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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sneak Peek: Rodarte for Target Coming Sooner?

So, I just got back from Target not expecting to buy Rodarte goods until next week. But, as I was walking my final lap around the store (hey, gotta make this baby come somehow!), I strolled past the GO Collection currently on display (couldn't resist), and to my excitement discovered Rodarte - right then and there. I thought it was set for a Dec. 20 launch?? Needless to say, I squealed (almost set me into labor!).

The employees had almost brought everything out and it was all neatly hanging with every size available. I so heart those lace cardigans and the assortment of dresses (I previously posted on my favs here). Even the denim jacket is sweet. But, I found this chic little grey leopard hoodie that seemed both practical (considering I'm still wearing maternity right now) and incredibly versatile (will wear with skirts, leggings and jeans - heels and flats!). It was just $29.99, and I hadn't seen it in the line-ups released thus far, so of course I thought I was getting an exclusive, ha! 

So...get thee to Target today just in case your store has released the collection!

P.S. Would've "modeled" it, but it doesn't quite fit my preggers body just yet. ;)

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