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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prints Charming: Pucci's New Fragrance Collection

Springtime means it's time to experiment with lots of fragrances (yay!), and also time to revamp your beauty counter at home. You know, a little spring cleaning. Perfume scent and color can definitely change over time, so it's important to toss them after three years (I know it's hard for me too, but if you really love it you'll have used all of it!).

Once you've tossed, you have the luxury to add back to your collection (see, not so bad, right?). This is where Emilio Pucci's eye-catching new fragrance collection enters. Pucci ("The Prince of Prints" is known of course for its bold, bright swirls of color and these little jars mimic the print. The collection includes Aqua 330 (a marine floral: think fresh, cool water), Sole 149 (an aromatic floral: imagine pure botanicals and romantic jasmine) and Sabbia 167 (a powdery floral: combine tangerine, lemon and iris) - and they're all available at Sephora (you know exactly how to get there, no?)!

Retail for a smaller bottle is $59 and that will get you a long way in your budget if it lasts for three years. Plus, your beauty counter will be much brighter this spring, and isn't that what you were going for?

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