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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fashion Week: Generra

I have to give Generra props - they're one of my fav labels. And most people haven't really heard of them because they aren't that in-your-face kind of brand. They're there - effortlessly cool as they are - always with the best fall duds. (Fall is their sweetheart!) I first discovered the label at Barney's at the annual warehouse sale - in a heep of clothing on a rack meant for size 2 (sale secret: always look at other racks - things are never where they should be!).

While a lot of bright colors popped up on the runway last week, it's sort of nice how Generra stayed tried-and-true to what's really fall. Beautiful browns, blues and grays in tweeds, wools and plaids. And I actually dig the leg warmers - so Parisian chic...and they actually look like they serve a purpose (considering short skirts with leggings/tights don't do much for warmth)!

The layering is genius - pile it on! And the turtleneck? It never looked so hot.

[Photos Courtesy of Generra]

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