I think he really likes how there's only room for him, ha. Might I add he looks pretty freaking cute driving around the block in his sweater vest from school? The girls in the neighborhood were def eyeing his ride the other day. 

Key features? There is a lock on the accelerator to keep it at 2 mph (instead of the faster 4) until the kid is ready. Umm  C was begging me for it the first day. I can literally go for a jog next to him as he drives...which is kinda nice. 

It has a 12-volt rechargeable battery...reverses easily... and I found it drives really well even on grass and bumps. 
The best part? It's just the cutest little car ever. If you're looking to get your little one a car to drive around the neighborhood, for $250, this car is great for boy or girl and one of our favorites on the market. Squeal!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Motivation Monday: The Jogger Pant

Hey ya...how was everyone's weekend? Motivated this Monday?? (I mean don't you hate it when people start emails with Happy Monday! I can almost guarantee you that mine is more like Crazy Monday!) But, really. I do love it when I'm completely motivated on a Monday...it definitely feels good to get the week started off right. And I'm super excited to share this Motivation Monday because one of my fav denim brands, Joe's Jeans (their distressed jeans are some of my fav of all time), has an activewear line now called Joe's Off Duty. I've been test driving it the past couple of weeks and? Loves. It.

I'm kind of obsessed with the latest athleisure trend, per se, because I'm loving how you can really take a sporty look and make it just that...or, heck, add some heels and you still look cute. I'm not even kidding! It's all in the silhouette and fabrics you choose - you definitely can't just rock your workout clothes with heels, c'mon. I'm love, love, loving chic sweats (remember last week and the jogging pants I posted?) because I can pair with an insanely comfy tee like this one (the black Session tee). It's got a really lightweight feel to it (it's 100-percent linen, but it doesn't really wrinkle...in black, anyway!) and I love how the sleeves aren't tight (just a pet peeve of mine!). It falls perfectly with a relaxed fit, so you really can work out in it. These are the French Terry Sweat Pants and the chic pattern on them had me at hello. I love the trim fit and they fit very comfortable...true to size. 

So back to being motivated. I've been a little relaxed with my diet since baby L's birthday party when we had an entire dessert bar and I ate birthday cake for the next week straight (hey, I'm not saying I regret it). Then D. and I decided to jet-set to a wine festival and BOOM. The scale and I are breaking up. 

Soooo...since I'm going skiing all next week, I decided I better get my bottom in gear (literally) and I've been watching what I eat with lots more salads, cutting out sweets and trying to get in stroller rides with baby L the past several days now that it's warming up. Whew. I haven't been able to make it to Pilates as much as I'd like, so I'm hoping this cardio will save me. So far, I shed the couple of pounds I gained from our beach getaway and now I've got just a few more to go. I know it's minor and probably seems like not a big deal to you, but I've found in my previous weight loss journeys that if I can stay on top of any weight gain, it's always best. Once it's 5 pounds, then it's quickly another and you've gained 10. So bear with me, it's not that I think I need to diet or lose a bunch of weight, etc. I'm now trying to stay on top of things and eat cleaner and exercise more because I kinda got off track towards the end of winter. 

Tell me. What are you fav ways to lose just a few excess pounds?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Our Weekend Away

So basically, D and I went to the Florida panhandle (our fav spot in zee whole world!) last weekend. At the last minute. Here's what happened. I won two tickets to the 30A Wine Festival and dinner at Alys Beach. I then looked at said festival and said, oh wow! It's in two weeks! I thought there would be no way D would agree to a 10-hour road trip away from the kids for three nights. Know what? He did. Squeal!!!

We waited until the car trip THERE to make our hotel reservation that night (and the evening before to book the weekend condo). It you know me, that's not my personality. At all. It was just killing me to wait that long, but it had also snowed an entire five inches (huge for here!) and we weren't sure we'd be able to make it. So, so glad we did. We can now check this off the bucket list. After all, everyone must experience a wine festival. Even if you're not too crazy about wine like mwah, ha! The experience. 

First stop? This beautiful lunch at George's. It truly is culinary genius. I got this Thai shrimp salad that was a special and D got grouper soft tacos (I must admit I ate some of his, too!). 

Here's our little condo for the weekend. Gulf view and everything I could ask for in a studio for two. So convenient to both Alys and Rosemary. Just perfect. 

Saturday we took a trip to Seaside before the festival. We've stayed there with our family for about seven years. It's just breathtaking. 

Here's the actual wine festival at Alys. It was so much fun walking around pretending to know about wine (ha!) and I vowed to like red by the end of the evening, but I never really did. Shrug. P.S. Did you know the tables have buckets so you can just have a "taste" and pour out the rest if you want? Yeah, probably shoulda done that more often. 

Sunday was amazing 70-degree sunny weather, so we took a big walk on the beach and through Rosemary Beach. The architecture is just phenom. 

Then we headed to the croquet tournament to close out the festival. This was worth the entire weekend! So. Much. Fun. It was right off the beach and everyone wore white. Great people watching. (And did I mention luxury port-o-potties? Yeah.)

We didn't play croquet ourselves, but we certainly had a ball watching those who did. They served an amazing seafood buffet from the chefs at Cafe Thirty A and Caliza and even had a Bloody Mary bar. The white couch set-up with acoustic music made me wanna stay alllll day. Good thing we didn't because we actually got a little sunburned!

Our last evening there we had dinner at The Pearl hotel's Havana Beach and it was delightful. The most gorgeous place ever and the perfect place to celebrate being married 10 years in June. We were married at Rosemary!

For dinner, I had lobster and he had lamb loin. We had an amazing duck for an appetizer and beachside S'mores for dessert. I had gone to the bathroom and came back to the cutest dessert ever...see below!! It tasted just like it was from a campfire too because they place it in a closed canister and open it at your table!

I'm so glad D pushes me sometimes to let loose and have fun. I think we're the perfect balance because he's exactly what I need to combat my rigidness. It's good to get away from the kids sometimes (it was our first away since early 2013) and focus on each other. And now we have some pretty awesome memories to add to our collection. 

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