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Monday, January 12, 2009

Red Carpet Style Weapons from a Golden Globes Stylist!

So what did you think of the Golden Globes fashion last night (I say fashion because if it wasn't for the fashion, it would be a total snoozer)? I thought overall it was a little blah with no one taking too many risks. My favs though? Miley Cyrus in flowing Marchesa, Cameron Diaz in hot pink haute couture Chanel and Demi Moore in nude Dior (wow, she's still got it, no?).

Tara Swennen styled both Miley and Rumer Willis (Ms. Golden Globes, who looked not half-bad herself), and she offered up a few of her red carpet "secret style weapons" that you can take to your own event (wedding, party, baby shower, the list goes on):

**Solutions for Sling Backs

The best trick for slippery sling backs is ‘Airplus for Her’ Strappies. They are thin adhesive strips that you can place on the inside of the heel strap to help them stay on.

**Solutions for Strappy Sandals

Many people become uncomfortable in killer strappy high heels due to the lack of arch support. ‘Airplus for Her’ makes Hug My Heels a gel insert that adheres to the shoe and helps in creating that needed support while being virtually invisible to onlookers.

Love the tips, Tara! And good luck, girls, at your own "red carpet" event!

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