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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cynthia Rowley's Coloring Spring One Skirt at a Time

Cynthia Rowley's spring collection makes me squeal! I mean, it looks like something I would totally wear. Satin is so sexy and wearable, and these pretty-girl colors remind me of my fav rainbow sherbet from Baskin-Robbins (ok, there I go again with my food alliteration - I know it's annoying and I shall stop).

But really this cutesy tied-up satin skirt in the hottest pink makes me happy. And isn't that what your clothes should do? It may be a bit sad, but in the morning when I put on something I truly love, it immediately perks me up! This spring, I'll make it a point to dress in brighter hues because they really brighten up anyone's complexion immediately, and they brighten up your spirits, too.

The stone bib dress is a more subdued blue, but still within the realms of cheery. I absolutely love the "bib" because it adds flair to the dress and still provides enough coverage (I hate it when you find an entire rack full of spaghetti strap mini dresses only your teenage sister would wear!). And check out those rope knot wedges - I MUST have a pair!!

[Photos Courtesy Cynthia Rowley]

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