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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nicole Steps Out in Style

I love Nicole Richie. Her style is so effortlessly cool - and she still manages to radiate this vibe at several months pregnant and carrying a child in her arms! I mean, look at her bangs lately! I would LOVE to keep my bangs this long, but heavens knows that involves a weekly trip to the hair guy, and at this point I hate going even once a month! (In fact, last weekend I was so put off from driving across town I cut them myself! And they actually didn't turn out half bad...)

Next, black shades. Check. And down to the simple white tee she recently wore beneath a classic tailored blazer topped with eye-catching jewelry (sure to be from her line House of Harlow). Check, check and check. All the qualities of chicness. And she makes it look so easy, right? Sigh...

Style Secret: Dress up a simple tee with ornate jewelry - just make sure the tee is just that, simple.

P.S. If you follow me on twitter @iheartheels, you'll notice I was all prepped to watch Nicole on Larry King Live last night. However, because of yesterday's breaking news with Exodus Tyson, Nicole is rescheduled for Thurs. this week. Stay tuned!

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