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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roses are Red

Valentine's Day is fast approaching - do you know what you're getting yet? (Confession: I always know because I can't stand a secret!) Perfume is always a winner, if you ask me. And roses are my absolute fav scent! Jo Malone has a new set on counters especially for V-Day, the Red Roses Fragrance Chronicles ($95), made to look like a cute little book (I set this on my coffee table the other day and let guests spritz away!). And it has not just one, but four scents, all different versions of the Red Roses scent. (I was lucky enough to receive this set for testing!) Here they are:

- Red Roses (the largest bottle - and my fav! Think pure roses...)
- Morroccan Mint Leaf (mmm...exotic!)
- Ice Rose (dreamy - makes you feel like a princess)
 - Honeycomb (a sweet second fav!)

The best part? These roses last much longer than a few days - whew.

 [Photo Courtesy Jo Malone]

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  1. Oh, wow, I've got to start planning for Valentines' Day. And yep, rose is one of my favorite scents, too.


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