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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Don't Neglect Your Brows

Happy weekend, everyone! Hope you're out enjoying the cool (some cooler than others) fall air - ahhhh, I know I will be. Haven't made it to put my make-up on just yet; just finishing up my morning Web-surfing routine with a nice Zone bar.

Let me tell you - I've never been a brow girl. Don't get me wrong, every couple of months I make my trip to the spa for a nice wax (love doing that, seriously) a
nd I maintain them. But I've never used anything on them - and since I have strawberry-blonde hair, they're kinda light. So, I confess, all these years, they've needed something.

The past couple of weeks I've been really into brow guru Anastasia Soare's products of the line Anastasia Beverly Hills. The Brow Definer ($22) is amazing! (Her line is available online and at Sephora.) T
he brow gel keeps all those stray hairs in place (especially if you haven't maintained them in awhile, ahem), and the brow pencil is the perfect brown to fill and define. Hey, I actually have brows now! Apply the color, then the gel - and be sure not to use too much, just enough to give some definition.

I also discovered Anastasia's not just about brows, but eyes as well. I've been loving her Eye Color Quad ($38) and Lash-Lifting Mascara ($22), a best-seller and favorite of Kim Kardashian. With the mascara, it's important to always curls your lashes before use (of any mascara!) and then use the very tip of the wand to get the ends of your lashes - it works!

I have a couple of the eyeshadow quads, but right now I'm using the Canyon Quartz - beautiful! (When I become slightly more adventurous into the fall, I'll break out the Purple Adventure. Sigh.) These shadows are sooo soft on my lids, and I am especially loving the lightest shade in the quad. Sometimes I find the lightest shade is too light and this one is perfect. I find myself scared to apply too much of the darkest shade (I know, wuss) and then I get in the car and think, "I hardly put any on!" So always apply more than you think if you're on the conservative side; that way you'll actually end up with a beautiful (and worthwhile) sweep of color on your lids. ;)

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