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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Still Smelling the Ocean

Believe it or not, I'm still having flashbacks of the sun and the sand and a (virgin) drink in my hand (a little Buffett for you), and it's killing me! I love the beach about as much as I love heels, and that's saying something, people. It's the perfect spot to just relax and let everything go. I'm always trying to look good - not for anyone else, but for myself. That perfectionism trait just won't go away. And the beach? Well it soothes and comforts me and says, "Julie, don't worry! Just be a bum today!"

Recently I came across the men's fragrance Nautica Oceans ($65) and boy do I love it. (Don't tell D, but I'm hoping to give it to him for his birthday next month!) It's the perfect way to send your man back to daydreaming on the beach (my man doesn't need much coaxing, but hey!). And it's actually Nautica's first ecologically-friendly fragrance with a biodegradable water-based formula. The box is even 100% recyclable.

Just a couple of squirts and you can practically smell the sea. Ahhh...

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