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Friday, January 23, 2009

Your New Fav Jeans

I just finished digging through jeans at a buy one, get one free sale - gasp! No matter how many pairs of jeans I have, I can never have enough. I LIVE in my jeans - and so wearing them over and over can take its toil on them. That's why a good quality jean is so, so important. I can't stress enough!

I am so digging GoldSign's Misfit Super Stretch style that just came out. I have both stretch and non-stretch jeans, but I will say stretch is def worth it. They're so comfortable - these even have a 35% 4-way stretch fabric. You know how leggings with long cardigans are so hot right now? (Just bought some today, actually!) These look and feel as if you're wearing a pair when in all actuality they're just your new fav pair of jeans. ;)

P.S. You can find them at the Iconic American Rag in LA or online at shopbop.com and revolveclothing.com. Happy shopping!

[Photo Courtesy GoldSign]

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