Fashion Week Day 3: Binetti ~ I Heart Heels

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fashion Week Day 3: Binetti

My last show today was Binetti - over on 11th Ave. by the Hudson. And what an interesting presentation it was (styled by infamous Isabel Dupre). The models were wheeled out three at a time by scary-looking mimes (Cedar Lake Dance Company). They then stepped down and did their thing and were wheeled back away after showing off each look. Probably not my favorite fall collection, but I did notice the recurrence of purple and shimmer I had seen in other shows over the weekend. It also made me happy that the equestrian look is here to stay - loved the ivory/black riding jacket pictured above - so pristine. While the tailored suit in a neutral hue is always a classic, a little touch of color lightens things up. Add a bit of sheer to everything and you have the perfect balance of sexy and serious.

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