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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Whiny Wednesday: Holiday Picks

If you've been reading I Heart Heels the past nine months, you know it's about that time for baby C. to make his appearance! Yes, only a couple more weeks - yikes. I'm so ready, and I've been testing out all of the coolest products so I'll be ready. 

First up? The Moby Wrap!
I LOVE this thing. I know he's not even here yet, but I took the wrap out of the bag, read the direction with D. and then tried it on in several of the different carrying positions, and it felt so much more comfy than any other sling I have tried (and I've been trying a lot because I'm determined to carry him in a sling!). The wraps ($39.95) come in all kinds of colors and patterns, but leave it to me to request "black." (Thank you, Moby, by the way!) Black is chic though and will go with anything I figure, and Moby told me it's actually one of their bestselling hues. Although, I was raking the yard the other day (nesting kicked in for one, brief second) and my neighbor walked by carrying her 2-week-old (did I mention four of us on our street are/have been pregnant??) in her very own Moby wrap! I really liked the purple she chose, and she told me she couldn't live without her Moby (she frequently takes walks with her little one, and I plan to as well). 

Next...Jazzy Toes!
Have you seen those cute little babies in their strollers wearing their onesies and those little socks that look like shoes? Adorable, right!? Since it will be pretty chilly once baby C. decides to leave the womb, he will def need some socks to cover his tootsies. And out of all the baby products out there - I am a sucker for those little socks/shoe/booties. Jazzy Toes have the cutest patterns to choose from (check out the Hamptons set, complete with golf shoes, ha!) I am stuffing baby C.'s first stocking with the classic sneakers ($25) (it is football season, after all). Can't wait to see his little feet in them!

And last, but not least...The Stokke Tripp Trapp!
I know we won't need a highchair for ages, but when I saw this one on sale at one my local baby stores (it was a steal!), I had to have it! It just looks so much more stylish than those old highchair versions with the tray and Barney plastered all over it. This chair (I got Walnut and it matches our dining room just perfect!) is a true investment (thus the pricier tag - around $200) because it can grow with the child all the way to an adult-size chair - gasp! There are also super-cute accessories you can add. Check out the brown dots cushion I purchased for baby C. Don't you absolute love it! (I'm a sucker for anything blue, brown or both!)

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