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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Idol Style: Kendall Beard's Yellow Dress

Did you see Kendall Beard on American Idol last night? Not my fav voice in the competition (I must give props to my homeboy Kris Allen for that!), but she looked better than anyone by far! I pressed rewind on my DVR a million times to get a closer look at her dress - too cute! Turns out she wore the Shoshanna asymmetrical dress that also comes in turquoise and pink (ohhhh....would love to try on the pink!). And don't you love how she jazzed it up with a spring floral belt? So unique and I think it made the dress even cuter.

P.S. Even better? I found it on sale here (a cute little shop in Boston on Newbury St.) for $192.50!

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