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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Addicted to NYC Prep (& Kooba)

Have you been watching the (ok, my) latest guilty pleasure - NYC Prep on Bravo? I started when the "sneak peek" came on a couple of weeks ago and was hooked. Such a behind-the-scenes look at NY society and how spoiled rich kids live. It's voyeurism at its finest (I'm a reality TV addict, by the way).

Keep watching next week (the actual premiere was this past Tuesday), and you'll be sure to spot the fab Kooba bags the girls carry. They were made exclusively for the show (just another example of the spoiled life, right?!). They're $595 each and you can actually score them in "real life" here.

My favs are posted - the red is Kelli's and the blue is Camille's.
Def aspirations for the "Kooba fund" I have going. Oh wait, somehow that got taken over for the "baby fund." I shall start over soon (after all the onesies, perhaps?).

P.S. What snagged my attention was the sneak peek of this show. I literally sat across from PC and gang at the Jill Stuart show during February's Fashion Week in NY. I wondered who the dude was wearing sunglasses in the building - ha! Second - I spotted Camille at the Alice+Olivia presentation a few nights later with cameras all over her. I thought - should I know her? Well, now I do!

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