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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rock On

Something you probably don't know about me? I used to LIVE for my rock music. We would drive hours and get home at 1 am from concerts in Memphis, of course the best venue in the country for the hobby. I was a champ at getting seats in the first 10 rows (suuuuper dialer!). Now, I'm not so much focused as music (I've traded punk for peeptoes, maybe?), although I still heart it. But every now and then I glimpse back at my old (now "vintage") U2 concert tee or signed ticket from a band, and realize I really was a "rock princess."

All this to say I'm digging Vera Wang's new Rock Princess fragrance ($45). I've been wearing it all week and feel like such a glamour girl. It's so different than all the other fragrances on my counter - and the bottle? I mean, look at it, it's super-star chic! That bottom ring is really a ring to wear topped off by a cute little crown. And of course, the scent is a combo of bad girl and Barbie girl - it's sultry but at the same time sweet. Here are the notes:

Peach, Raspberry, Bergamot, Heliotrope, Rose, Jasmine, Lily, Cashmere Wood, Musk, Iris, Coconut

Bonus: The bottle is actually modeled off a Vera Wang fabric design. Rock on!

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  1. I've been meaning to try this since it came out - as a devotee of the original Vera Wang Princess, I'm sure that Rock Princess will be fabulous too!


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