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Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Coziness of Candles

I totally heart candles - it's one of my things! If I walk into a room with a wonderful aroma, I'll stay for hours, especially in the wintertime when it's all cozy. And I want my guests to feel the same way this Christmas! A public relations firm just sent me my latest, and it's French (oh-la-la). I've only been burning my new Figuier, or Fig, candle from Diptyque for a couple of weeks (if that!) and it's halfway gone, seriously. (I need to save some of it for when the in-laws come!) But, it's just the perfect holiday scent, and for $60 it's well worth the purchase. It's got a slightly fruity aroma, but mostly just that of the crushed leaves of a fig tree. (And now you know why I like to cut down my own fresh Christmas tree every year - yum!) Fig is actually one of Diptyque's top four fragrances, and they have a lot! Browse around and find your favorite scent this season - make it a tradition. It will make you feel right at home each time you sniff it!

P.S. I also love how classic and pretty it is to display - don't you agree?

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