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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Can't Fight the Fringe

I'm stillllll looking for the perfect piece of fringe (I almost snapped up a purse while in Florida recently, but digressed - you don't need another purse, Julie!). Then, I spotted a photo of Vanessa Hudgens at the Kids Choice Awards just the other day and wondered, what about a top?

Vanessa's is from the Ella Moss Black Label ($189), which means it has to be uber-comfortable. (I'm a huge fan of Ella's super-soft fabrics!)

If you decide to pick up a piece of fringe this spring, just do it tastefully. I would stick with black or brown (the fringe is enough of a standout - you don't need color) and just make sure it flatters. In this case, I think it does because it actually elongates her torso with the vertical lines. And I like the long pendant draped on top to add a little oomph. The shorts? That's where being a teenager comes in handy - probably wouldn't be caught dead in them now. ;) Even so, Vanessa knows how to rock them with tall boots.

P.S. Get Vanessa's fringe top at Lester's of New York!

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