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Friday, October 2, 2009

My New Favorite Ballet Flats - Squeal!

I've blogged about SwitchFlops in the past. They're great for creating a versatile summer wardrobe, right? Well, check this out. Creator Lindsay Phillips has now developed a new line of switchable ballet flats - The Liz Collection ($64 a pair/$12 for additional snaps).

I am in love with ballet flats, and these are created to fit just like your old pink pair you used to plie in for hours. The flats are shown here, and come in black, silver and bronze. I've been wearing my black pair for the past week (yes, every day), and LOVE them! There are 12 different options that simply snap on the shoe front - how genius is that? Funny story with mine from yesterday. I got a little too carried away perusing baby announcements, and when I left, the saleslady ran after me and yelled "oh, I think this came off your shoe!" She snapped it back on for me, and thought it was the coolest, cutest thing next to my baby announcements. Needless to say, make sure they're snapped on tight before you get up and go!

The snap options are organized into three collections: Artisan, Shine On and Decadent. I have the Rosie (a blooming black rose) and the additional Kelsey (a golden circle with multi-colored jewel insets). Of course, every girl hearts heels, but once your feet need a quick break (or you become 7 months pregnant, eek!), slip these on for the best in comfort and style!


I'm shoe shopping right now. But leave me a message here and I'll get back to you!