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Monday, April 19, 2010

Kelly Stables of ABC's Romantically Challenged

I love it when I can chat with fellow shoe lovers, and when they're super down-to-earth like actress Kelly Stables it makes it even more fun! Kelly stars as Lisa (kindergarten teacher/sexpert) in tonight's ABC premiere of the James Burrow-produced sitcom (think Taxi, Cheers, Friends...), Romantically Challenged. Obviously Kelly's super-cute and she's just as bubbly and sweet, too, when you meet her (after I had to postpone our chat last week, she asked about baby C.'s ear infection first thing on our call!) So, here's what I learned about Kelly:

She's a baseball fan, but loves heels, too!
Kelly hails from St. Louis, Missouri, so she's a huge Cardinals fan (her husband, a talent agent, is a L.A. Angels fan). In fact, she plays on a weekly softball team (her uniform is black, white and orange - we won't judge, Kelly!). And heels? She wears a size 4 (!) and so she does most of her shopping at Nordstrom (they carry 4's and 10's regularly). Kelly's fav pair of heels is a strappy pair by Michael Kors, but she also loves BCBGirls. "Heels make your legs feel skinnier and just make you feel taller!" the petite actress tells me.

How else you might know her:
She has a recurring role on Two and a Half Men as Melissa, the receptionist, and as Janette on Greek. (Both are on hold while she films Romantically Challenged.) She was also the "Evil Samara" in The Ring 2.

Her go-to beauty product:
Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers. "I have them in every flavor and even apply them before bed!" she says. She's also addicted to her perfume, American Gypsy.

She loves to hike!
Kelly's workout friend is also a personal trainer (lucky!), so they hike and also attend Buff L.A., a combo routine of cardio and bar exercises.

Kelly hearts Reese Witherspoon's style.
"It's classy and sophisticated, but still fun," she says. She also loves Kristin Chenoweth.

What's she's wearing right now and where she's shopping:
Knit maxi dresses with flip-flops and boots and lots of sundresses. Besides Nordstrom, Marshall's is her fav store. "I love a big sale!" she says.

About her friends and family:
Kelly's still friends with her inner circle from junior high and hangs out with them all the time. She's also completely dedicated to research for Parkinson's disease of which her mom was diagnosed five years ago.

Where she finds "me" time:
In the car listening to music while driving around L.A. She also loves to cook dinner for her husband.

Watch Romantically Challenged Mondays nights on ABC at 8:30 p.m. central - we'll be rooting for ya, Kelly!

[Photo Courtesy PMK-BNC]

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