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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Social Media Rocks

So, Tuesday I was M.I.A. all day because I took a little day trip back to my ol' college to make a social media presentation as part of a career panel in the journalism department. Needless to say, I was so honored to be asked to speak (but, of course shaking in my yellow peeptoes (well they, weren't quite peeptoes - and they were "goldenrod" to be precise)!) on a topic I dearly love so much. The presentation took place in a classroom where I had the same professor, same class at the same time - talk about deja vu! I wore my LBD (ruffle collar shirtdress by LA Made, plus Lia Sophia stretch bracelet in black, shown above) and dished on these top tips:

1. Get an internship! My internship at Seventeen back in the day helped get me both experience and contacts. (I had a newspaper internship, too, so the more the merrier!)
2. Network! It goes along with the above, but it's super important to have contacts of contacts. I started with like three and now have thousands - from celebrity publicists to magazine editors.
3. Do what you love, please! I found this out myself that you have to enjoy what you're doing to truly succeed. It comes across in your work and your attitude!

Oh, and one more (in Madonna's words)...express yourself! Flaunt those "weird" glasses or that "geeky" cardigan of yours; it's what makes fashion and what makes you - you!!

If you're reading this and you attended the session on Tuesday, thank you! You are all such an inspiration to me. Dream big and air kisses!


  1. Thanks for coming out Julie! Of course we loved you and all of your insightful advice. Btw...KILLER shoes and your outfit was beautiful! Way to represent haha!

  2. Thanks so much!! Had a blast!! xoxo


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