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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Light Up the Room with Space NK

While I'm on a my "candle kick" (something about the holidays), here's a new one (from one of my fav shopping destinations!) I can't keep from burning every, single night lately (what a nice gift from the PR folks!). Space NK's Wild Iris ($60). It's from a whole collection of mesmerizing scents in pretty little boxes.

While I can't speak for each scent (there's one for everyone - no matter your "scent style"), Wild Iris is a true breath of fresh air. And it fills the entire house (I know, because when D. walked in the house last night, he instantly said, "Wow, it smells great in here!"). The scent is strong, but it doesn't overpower one bit. Very subtle and sweet. 

Wild Iris is a blend of all my fav flowers - jasmine, rose, peony and muguet (a feminine, French flower - oui, oui). 

The rest of the pack for your shopping (and non-stop burning!) pleasure:
Blue Hyacinth
Citrus Mint
Charcoal Rose
Neroli Spice
Tarragon Flower
Tobacco Leaf
Smoldering Embers (birch, cedar and sandalwood with black amber and oakmoss, in case you're wondering...)

P.S. Visit a Space NK store, Bloomie's or SpaceNK.com.

[Photo Courtesy Space NK]

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