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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sole Patrol for the Winter

This morning I got a text from one of my best friends H - she's engaged! Can't wait for the impending wedding, but it seems like we JUST finished our best friend L's wedding in September! Don't get me wrong I love weddings (even though my husband seems to moan and groan every time), but standing up for soooo long can wreak havoc on your poor little feet (and with mine I do mean little, I wear a size 6, ha!). For L's wedding, of course I was a bridesmaid. While we got to pick our shoes (thank you L!), naturally I HAD to pick heels. So to alleviate the pain, I used my Tip Toes by Foot Petals ($6.95 a pair). They actually stick to the inside of your shoes and keep the balls of your feet padded. And I don't know about you, but this is where my feet start reallllly hurting! Of course after an all-day Catholic wedding event, my feet didn't feel as perky as when I woke up that morning, but my Tip Toes fended off any aches and pains dramatically! I could actually walk after the ceremony - oy! I used the neutral shade, but they also come in a super-cute heart shape you will fall in love with - they're pink!

So now that the wedding's come and gone, so have my feet! In the winter, they still need some love, so last night I slipped on my new aloe-infused socks by Airplus for Her ($14.99 a pair). Most of us girls have a nice pair of slipper socks we like to wear around the house when it gets cold. These are incredible - they're like spa therapy for your feet! The perfect solution to forget about all the holiday chaos and pamper yourself. These socks soothe your feet like nothing else. Use after a pedicure or just a long day. And you can pick them up at one of my fav stores, Target!

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