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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Makeup Tips Straight from the People's Choice Awards

The People's Choice Awards were great last night, no? And I have some behind-the-scenes makeup tips for you "because you're worth it." CoverGirl was all over Queen Latifah last night - so what did you think? I thought her face looked gorgeous and glowing - absolutely loved the purple on her and her lips were glossy goodness. Celebrity makeup legend Sam Fine (think Tyra Banks and Beyonce - squeal!) created the look with his magic hands.

I think the cheeks are so soft and pretty! Want to know how he did it? First, Sam started with a dusting of CoverGirl's Natural Hue Mineral Bronzer in Brown Bronze, from the Queen Collection, of course (and just $8.18!). Since Queen had just come back from vacation (must be nice!), she had a nice tan to help him out (of course too much tanning is not safe - you should always use a sunblock). He then layered on a rose-colored blush to add just a dash of color. Lovely perfection!

Eggplant was used on the eyes because it's much easier to wear than lilac (apply it to the crease and underneath for definition.) And of course Sam used lots of lashes! "I don't know anyone who can hit the red carpet without lashes," he says.

Which further peaks my curiosity for lashes - I must try!

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