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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Trend Alert! Rompers

Rompers were supposed to be the "in" trend all season, but to be honest I haven't noticed too many around town after seeing them on the racks just after Fashion Week (and the name sort of reminds me of this show I watched as a baby called "Romper Room." Ok, I"m dating myself!). But lately, I've started to notice a few more celebs rocking the daring style in both pants and shorts. So does that mean it's totally in vogue now - would you wear one?

To me, they look comfy as can be! And seem to hide things in all the right areas. Seems you might find one in a simple color though like black or brown if you're going to venture. And definitely dress it up a little. Anything with extra fabric makes you feel more comfy, but you don't want to risk coming off like a complete slob. (Yes, in essence what looks like less effort, usually takes more.) Heels, please!

I like how Maria Menounos recently wore a beautiful platinum collar necklace with her jumpsuit and dressed it up even more with strappy sandals, a clutch and added nice, soft curls to her hair.

Beyonce looks incredible recently because I am absolutely drooling over her brown shorter version. Meow! The strapless style is perfect for summer, but it's all in the details. Like the drawstring and pockets that make me squeal with jealousy!

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  1. the lady in black looks stunning, love her heels too, very sexy!


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