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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lip Gloss Times Two

Yep, I just told you how L'Oreal HiP eyeliner and I don't get along (we had many morning fights, ugh!), but I'm actually digging the HiP Color Presso Lip Glosses ($12.99). There are 20 shades, but I've been using and loving Swanky (pictured here).

I'm a lip gloss junkie. I literally have 10 or so in the side pocket of my purse and use ALL of them. (If anyone opened my purse, I would look like an addict!) At first glance (and use), this tube is a little awkward, but it's really handy in that it combines two shades that you can either use alone or together. And I love the high-gloss color and shine -it's everything I hope a lip gloss might be (and I set high standards!).

But of course I don't think it will eliminate the number of glosses in my stash (I just can't get enough!). Sigh...

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