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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stacked Rings: Love Them

Ahhh....love is already in the air. Can you believe it is already almost time for Valentine's Day? Which means it's time to start preparing for what you really want, right? (No, that's not what I mean - mind out of the gutter!) Go ahead and give him a little nudge because otherwise? You might end up with a huge bag of potpourri (I'm not judging, I'm just saying...)

So, you've heard of Sretsis (sisters spelled backwards), right? They've created a too-cute-for-words accessories line, Matina Amanita, for V-Day with rings that look just like those darling little candies (you know, the ones everyone loves to give, but hates to eat?). You get two rings, plus this precious box for $88 - available by special order at matinaamanita.com. Stack them. Kiss them. Love them. There's no love-me-not about it.

P.S. A bag of the infamous heart-shaped candies is included. XOXO

[Photos Courtesy of Stretis]

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