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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whiny Wednesdays: Pamper Yourself

Now that I'm heading into the last couple of months of my pregnancy, it's more important than ever to pamper myself. (Hey, and I'm taking advantage of it, sisters!) The worst part of this whole deal has been my skin, no question. The first few months were terrible coming to the realization it just wasn't going to be the same the next nine months. Then, I adjusted and it seemed to improve, and lately it has spawned that teenage look again - ick.

Since pregnant women aren't allowed to use those miracle-working cleansers (like ProActiv) with benzoyl peroxide and/or salicytic acid, throughout the last few months I used Cetaphil from Target. But then just recently I switched to Belli's Acne Cleansing Facial Wash ($22) - and I while I won't say my acne has disappeared overnight, what a wonderful cleanser! You know it's safe because it's recommended by OBs/pediatricians (it uses lactic acid naturally found in the body.), and you can even leave it on for five minutes to use as a mask. I reallllly enjoy the nice, fruity smell (would it be wrong to say it's my favorite part?) because all those other cleaners just don't match up.

Now, my feet. I haven't even been wearing my favorite peeptoes (well, ok, every now and then!) and my feet start to hurt just walking around our hardwood floors - sheesh. I am soooo thankful for the Spalux slippers ($39.95) I now own from Foot Petals. You can probably tell just by this photo that they are amazingly plush (they're made of chenille)! Mine are the black with pink (you can also get white and pink) and I definitely plan to not only wear these the rest of the way, but bring them to the hospital! The only thing I disliked was how in the mornings when "creeping" around the house, they sound more like shoes and aren't as quiet as most slippers. But, that's because they have a nice, thick rubber sole so you can wear them inside or outside (love checking the mail in them!). I like to leave them right by my bed at night, so in the morning I'm ready to slip them on again. And who knows, maybe that extra comfort will prep my barking dogs for when it's time again to slip on those peeptoes.

[Photos Courtesy Belli; Foot Petals]

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