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Thursday, January 15, 2009

VS PINK Design-A-Tee Contest

Have you ever wanted to be a designer? With Fashion Week approaching next month, the design bug is in the air. Don't you envy those designers off Project Runway - they're fantastic! (This past weekend I sewed three buttons on a coat and clapped my hands with glee!)

Well, now you have your chance at designing your very own Victoria's Secret PINK tee. There are already 7,000 entries so you better hurry! (Click here to see them, but one of my favs is pictured here). From now until February 15, you can go here to design your tee.

The three top designs will be chosen by PINK, but it's up to YOU to pick the winner! And once you've won (because you will...)? Your tee will be sold in stores and online in April, and you'll receive a $500 VS PINK shopping spree.

That has to quite possibly be the best. prize. ever.

P.S. A portion of the proceeds of the winning tee will go to the National Museum of Women in the Arts. Great idea.

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