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Saturday, November 28, 2009

My "Maxxinista" Shopping Spree!

It's Saturday and it's beautiful here! I'm afraid it's the last of the warm weather down South before it turns cold and I am soaking in all the sunshine I can. Sunshine gets me in a shopping mood (squeal!) and so I ordered some colored leggings online from Victoria's Secret this morning. Can't wait 'til they arrive! For now, I have to spill on my shopping spree earlier this week at TJ Maxx with my mom. (Keep in mind, my mother practically lives in this store, so it was almost like a slight tour. "I saw this last week, but wasn't sure if you would like it," she would say. "Let me know what you see.") We are both true "Maxxinistas."

So...with the graciousness of my new gift card, gifted by TJ Maxx/Marshall's (thank you!!), I scoured the store for hours with mom, starting first with the handbags (we left the shoes until very last because I always go ballistic, ha!). No handbags this time, but we had to head to the baby section, considering I'm due in only a couple of weeks. (We found the cutest picture to hang in the nursery that says "Worth the Wait" - swoon.) Baby C. has plenty of clothes already, so mama (that's me) thought she deserved a little pampering this trip. I was jumping up and down when I spotted the black Cynthia Rowley PJs for $16.99 (normally $68). These PJs are soooo soft - I know I will get plenty of use out of them once he's born. I also found a super-cute, short black robe, trimmed in lace for another mere $15. (I was looking for something shorter and not quite as bulky to fit in my hospital bag, and this one's perfect!)

We shopped around in the goodies forever  (until, sheepishly I had to sit down and rest my feet, ouch!), and found some nice baking ingredients for our Christmas guests, just after he arrives. Last, but not least, we hit the shoes. And I found the most-perfect piece of work sitting on the shelf looking back at me. A pair of black velvet BCBG heels (just $40, at half off!) oh, catch me before I faint! (Note: I haven't worn these yet at 38 weeks pregnant, but all you chic mamas, watch out soon!)

Those gift cards sure came in handy, but I must admit my mom and I went a little (um, ok, more than a little - daddy, are you reading?) over. (Oh yeah, and mom found the nicest Anne Klein watch for just $50!) We had a blast, and saved so much money. I won't tell you the total, but I will tell you we would have normally spent twice that much on regular prices. TJ Maxx is the ideal place if you love brand names (um, Cynthia Rowley, hello?!) and like to find a great deal (oh, the rush, yes I do!). So now, I'm going to go polish my shoes and await the day I will slip them on with my wardrobe. Ah, can't wait!

[Photo Courtesy TJ Maxx]

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