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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kim Kardashian in Zara

Kim Kardashian. She's everywhere! Mostly recently the Kardashian Charity Knock-Out. Props to her for sporting a Zara dress on the red carpet - love it! (Although not loving the black belt she wore, I'm sure she was going for the "karate" chic look.) 

Zara is a great wallet-friendly store (and love how they "color code" everything!) of which I still remember my first purchase, a lacy rust-colored shirt that got me dates at the drop of a hat (except I think that was because of the small open loop design right above the decolletage area, ahem. Very Kim though, no?). Kim doesn't do anything without "plunging", and I think the dress was flattering, but fewer accessories might've made for an overall more fashionable effect. A simpler heel, for sure.

Speaking of Kim K., click here for my exclusive interview with her back in March. Such a sweetheart, and here she chats about her love for heels and vintage jewelry!

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