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Sunday, September 13, 2009

NY Fashion Week Spring 2010: Cynthia Steffe

As of Friday, Cynthia Steffe had to be my favorite collection - wow! I'm not a huge pastel person, but I am huge girly-girl and can you say beautiful? I love how the collection screams spring; it's so fem-goddess with all the soft layers and ruffles. Such a shame I couldn't see this one in person - major drool.

A mix of soft periwinkles, teals and to end the show pure white. Swoon. Everything looks so fresh, right down to the simple, long hair (this how I wear my hair most every day!). Plenty of minis, but also lots of flirty frocks and slender belted pants (love the cuffed look!). The neutral booties are a cool-girl must-have.

Photo Credits: Style.com

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