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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler

Did everyone watch the horrendous, yet addictive show The Bachelor last night? Sob. Cannot believe it, and can't wait to see how things have been going when Molly and Jason are on the show tonight. So, let me ask. Have you ever been in love with an eyelash curler?

C'mon. It's ok to admit it - I will tell you I have! Tweezerman's new ProCurl eyelash curler (you can get at Sephora) is absolutely the tool for the lash-curling lover. Some of you probably don't even use a curler (pointing my finger), but my eyelash curler is one tool I cannot live without (one of those stranded on a desert island answers for me)!

After tossing my old one, my new Tweezerman left me gasping in the mirror. I didn't even feel it working! Because of its larger opening, it's tailored for extra comfort, and the narrowed top bar allows for all eye shapes!

Plus, I'm completely enamored with the rose gold color - how many curlers look this good, really? And it promises not to forsake you for someone else the next month (and that's more than Jason can say, hmph).

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