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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Frieda Pinto's Red Carpet Face

Didn't you think Bollywood star (and now American star!) Frieda Pinto looked stunning on the red carpet at the Golden Globes the other night? I mean, c'mon, the girl would look beautiful without any product at ALL, but needless to say I have the exact science of how her look was created (ya know, in case you want to know):

All products used were from Jouer, including a beautiful eye definer (in Vert). Makeup artist Jeffrey Paul used it very close to the lashes to frame her eyes (of which I would die to have, but not sure if they would complement my red hair?). The eye liner was actually green with gold flecks (so superstar!), which made her eyes absolutely pop. Black mascara was used on both top and bottom lashes (I never do the bottom because it's so messy, but seemed to work quite well for Frieda!). The Jouer eyeshadow was used in Amaretto in the crease of the eyelid for definition, and blended with a soft brush.

Foundation and concealer were only used in key spots (if only, if only, sigh...), and a creme highlighter was used on the brow bones and cheek bones. Jeffrey also used this for the lips blended with the monsoon gloss. The deep wine color was incredible with that golden dress! A Golden Globes girl, indeed.

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