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Saturday, December 27, 2008

UGGs: Hipper than Last Year?

A couple of years ago, I bought a fake pair of UGGs for $30 at a local department store. I still wear them and they look very similar to their $160 sister. But I'm starting to think not similar enough - UGGs are starting to appear everywhere! Of course I've spotted UGGs on celebs here and there. But it wasn't until my sister-in-law pulled out a pair of brand-new beautifully crocheted Suburb-style (chocolate brown, no less) UGGs, when all of a sudden those pesky terribly ugly boots everyone loves to hate wouldn't escape my mind. I want a pair - of real ones!!

I tried them on and they felt soooo good as my feet hit the soft sheepskin. While E's boots were super-cute, I would be happy with even the classic style. They're perfect for pulling over or under jeans on a casual Friday or weekend. I must admit I absolutely hate them with sweats and despise them with anything shorter than a pant (aka shorts or skirts).

I actually found a site devoted to the fuzzy lovable kicks: www.igotuggs.com. Seems this is a trend that just won't quit, and celebs love them. You may hate them as many people do, but I'm loving them (and the comfort they bring!). Can't wait to post about my own new pair soon.

So let me know - would you wear UGGs??

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