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Friday, December 19, 2008

Just Launched! Luxtural Luxury Skin Care

Ever wish your natural products felt a little more luxurious, maybe? I just discovered this new skin care line, Luxtural, a new brand that focuses on totally pampering your skin while deriving from nature at the same time. It's new, it's cutting edge and I like it. (Did I mention celebs are beginning to catch on, too?)

The first three products from the line are Silk Premonition (lotion), Sophisticated Veil (serum) and Mystique Fountain (spray). Great names too, right? But what makes them so worthy is the fact that they are free of toxins and made of pure, Pacific rainwater that's right, from the ocean!). Sounds heavenly for your skin, doesn't it? And they're great for anti-aging, but also hydration. (It's shown to increase hydration by 120% in 5 minutes - wow!). So basically you're improving how your skin feels AND how it looks, double whammy. And one I think I would go for, no?

Shop online at www.luxtural.com and treat yourself!


  1. I tried out luxtural product. It doesn't seem to do what it claims. This low quality product have also caused damage to my skin. I have stopped using it.

  2. Dear Julie,
    I liked the way you write and your blog is very informative. I must say that I have tried Luxtural and it is the best skin care I ever had in my life. My skin feels deeply hydrated and smooth soft and supple. I highly recomend the products to anyone - amazing.

  3. Being 40 years old and extremely conscious to my skin I rarely try new skin treatments and rather stick to the
    traditional international cosmetic manufacturers. However,Luxtural was recommended to me by my friend and I have tried using it
    with astonishing results! Wow!!! Only after few days of using it my skin became very silky and radiant. I love the fresh feeling
    of the water spray and the way the cream and the serum feel and are absorbed on my face.
    I am already addicted to Luxtural's products and highly recommend it.

  4. I have been using Luxtural products for about six weeks and I can see and feel the difference. My skin feels softer and less dry. The products smell great and go on smoothly. I think these products are well worth the price; after all, you only have one face!

  5. I just started to use Luxtural with great results. My skin looks radiant and beautiful! Thanx Luxtural, sure worth every cent I spent!

  6. I’ve been using Luxtural for months, and I am impressed with the results. The “Mystique Fountain” mist leaves you feeling refreshed and hydrated. Absolutely love the “Sophisticated Veil” how it leaves my skin feeling and looking soft and silky all day. The three-step application is quick and easy to use, and it’s great to finally have products that meet my skin care need for moisture. Luxtural is well worth the money!


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