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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sale of the Century! Amanda Pearl

One of my fav gifts this year (besides Baby C., of course!) were all the Amanda Pearl goodies my mom scooped up for me and my sis, G (or Aunt GiGi, as she's now called). Amanda is having an a-mazing sale on her site, AmandaPearl.com. We're talking sample sale prices, girlies (well, many are sample sale items, duh). I had been eyeing the Gobstopper Pearls for-ever  - socialite chic, no? They're made of papier mache - so cool (and lightweight!). They're on sale for just $49 (down from $149), and mine are the gorgeous green (see the bracelet here for for the same color - aka Moss - isn't the bracelet cute as well? that might be next...), and G. got the bold fuschia (she's a pink person) shown here. I've already been wearing this necklace for all the many holiday pics around the house. Oy.
So what else? Mom got us each a gorgeous clutch for spring - and for $38 each (these purses normally retail for hundreds of dollars and celebs all over carry them - so, what a steal!). My sister got the Hermia, a beautiful pink and yellow brocade, and myself the Juliette, a turquoise and yellow (our purses could be sisters themselves, ha!). They look very similar to the Ophelia style shown here from spring/summer 09 (ours are from seasons past, of course, but who cares when we're talking very quality chic!) We both squealed, of course, when we opened last week. Yep, G. likes the good stuff just like her sis. What a great Christmas, filled with accessories galore! Go check out the site right now - there are still amazing deals on there! 

[Photos Courtesy Amanda Pearl]

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