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Monday, May 18, 2009

Girlfriend (Shopping!) Getaway: Hotel ZaZa

Hola chicettes, I'm back from my crazy weekend in the Big D - Dallas, that is! Saw tons of swoon-worthy heels, bought a couple of sorbet-sweet, candy-hued summer dresses and drooled over all the hot handbags I saw (everything really is bigger in Texas!). Most of all, I kicked up my feet at Hotel ZaZa - apparently the place to see and be seen in the city (L. and I were barely outta the cab when we were met by former Bachelor star Brad Womack and his date. And taking a stroll down the hallway, we swear we passed Sly Stallone.)

The hotel is known as the place for the rich and famous - Jessica Simpson loves to eat at the restaurant, Dragonfly (and we sampled the fare for brunch ourselves and found it pretty tasty indeed!). See, my good friend H. (we've known each other since junior high but became the best of friends in college) is getting married (married!) next month. She's been dating her dude for six years, and so my other three best friends and I had to have a celebration for her. Let me say, she wore one of those silly veils (upon S's relentless insistence) the whole time, and I hid my face in my hands (I get embarrassed very easily). It didn't take long for us to hit up Urban Oasis, the picture-perfect poolside hangout shown here. It was packed Friday night as Porsche after Land Rover after BMW rolled in. Saturday? We spent all freaking day at the mall - so long my poor wedges started killing me! But I did find that perfect boho top and breezy sundress I had been lusting after. (H. found her Starbucks and that's all she cared about!) And what's a day without Barneys - it's a fix I must satisfy once every six months or so.

Speaking of, the ZaZa's rooms were gorgeous! We had a HUGE room - and it even had two showers (complete with Molton Brown goods, one of my absolute favs, yum!). Ours wasn't a suite, but the hotel is known for its super-fab "theme" concept suites like the Bohemia style here. Pretty "sweet," right? At the end of our hall (and where we swear we saw Sly) was the Magnificent Seven Suites - where you have to have a key to even access entry into the hallway. We were mystified and in awe of it the whole time. Some of those suites are larger than my house at more than 2,000 square feet - gasp! But, we certainly couldn't complain ourselves.

Daily chocolate on our pillows, coffee delivery in the mornings and a business center where we could print out boarding passes before we left? Everything was so taken care of we didn't worry about a thing. Only which pair of shoes we preferred for dinner that night (and trust me, that took us awhile).

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