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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whiny Wednesday: Woodworking 101

My dad is a huge woodworker - I mean, the guy should open his own shop (and not just the one he has in his backyard)! He's made so many cool things for our house growing up (our entertainment center, coffee table - even a day bed when I was little!), and now for baby C. he's even made the cutest little Adirondack chair to go with our two "big people" chairs on our front porch. Precious!

So, when I saw this wooden toolbox toy ($34) from Under the Nile, I swooned. What a great way for baby C. to learn his woodworking skills! :) It includes a toy hammer, paint brush and saw. Even cooler? It's made of 100% organic Egyptian cotton (which is Under the Nile's main thing) and finished with linen seed oil. No mess, included.

[Photo Courtesy Under the Nile]

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