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Monday, February 1, 2010

Designer 2 Heart: Tila March

I'm a heels girl through and through (hence this site name, duh), but let's face it. A girl can't wear heels everywhere (well, I really don't know why not, but for the purpose of my crush on these flats, let's go with it)! A great pair of flats is essential, especially for you city girls pounding the pavement (oh, and Fashion Week bloggers!). When I lived and worked in NYC, I will never ever (ever) forget the day I "tried out" the bus and ended up at least 10 blocks away from my place because I got out at the wrong stop. Sigh. 

Def when flats come in handy. Rachel Bilson was seen just the other day in L.A. at the Farmers Market wearing these super-cutesy-chic Ballerine Elastique's (love how they're grey, patent and t-straps!) from the French accessories brand, Tila March. I'm really excited to discover this brand - adorable and they make handbags, too!

[Photo Credit: Tila March]

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