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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Patemm Pads

Can you believe Baby C.'s three weeks old this week - OMG! That means the new Patemm pad we were so kindly gifted over the holidays has been getting plenty of action as of late. (It's not the same print shown here, but it is blue and brown - mama's fav colors!)

Made in San Francisco, this nifty round changing pad is genius. It's waterproof, free of any nasty chemicals and most of all, convenient as all get-out (lay your wee one any way, anywhere). The positioning of the pouches allows for it to act as a handy bag after it's folded. And while we're on the topic of folding - this one is a cinch! It's made so you can fold it with one hand, and that's a feature I can get used to, for sure (can I tell you I'm typing with one hand right now??).

[Photo Courtesy Patemm]

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  1. Wow, based on your description, it's indeed a wonder thing! :) Aren't you glad we all have these nifty products now that makes our lives as mothers easier and more convenient? :)


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