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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Secret to Slim

Last week, I polled you all on how many times you wore shapewear under your clothes. Most everyone agreed they did not wear them every day - and most only wore on special occasions. Listen, I feel your pain. Most aren't comfortable and hardly worth hours of tugging as your stomach cramps and you try to gasp for one more breath of air. You should be wearing shapers more often - you just have to find the right ones!

Of course, you all know I'm a Spanx fan. But you know there are so many shapers out there now that are getting a little overshadowed by the cuteness of Spanx? Enter Donna Karan's new shapewear line - Body Perfect ($45). I've been wearing these suckers (the High Waist Embrace) for about a month now and you know what they're perfect for? Wearing under white jeans!

It's a nude shaper that lets you smooth out all of your bulge, but I promise it feels completely comfortable. It stretches all the way from your mid-thigh to right at your rib cage. So everything is slim and trim (and the fabric is so freakin' sturdy I never, ever worry about tears). I have to admit my white jeans (after many washes might I add, thank you!) are a little snugger than when I bought them last year. These shapers helped me ease into my jeans with no problem and you can't even notice when I wear them. I guess my secret's out now, huh? (turning red...)

(Purchase at BareNeccessities.com)

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