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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Deborah Lloyd for Kate Spade

The latest issue of Harper's Bazaar - February - hits newsstands Tuesday and I can't wait to read the feature on Deborah Lloyd, creative director of Kate Spade. I've always been a huge fan of the line because of its classic simplicity. There is always something from the collection I just have to have. The signature black bag had me at hello. And the tiny "Kate Spade" square label on the front was enough to keep my label obsession at bay.

Fast forward to last year when I scored a remarkably classic pair of black suede peep-toe pumps at the annual Shoe Inn sale in Amagansett for just $75. (They sort of hurt my feet, but, hey, the pain we suffer for beauty, right?) Great find!

Back to Bazaar - one of the great fashion bibles around. I've been reading more and more of it because two of my former editors at Seventeen edit there now - Laura Morgan and Annemarie Iverson. Laura actually penned the feature on Ms. Lloyd and I can't wait to read it. In the feature, she says "Sometimes I am all dressed up in the subway. But it's New York; you can be yourself." Truer words were never spoken. Why is it you can traipse around the city in a garbage bag without a faint look, when back home in the south you get stares for wearing purple tights - oy! Nonetheless, I admire the Kate Spade girl's sense of style and can't wait to see what the Fall/Winter 2009 collection has in store. I'm rooting for you Deborah!

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