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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vanessa Hudgens Hearts Her PRPS Leather Jacket

Vanessa Hudgens, shall we call her VHud, always looks effortlessly chic. And I admire her for sticking with a formula that works for her. Long, wavy locks, billowy blouses, cute boots, cropped jackets. She never looks too "finished,"but still looks polished. Which shows (a) you don't always have to have every hair in place and (b) you don't have to switch things up all the time - go with what works for you!

VHud's been living in her cropped PRPS tan leather jacket (a pricey $1500 at Barneys), but we found this less expensive (um, much less?!) version (the Route Moto Jacket) at Forever 21 for just $39.80. Pair it with the Skinny Lily jean by Hot Kiss (just $48) and the Madrid Riding Boots ($29.80), also from Forever 21.

Chicettes, I love my labels as much as the next peeptoe-wearing pal, but let's face it. Sometimes the less expensive version can look just as chic - and save you money in the long run for those new Loubies,right? ;)

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  1. We saw her in Provo on Grace Bay


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