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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bag Lust: Navoh

I have a new major obsession - Navoh handbags. I must put them out of my mind! Not to mention, I just donated my ragged ivory handbag. Must repeat to myself: do.not.need.right.now. My absolute fav is the Prince in blush pink. Isn't it amazing? Now, can you believe it's only $89??

I swear this bag mirrors the latest designer bags (Birkin...Botkier...all the B's!). And I'm hearting this one because it's so different from the average hobo. It's got buckles! A removable shoulder strap! And it comes in tons of colors (if you don't like my choice in pink, hmph): Ice Blue or Purple Grape, anyone?

Of course, it is "faux leather," but I won't tell anyone if you won't? Fashionistas, rejoice.

[Photo Courtesy Navoh]

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