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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Beach Beauty: Seaside, Florida

Have you ever witnessed something so beautiful and serene you couldn't take your eyes off of it? (Ok, girls, I'm not talking about that Kooba bag you've been drooling over for weeks. Get it together!) This time I'm referring to a place - one so surreal and carefree it will take you away from all your worries (relax! take a minute away from your credit card bills!). And you can still shop your heart out, too.

Last weekend? It was time for a quick getaway. Don't get me wrong, I'm lucky because a drive to the beach is less than a day away - I can get there pretty darn quick! So, off to the old-fashioned white picket-fence town of Seaside, Florida we went (in the pouring rain, no less!) and we arrived at our cute and cozy Motorcourt #9 where we stayed for three nights through the small town's Cottage Rental Agency. Nostalgia, indeed. There are nine motorcourts, made to look like a 1950s drive-up-and-park motel, and each one of them has their own theme (ours was Hollywood!). Plus, our particular room shared a screened-in porch with #8 (which came in soooo handy during all the rain!). It was just perfect for a quick and quiet getaway.

The single bedroom (pictured here) had a queen-size platform bed, flat screen TV and DVD player (of which we watched a DVD we rented for free through the agency), bathroom with shower only, vanity, small sitting and dining area with a mini-fridge, microwave and coffee maker. And it was right in the center of town, so we were close to everything, including the prime shopping!

Beach season always gets me in the mood for lighter, laidback dressing. A trace of make-up, a maxi dress and a nice pair of metallic wedges (of which I am still on my search for) complete me. I discovered this super-trendy boho chic shop (if you like Nicole Richie's style, you would love this store) - just off the coast called Deja-vu. Let me say, we immediately became friends! There were TONS of dresses, including maxi styles, and breezy shirts and skirts I obssess over come spring and summer. And the prices were incredibly reasonable. I ended up buying the perfect cotton summer maxi dress for $70 (which isn't bad for a well-made dress of that much material).
And afterwards, it was on to Perspicasity, an outdoor market of sea-worthy finds (a little pricier, but definitely some good finds in there) from Ella Moss to C&C California and Splendid. The jewelry there is amazing - with lots of beaded and wooden baubles. I bought a pair of woven black hoops (they look to be handmade for $28) and a distressed wooden chain necklace ($18) I think will pair well with my maxi dress. I also bought a turquoise Moroccan-style shirt complete with bell sleeves (see it here - $48) and chocolate brown leggings ($30) both made of super-soft (and I mean super-soft!!) pima cotton and from my new fav line, Alternative.

Dressing for springtime and the upcoming summer season can be so effortless if you pick out the right pieces. And when you purchase a few small finds, including accessories, everywhere you go, it adds to your wardrobe and makes everyday dressing that much easier - and stylish.

I was sad to see the sea go, but knowing I would be back again left me anticipating more for next time.


  1. Jealous! Definitely wish I was there.

  2. My family has a home in watercolor. I always look forward to going to Perspicasity and Fabs! I LOVE Fabs! They have some of the most amazing swim suits!

  3. Another awesome little clothing store not far from Watercolor (right down 30-A) is SOHO Beach and SOHO home.


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