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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Tory Burch Launches Eyewear

For the past several years, I am never without eyewear. (A) If I don't have on make-up, it's the best cover-up in the world (well, except when it's raining and cloudy, I look kinda silly - but never fear I still have my shades on!!), (B) They ward off premature wrinkles, plus I hate the "squinting" look and (C) They look downright chic, amen? So, I was excited when just a couple of weeks ago one of my favorite brands, Tory Burch, launched eyewear!

In the past, I've been hesitant to purchase a pair of shades for more than $10 - I'm a sucker for sitting on them or losing them, sheesh. But, I've decided that a great pair of shades is a great investment piece, sort of like a great pair of heels. Take good care of it (that's the key!) and you'll have it around for a long time. With my shades, oversized and black are the only way to go (think Anna Wintour). Check out these on Tory herself (prices range from $145-$280 - of which these are leather!). Ridiculously chic - and so classic you can wear them with anything. How about your favorite pair of heels?

[Photos Courtesy Tory Burch]

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