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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Fashion Week Day 4: William Rast (plus, Fashion Week Daily suite!)

More exclusive video from I Heart Heels of the William Rast show (Paris and Nicky even waved for the camera!!!).


It was hard to get clear shots of the models with the runway lights so bright and they walked in one continuous flow without stopping (hmph!). So, hope you enjoy the video! The show started with the Jimi Hendrix Star-Spangled Banner and an American flag was the backdrop. In true all-American/William Rast fashion, the collection features lots of denim, leather and...fringe! There's a little plaid in there, too. All in all, the show wasn't bad. Just a little more hype than actually getting down to the clothes. Tons of celebs showed up - there's a shot I have below of JC Chasez. Carine Roifeld (editor of French Vogue) and Anna Wintour took their front-row seats, as well as Aubrey O'Day, formally of the Cheetah Girls (and with her dog!), and, of course, Jessica Biel.

But, really, this show was soooo packed not everyone could get in (I was there eaaaaarly as I didn't want to get rejected like I did at Tracy Reese!). The announcer has to come over the speaker and tell everyone to please take their seats as the show was starting, and lots of people had to stay where they were - standing in the corner. I was lucky to have a clear shot of the show with the amount of people - truly a madhouse! Never knew such commotion could be caused by JT - a little Memphis boy from
The Mickey Mouse Club.

P.S. After the show, I headed over to the Fashion Week Daily suite party at the penthouse at the Hotel aka off Times Square. So hot! It was actually inside a suite when I say suite - ha! Beds and all. People lounged in all of the bedrooms and there were two open bars sponsored by Stoli vodka. The stairs to the top were so scary I had to hang on carefully in my heels! The DJ spun music as everyone mingled and had a great time. Thanks to the girls at Tractenberg for inviting me! ;) - xoxo

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