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Friday, January 23, 2009

Fuel Up on A New Fragrance

Looking for a new signature scent as we head into the cold, dreary winter? Diesel's new Fuel for Life Unlimited is a refreshing jolt of pure fruity goodness. It blends calabrian lemon and mandarin orange and smells like something I would try to steal as many squirts off the fragrance counter as I could.

There are also hints of floral - Casablanca lilies and jasmine - and creamy sandalwood and American cedar. And isn't the bottle gorgeous? The brown net adorned with a golden chain is off the hook stylish - I can just imagine whipping this out of my handbag on the subway.

It's a scent that gives a whole new meaning to life - spray it on your neck, wrists and behind the knees for a subtle dose of mystery. And pick one up at any Diesel boutique!

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