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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Spring Beauty: Chanel

Spring is always so welcoming, right? Warmer weather, less layers and, of course, more subtle colors. As far as make-up palettes go, spring is gorgeous! I'm not a pastel person at all when it comes to wardrobe, but on the face it's magical. Spring collections are already hitting counters (gasp!), which makes me happy because that means the season is just around the corner. 

Here's a glimpse at Chanel - beautiful. It's almost like a watercolor painting. A breath of fresh air - clean and classic. (Just like the clothing.) Colors of pink and beige, warm brown and khaki, make it easy to look breathtakingly chic come spring. 

P.S. Check out the body artwork! I am loving Chanel's new tattoos - what a brilliant idea. Doesn't everyone want to sport the double C's on their arm? -xoxo

[Photo Courtesy Chanel]

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